Likely your pup’s wild doggy ancestors chose to sleep in dens, and, for this reason, they are predisposed to prefer a more contained nighttime environment. A dog’s crate is a place they can call their own and escape to for a bit of peace and quiet whenever they want. Beyond that, crates can help with potty training and are handy to have around when taking your pet out with you in the car or to the vet.

However, picking out the perfect crate is not always straightforward with the multiple types and sizes to choose from. You want to be sure that when you do buy one, your dog will actually want to use it – that’s where we come in. Scroll down to see the crates Doodle owners rate and some tips and tricks for making sure you get the right one for your dog.

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Our Top 6 Best Crates for Goldendoodles

Crate Types: Pros & Cons

When it comes to materials, there are four main options to choose from. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wire Crates

The most common kind and what most people visualize when they think of a pet crate, wire crates are available in a variety of sizes with plenty of entry options, unrestricted views of the room, and good airflow. However, they might not provide all dogs with the kind of secure-feeling space they are looking for in a bed. 

Plastic Crates

A great travel-friendly option, plastic crates are lightweight and highly portable. Their sturdy exterior offers your pet the perfect amount of protection. Issues with this kind include the fact that they often can’t be folded down for storage, and they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as other types.  

Soft-Sided Crates

An increasingly popular alternative to plastic crates for travel, especially for the car, soft-sided crates are easy to carry and super easy to store. However, they are not as sturdy as plastic, wooden, or wire types and so might not be suitable for every dog or last quite as long.

Wooden Crates

Usually the most attractive option, wooden crates blend well into most homes. These crates are generally the most expensive. They are also more prone to damage from chewing and scratching and can be quite challenging to clean, so they are not recommended for potty training. 

Picking the Perfect Size: Buyer’s Guide

The best place to start with determining the optimum size crate is with your Doodle’s height and weight. Knowing this can help you understand the dimensions they will need.  

Here are the breed standards and some crate size recommendations for each type of Goldendoodle:

HeightWeightCrate Size
Toy Goldendoodle15 inches or less10 – 25 pounds24″ 24Lx18Wx19.25H
Mini Goldendoodle15 – 17 inches25 – 35 pounds30″ 30Lx19Wx21H
Medium Goldendoodle17 – 20 inches35 – 50 pounds36” 36Lx23Wx25H
Standard Goldendoodle20 – 26 inches50 – 90 pounds42” 42Hx28Wx30H

However, these are simply the basic considerations for crate size. You also need to factor in the following:

Will your dog grow?

It sounds a little obvious, but some people forget that Goldendoodles often grow beyond their first birthday. In fact, larger Doodles may not reach their adult size until somewhere between 16 and 18 months of age, and the really big ones might still be growing as they hit two. Unless you are willing to buy a bigger crate at a later date, you need to be fully prepared for this.

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Do they like to huddle or stretch?

Sleeping position is also important. Some dogs like to curl up and so would appreciate a slightly snugger crate – and also something with solid sides to make them feel more secure. Others love nothing more than to sprawl out and take up as much space as possible. For these, you will naturally need to go larger.

Are you using the crate for potty training?

While bigger may seem better when it comes to crates (unless, of course, they are travel crates), if you are going to be using the crate for potty training purposes, then you don’t want it to be so large that your puppy has space to poop away from where they sleep. There should be just enough room for them to comfortably stand up and turn around.

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Best Crates for Goldendoodles: Reviews

Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

One of the very best things about wire crates, beyond the fact that they are durable, is that the plastic, removable base makes them super easy to clean, and the metal construction means that they don’t trap and hold on to odors. These excellent crates also come with dividers so you can get one that will last your puppy right into adulthood.

Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Reviews for this crate are overwhelmingly positive, with owners being impressed with how tough it is and how convenient to move about – you can wheel it or quickly take it apart. The latches on the doors make it challenging for even the cleverest of pooches to escape. The plastic bottom can be a little noisy on a hardwood floor, but that’s easily remedied with a blanket underneath.


An excellent versatile crate at a reasonable price. It’s everything you need it to be.


Be cautious when using wire crates with puppies as escape attempts could lead to injury or death by entrapment.

MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The second wire crate on the list offers all the benefits of the first one at pretty much the same price. It has the removable plastic base, the convenient carry handle, the divider for resizing the cage to suit your dog’s specifications, and the wheels for rolling it about. However, there’s just a single latch on the smaller crates, so the Frisco crate might be better for your little Houdini.

MidWest Homes iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crates With Divider

Again, those who have purchased it are pleased with the quality of the product. Some mention that it has less fiddly latches than other options making it easier to use. There is no talk of noise issues with this one, either. Just pay close attention to this crate’s dimensions as some users complain that it’s smaller than expected.


Easy to clean, adjustable, portable, and available in an array of sizes. Another solid choice.


As above, puppies will need supervision at first and clever pups might be able to escape.

Firstrax 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

At the more premium (not to mention stylish) end of the scale, the soft-sided dog crate is perfect for those who like to head out on adventures with their pet at their side. The steel frame means that it is solid and sturdy, while the mesh sides make it more than easy to fold up and store away. This is a good option for dogs that like to feel a little more enclosed when they sleep.

Firstrax 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

‘Perfect size for the car’ seems to be the general consensus on this crate. A quick word of caution, though – if your pet is a scratcher, chewer, or otherwise generally will do all they can to escape their crate, this is not the best one for you. It’s suitable for everyday use but won’t hold up well to harsh wear and tear.


Soft-sided crates are more pleasing to the eye than wire options – looking less like a cage and more like a comfy bed.


It’s not suitable for overly rambunctious pups and is not as easy to divide up, so it works best for calmer and/or older dogs.

Go Pet Club Double Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

If you’re looking for a travel crate for your Toy or Petite Doodle, this one is an excellent choice. The duffel bag design makes it super easy to carry around, and the sturdy steel frame and solid base helps it maintain its shape. The water-resistant nylon shell and washable fleece pad keeps it all cozy and comfortable for your pal.

Go Pet Club Double Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Great for laid-back traveling dogs, many reviewers mention that their Doodles love this crate and are more than happy to snuggle up and go to sleep. However, this product is not recommended for young dogs, those who like to bite and chew, or nervous travelers as they will likely simply rip right through the mesh.


A stylishly designed, carry crate perfect for smaller dogs whose owners like to travel.


If your Doodle wants to get out, they will be able to get out. This product is only good for crate-ready pups.

EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Suitable for use at home or away, this beautifully designed fold-away crate is an incredibly versatile choice. Its three zippered mesh doors provide your pet with excellent visibility and ventilation while being fully lockable for complete security. This crate is solid, easy to clean, and comes with a soft fleece mat for extra comfort.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Reviewers seem impressed with the quality and durability of these crates as well as their ease of assembly. It has the cozy feel of a den while still allowing air to move through for coolness and freshness. As with the other material options on this list, it doesn’t hold up well to sharp teeth and nails but is otherwise great as a crate/bed.


The crate has a high-quality construction, is easy to clean, super lightweight, and looks good too.


It has dangling buckles and straps that might prove tempting to younger dogs.

Pet Gear “The Other Door” Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

For luxury lovers, this magnificent plastic/wire combo crate not only looks great, but it’s also incredibly versatile, easy to move about, and wonderfully comfortable. With a super easy setup and wheels that enable repositioning, plus a handy carry case, this crate has everything you need for your medium-to-large Dood.

Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate with Plush Bed and Travel Bag

The oversized side door is a popular feature among pet parents. Some mention that it makes the crate much more inviting for their pet when they are first getting used to it. They also like that it looks good and is easy to clean. However, people don’t seem thrilled about the fleece pad, although this can easily be substituted with your pup’s current bed.


The crate is practical, functional, and looks smart in any room. Dogs seem to take to it well too.


The pad could be thicker and more comfortable, and the crate can be noisy on a hardwood floor.

When and How to Crate Your Doodle

The first thing to do when crate training your pup is pick the perfect spot for it to go. Doodles are sociable creatures by nature, so a quiet corner of your main family room is a good bet. You might also consider placing a second crate in your bedroom or selecting one that is easily moved. Then after a nice long play session pop some treats and their bed inside and let your pup explore this exciting new little house.

If you’re really lucky, they will head right inside and curl up for a nice, long nap. If not, wait until they are asleep and carefully move them inside. Do this a few times if you can before closing the door. When your puppy is awake, remain in the room but don’t pay them any attention if they cry or scratch to get out. If they learn this is the way to get out, then future attempts at settling them down are doomed to fail.

Repeat this again and again, increasing the time they are left inside each time until they are comfortable being there all night if that is the goal. Once you have established a routine, you should stick to it – remember that dogs need consistency in their training. For further advice on potty training your pup, check out our dedicated article on this subject here.

The desired outcome of crate training is that the crate becomes a place that your dog willingly chooses to go. For this reason, you should NEVER EVER use it as a form of punishment. If your dog develops negative feelings towards their crate, they will likely not overcome them. 

Instead, do everything in your power to ensure that crate time is a positive experience for your pet. If you use it as a type of prison whenever you want them out the way, this will not be the case. If you ever do want to use it for this reason – say you have a non-dog-loving visitor – be cunning about it. Give your dog a high-value treat, preferably one that will keep them occupied for a while, so they won’t even notice where they are and why. 

Goldendoodle Crating: Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of crates are good for Goldendoodles?

There’s no one size (or type) fits-all answer to this question. The best crate for your Goldendoodle will depend on all manner of things from their size to their sleeping preferences to their personality, not to mention how and when you plan to use it and whether you value ultimate functionality over looks (or vice versa).

Are Goldendoodles tough to crate train?

In terms of getting your Doodle to understand what the crate is for, crate training is not difficult. Yet, prying these ultra-sociable animals from your side might be a little tougher to manage. The earlier you get to, and the more consistent you are with it, the easier it will be for both of you.

What’s the best size crate for my Goldendoodle?

In selecting a suitable crate size for your Dood, you will need to measure them head to foot and nose to tail. Then add at least four inches to allow them room to move. Often manufacturers provide details on which crate is best for which breed or size/weight dog. How you will be using the crate will also play a part here – bigger isn’t always better. 

Which type of crate should I get for a Mini Goldendoodle? 

Depending on the height and weight of your Mini Goldendoodle, they will require at least a 30-inch crate to be able to spend time comfortably inside it. For younger and mouthy dogs, wire or plastic crates will be a better option than material ones. For dogs that are happy in the crate, soft-sided crates are more attractive and functional.

Crate training your Doodle is a great idea even if you don’t plan on shutting them in at night or while you are out to work. A crate is a great place for them to have a little alone time and can also be incredibly useful when taking your pup to the vet or otherwise out in the car. There are a few crucial things to consider when picking out the best crate for your Goldendoodle. Hopefully, the information here proves useful in helping you to do just that.

What crate do you use with your Doodle? Let us know in the comments below!

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