For us, watching our pets running around outside and having an amazing time is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. However, the far less fun part is when they then bring a little too much of the great outdoors back home with them. If you’re constantly finding yourself scrubbing your car seats and vacuuming your floors, trying desperately to deal with muddy paw prints, sand, and other such woes, enter: dog paw washer products!

Dog paw washers are the very latest must-have gadget for dog owners everywhere. Simple yet massively effective, they take the hassle out of cleaning your pet’s paws. More than that, they can protect your pup from harm by ensuring that any chemicals they may have walked over while outdoors (think spilled antifreeze or road de-icers) get washed rather than licked away. Sound good? Let’s take a look at some of the best of these products as recommended by other pet parents. 

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Our Top 3 Best Dog Paw Washer Products

Our Top 3 Best Dog Paw Washer Products 

If you’re already sold on the dog paw washer, here are our top three picks for large, medium, and toy breeds, respectively, and the link to where you can buy them. However, if you’d like to learn a little more about how they work and why we love them so much, just keep reading.

  • Pick #1:

    Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – Far taller than your average paw washer for more effective cleaning, Dexas’ Portable offering features soft, thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip BPA-free tumbler.

  • Pick #2:

    Paw Plunger Medium for Dogs – Sturdy and equipped with a helpful handle, the simple yet stylish paw plunger has been specifically crafted to create a stress-free washing experience for you and your dog.

  • Pick #3:

    Tinioey Dog Paw Cleaner for Small Dogs – Designed specifically for daintier Doods, Tinioey’s small-sized foot wash device is open-topped, so more-cautious pups won’t get intimidated as you wash all the mud right away.

Why Dog Paw Hygiene Matters

No matter the conditions outside, your pal will want to go and play. For you, that means finding ways to keep them in good health while doing that. You’ll need to dry them off when they come in from the rain, warm them up when it’s cold outside, and, one of the most important parts of all this… you’ll need to take good care of those delicate paw pads of theirs. Those little toes are far more prone to injury than you might think!

For this reason, cleaning your dog’s feet following a walk is about far more than simply keeping your car or house clean. Dirt trapped in the spaces between pads can cause no end of irritation. They can also conceal cuts and scrapes that will need tending to. Beyond that, fungus and bacteria can be a real problem in these areas – so these are all things you’ll need to keep an eye out for when tending to your pup. 

Other serious problems when it comes to walking your dog outdoors are chemicals. In the summer, lawn pesticides can be a problem, while in the winter, salt and other products used to de-ice roads or keep cars running effectively can be damaging to your hound’s paws. Worse, most of these are highly toxic when ingested, so if your pup decides to lick away some of the irritants, as many dogs do, these could make them very sick indeed.  

Are Dog Paw Cleaners Worth The Money?

If you’ve been using a simple bowl of water and a brush to prevent your pet from tracking dirt all over the house, you’ll know what a hassle that can be. You’re likely to end up with a mess and/or muddy water everywhere. Worst of all, you’ll need to seriously scrub those paws to remove all the mud, which, let’s face it, Fido is not going to love. After all that, you’re often still stuck with some level of dirt about the place.

The beauty of agitation paw washers is that they provide excellent cleaning action while avoiding both these issues. All you do is pop some water and the paw into the little cup, operate the cleaner (usually by some twisting or plunging action), then dab the foot dry, et voila! You get clean paws (and floors and carpets…) with ease and at a very reasonable price too. 

Designed to be portable, it makes sense that these washers are small and lightweight. However, this does mean they only deal with one paw at a time. Depending on the amount of mud, you may also need to switch out the water with each paw. You’ll also need to keep a towel handy for drying. Happily though, you can use the same one over as you’ll be dealing with wet but clean paws rather than mucky ones. 

Automatic paw washers are also a thing, and they promise to save you even the minor amount of effort involved with regular ones. However, reviews for these show they often don’t live up to this promise, with issues around the lack of cleaning action and problems with pets not wanting to get near them. For this reason, we have chosen not to feature any of these here.

Dog Paw Washer: Buyer’s Guide

So now that you know what a paw washer is, here we’ll explain some of the best features to be on the lookout for to ensure your new product works for both you and your dog: 

Cleaning Effectiveness

Obviously, your top priority will be tracking down a product that actually works for you. Recommendation articles like this one, alongside platform product reviews, can most certainly help with that. Size is obviously a key component of how well your paw washer will work. You’ll need to opt for one that your hound’s paw fits comfortably into, yet you won’t want it to be so big that the cleaning bristles don’t reach to clean very well. Luckily, most products come with detailed measurements, so you’ll know which one to get.  

Use & Feel

Most paw washers have soft bristle brushes inside the cup that deal with the actual cleaning. Pliable materials like rubber, silicone, or soft plastic are perfect for this. They can more effortlessly wipe the dirt away without scratching or otherwise harming sensitive skin. They are also far less likely to get caught up in curly hair than bristles or pins. Beyond that, you’ll want to think about how easy the washer is to hold and operate. Most will require a little elbow grease but should do much of the actual work themselves. 

Ease of Maintenance

Finally, it’s all well and good to have a product that looks good, feels comfortable to use, and gets the job done, but what about getting rid of the water and dirt once your pet’s paws are clean? Poorly designed paw washers don’t easily come apart for washing or are constructed from materials that don’t handle being cleaned too well. With something that comes into frequent contact with dirt (especially for cleaning), it’s great when you can simply chuck it in the dishwasher and think no more of it. 

All of our product recommendations do well on each of these criteria and that’s why we’re happy to bring them to your attention. 

Dog Paw Washer: Product Reviews

Best For Standard and Large Doodles Dexas Popware for Pets Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

We’ve chosen the Dexas “Mudbuster” Paw Cleaner as our top choice for larger dogs, despite it being available in multiple sizes, in part because of the depth of the cup. Let’s face it, with a playful pup running all about the place; you’re very unlikely to find mud confined just to the bottom of their paws. With this cup, you can clean much higher up your pet’s legs effortlessly with just a few quick twists. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. 

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Happy reviewers (of which the majority of them are) label this a must-have product. While some had their doubts about the effectiveness of what equates to a plastic cup with “seemingly flimsy silicone bristles,” they were pleasantly surprised to find they “effectively dislodge dirt and grime from between the dog’s foot & toe pads.” While a few dogs were a little wary at first, for the most part, after the first foot, they seem pretty unconcerned. 


A great product that is easy enough to pop in the car or leave by the door to access when and where you most need it.


Some reviews mentioned that the cup wasn’t easy to hold if they were having to wrestle their dog a little and so could have used a handle.

Best For Medium-Sized Doodles Paw Plunger Medium for Dogs

The handle is actually what made us settle on this excellent paw plunger as being perfect for most medium-sized dogs. Available in two colors and with a cute paw print design on the side, this cup will brighten any utility area while still being immensely practical. Unlike the previous cleaner, which works by twisting the cup, with this one, you simply need to move the cup up and down (which is why the handle comes in so handy!)

Paw Plunger for Dogs

With 90% of buyers saying they would recommend this to a friend, you can’t argue with the reviews. One even goes on to label it as their “purchase of the year,” enthusing that the product is awesome and that they would highly recommend it. It even seems to work great for removing notoriously hard-to-clean clay. Most dogs are unfazed by the process, preferring it considerably over having their paws scrubbed and scrubbed. 


Simple, easy, manageable, and effective – what’s not to like with this cleaner that does everything it says it does?


Take care with the sizes, as buyers frequently mention that the product was far bigger (and so more cumbersome) than expected.

Best For Mini and Toy Doodles Tinioey Dog Paw Cleaner for Small Dogs

At a great size for little dogs and with no intimidating hidden spaces, Tinioey’s Dog Paw Cleaner has features from our other two products that, for some, might make it the best of both worlds. The smooth, silicone bristles are perfect for cleaning and nicely skin-friendly too. The raised bumps on the cup and the attached line make it easy to keep hold of when traveling and while in use too. This is perfectly designed for your little love.

Tinioey Dog Paw Cleaner for Small Dogs

Pet parents love how easy this product makes paw clean up, and more than one mentions that it has been a lifesaver for their floors! The little microfibre towels included with purchase are a bonus if you don’t feel like sacrificing more of yours to the cause. As one review puts it, “this is one of those items that you don’t think about until you NEED it, and then you are not satisfied with a simple towel.”


This is an excellently sized washer for truly tiny feet – as can be seen from the picture. That’s not always a given with canine products.


Again, issues are mostly about dogs being wary. Make the experience as positive as possible – perhaps a little peanut-butter-for-licking kind of distraction…

Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws In Great Condition

In addition to keeping your pup’s paws nicely clean and removing dirt, chemicals, and more, there are a few other ways you can ensure your pet’s feet are well cared for:

1) Take Care of Nails And Fur

Regular walking on sidewalks should do its part in helping to keep your hound’s nails in check, but that’s not to say it isn’t worth watching out for any problems here too. Long claws can be very uncomfortable, so you might need to trim those nails or book your pup in with a professional to get it done. Hair between the toes should be regularly cut to reduce foreign objects getting caught up there and uncomfortable matting too. 

2) Regularly Check Those Toes 

Stop nasty fungus and bacterial infections in their tracks by making sure to cast an eye over your favorite four-legged friend’s feet once in a while. Check the surface of their toes, then spread these apart and examine the spaces between them for any signs of injury, splinters, redness, or infection. Make sure to remove anything caught up in the hair down there and deal with irritating knots too. Your pet will thank you for doing it. 

3) Prevent Cracking And Drying

While a fair bit harder than our feet, your dog’s tootsies can suffer issues brought on by the elements too. Cracked and dry toes are a symptom of exposure to cold conditions and associated salts and chemicals. They can also be made worse by soap and other cleaning solutions – that’s why these are best avoided. Products such as Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax can help repair, soothe, and protect damaged paws. 

4) Consider Protective Booties 

If you and your pooch are major hikers and/or if you live in a particularly cold place, specifically designed dog booties could be a good shout to prevent cuts, abrasions, and build-up of dirt or snow between toes. They are also useful for protecting your pup’s paws from hot roads and sidewalks. Reviewers seem to like Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots set of four for use in both hot and cold climates. They provide both protection and traction. 

Dog Paw Washer: Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog paw cleaners safe?

Most dog paw cleaners (and certainly the ones included here ) are perfectly safe to use. Some owners may be concerned about delicate dewclaws, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Just be sure before using the paw cleaner to run your hand around the cup and bristles to check for sharp edges that may have appeared since their last use. 

Should I wash my dog’s paws after every walk?

It’s good to get into the habit of giving your dog’s paws a clean after each walk. Firstly, this gets your fur baby into the habit of having it done – dogs love routine, so this should make your life easier. Beyond that, it’s not always just visible mud and dirt that can cause problems. With the easy-to-use paw washer, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. 

What is the fastest way to clean a dog’s paws?

We truly believe that these paw washers are the best and quickest way to clean anything and everything from your pup’s paws. While the old bucket and towel routine might have seemed perfectly effective in the past, believe us when we say that once you pick up one of these products, you won’t be able to believe that you didn’t have one all along. 

How can I clean my dog’s paws naturally?

As soaps and other cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can irritate and even damage your pet’s skin with frequent use, it’s always best to use only water for washing where you can. That’s what’s so great about these paw cleaners – that really is all you need. It’s the twisting or plugging action, combined with the bristles, that do the job here. 

Dog Paw Washer: Conclusion

If you and your dog love nothing more than getting out and about, even when the weather isn’t ideal, then you’ll be no stranger to muddy paws and the havoc they can wreak on otherwise nicely clean floors. Keeping your pal’s feet dirt-free, though, doesn’t just benefit the cleanliness of your home; it can also help to keep your pet happy and healthy too. Trapped dirt, debris, and other foreign objects on and around the toes can cause pain and irritation. That’s why the paw washer, as simple as it is, is an absolute godsend for many pet parents. Here we have detailed exactly how it can be used to best effect, and we sincerely hope the recommendations we have also provided, based on satisfied user reviews, will help you to pick up the best product for you. 

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