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Best Shampoo for Maltipoo: 6 Tried and True (With Reviews)!

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If you’re searching for the best shampoo for maltipoo, either because you recently adopted a new puppy or because you’ve been having problems with your current brand – we are here to help. 

Best shampoo for maltipoo

Picking the perfect products for your Doodle can be tricky because there are just so many different types available, and genetic variations can leave these pups with quite distinct coat types. 

Never fear. We’ve trawled through hundreds and hundreds of reviews to bring you the very best selection of shampoos (and conditioners) for your Maltipoo. We’ve even included some tips for managing these pups’ tricky coats. 

Our Top 6 Shampoos Doodle Owners Swear By

Types of Dog Shampoo: A Quick Overview 

The array of canine products on offer these days are nearly as wide-ranging as dogs themselves – with all their different kinds of coats. Narrow the selection by considering your pet’s distinct needs and which type of shampoo will best match those needs. 

All-Natural Shampoos

Generally speaking, you should only be using shampoos with all-natural ingredients as chemicals can often cause problems for your pup. Opt for ones with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients, blends that are free from artificial dyes and fragrances. These should be suitable even for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Soothing Shampoos 

There are two distinct types of soothing shampoos, those that contain beneficial ingredients such as oatmeal or aloe vera that help calm inflammation caused by skin allergies, and those that blend in botanical fragrances like lavender and chamomile to help relax dogs who get anxious at bath time. 

Medicated Shampoos

These types of shampoos are designed to tackle coat and skin issues. Common problems include pests like fleas and ticks, bacteria build-ups – particularly in areas of matted hair – and fungal skin infections, which can leave your dog feeling scratchy, sore, and miserable. 

2-in-1 Shampoos 

Great for saving you time and effort come bath time, a good-quality 2-in-1 shampoo does the job of both a shampoo and conditioner. It provides deep cleaning action and locks moisture into your pet’s coat from root to tip. Many shampoo brands these days double up in this way.

Shampoos for Maltipoos: Buyer’s Guide 

When selecting your own shampoo, you likely pick one specifically made for the type of hair you have – curly/straight, thick/fine. You should be doing precisely the same thing when choosing one for your dog. 

Best shampoo for maltipoo

Maltipoos have low-shedding, low-dander hair coats that are medium in density – not too thick and not too thin – and that can grow quite long. They are typically either wavy or curly, depending on whether they have more Maltese genes or Poodle ones. 

While there isn’t much difference between hair and fur in terms of what it is made of, they do have different growing cycles. Hair, be it straight, wavy, or curly, grows for much longer than fur before shedding. That’s why hair breeds such as Poodles are often considered to be hypoallergenic – they don’t shed as frequently as fur-coated dogs. 

Hair also generally grows in a single layer and feels smoother and finer to the touch, while fur is typically shorter and denser. Many dogs with fur have a second, even shorter layer beneath the top coat that helps with temperature control in colder climates. 

While the biggest issue with fur is shedding, a massive problem hair-coated canines have is tangles. For this reason, they need to be brushed much more frequently. Knots and tangles, when left, can quickly progress to matting. This is not only uncomfortable for your pup but also provides an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria. 

For this reason, you need to ensure that you get a shampoo that provides a nice lather and a thorough clean right down to the skin. It needs to leave your pup’s hair clean, shiny, and manageable. You also want to opt for a shampoo that will help retain or restore moisture, and, as with human hair, a good conditioner can help keep tangles at bay. 

Best Shampoos for Maltipoos: Reviews

Best for Regular Use

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Buddy Wash’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is our top pick for so many reasons – the powerful, botanical, soap-free blend, the calming combo scent of soothing lavender and rejuvenating mint, and the wheat protein which acts as a natural deodorizer – to name but a few. This excellent product guarantees maximum huggability, and we can see why. 

The staggering number of reviews extolling the benefits of this shampoo would have us convinced if they didn’t already so clearly speak for themselves. Owners of hair breeds mention time and again that their dog’s coat was left soft, silky, and smelling divine. The formula is even mild enough for pups that suffer from dry, sensitive skin. 


An excellent product at a reasonable price. You don’t need to use much to get a good lather, and so it lasts and lasts.


Single star reviews seem to be mainly about the smell – some said it was too strong, while others couldn’t smell it at all…

Best for Flea and Tick Control

Richard’s Organics Flea & Tick Shampoo

Fleas and ticks can be a massive problem for many dogs – and their families too. However, most shampoos designed to treat these issues can be harsh and drying for your pet’s skin and coat. That’s not the case with this excellent offering. Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Shampoo deals with critters without the need for irritating and damaging ingredients.  

Reviewers are certainly convinced on the effectiveness of this ‘exceptional product.’ Rather than the evil pest-killing scent associated with such shampoos, one even comments, “we call it Christmas Candy because that’s what it smells like to us.” Some pet parents use this as their regular shampoo, and with such mild ingredients, that’s just fine.  


This natural shampoo is an excellent alternative to medications and foul-scented sprays.


Strangely, this product works for most but not for all.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Earthbath seems to have a shampoo for every occasion, but here at Doodle Doods, we are particularly enamored with their Oatmeal and Aloe one. Made specifically for dry, itchy, allergy-prone skin, the natural, organic ingredients soothe, heal, moisturize and neutralize nasty doggy odors, too. At the same time, the vanilla and almond scent leaves your pup smelling great. 

Pet parents seem to be every bit as fond of this brand as we are. One even goes so far as to dub it their ‘Maltipoo Miracle’ as it leaves their mucky Malti looking squeaky clean, shiny, and beautiful. The hydrating ingredients are even effective at preventing knots and tangles – ideal for dogs with longer coats. 


Poor pooches with sensitive skin need scratch no more with this super mild, super cleansing, super scented shampoo.


This might not be a good one for super stinky pups as some reviewers complain it didn’t take the odor away as effectively as other brands.

Best for Eliminating Odor

Life’s Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo

While many shampoos are heavily perfumed to mask that unpleasant wet dog stink, Life’s Abundance’s Revitalizing Shampoo contains moisture-activated odor fighters that really get to the root of bad smells. These trap them, eliminate them, and replace them with a sumptuously light citrus fragrance. All that’s left behind is a beautifully soft, silky, and tangle-free coat. 

Unlike other products on this list, the scent from this shampoo lasts far beyond bath day, according to reviewer comments. It also effectively cleans, removing dirt, dander, and loose hair. Those with lighter-haired breeds also mention the brightening properties of the product and how well it does at removing tear stains – which can be a particular problem with Malties. 


This great shampoo does all it says on the tin and much more besides.


It is a bit more expensive than the rest, but reviewers don’t seem at all fazed by the price.

Best for Shine and Hydration

EspañaSilk Natural Protein Enhanced Shampoo 

Haircare experts over at EspañaSilk have developed this unique, dramatically moisturizing Protein Shampoo especially for long-haired dogs like the Maltipoo. The special blend of silk proteins, vegetable proteins, coconut surfactant, and jojoba oil separates each hair shaft, giving it individual attention for deep cleaning, superior conditioning, and ultimately tangle-free locks. 

Users of the shampoo rave about how it keeps knots and matting at bay, making it particularly effective on more Poodle-like curly and wavy coats. The all-natural ingredients list also gets a firm thumbs up, as does the subtle but pleasant scent of the formula.  


A real time saver for those who usually spend hours and hours teasing out the tangles from their pet’s coat.


This product is also at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price, but you only need a pea-sized amount each time, so it’s long-lasting.

Best for Puppies

Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo

Another excellent all-rounder brand, Isle of Dogs makes a particularly impressive Tearless Puppy Shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free with a clean, fresh cotton and orchid scent. Suitable for all coat types, the mild blend can be used to clean around the eyes without causing irritation. While the shampoo is great for puppies, it also makes a useful regular shampoo for sensitive older souls.  

Mamas and Papas of these pups say after using this product, they became obsessed with smelling their fur babies all throughout the day – the scent really is that good! What’s more, it leaves their coat stroke-ably soft for weeks after. Great size, great price, great shampoo seems to be the general consensus on this one.  


It is very effective for the vast majority of puppy parents and makes them all the more obsessed with this new addition to their family.


Some found it thick and the smell quite strong – maybe this one is better diluted?

Honorable Mentions: Other Highly Recommended Shampoos

Perfect as a regular-use shampoo is CHI Deep Moisture Dog Shampoo. This versatile product cleans, conditions, and provides coats with maximum moisture, all without irritating skin or eyes. The formula’s fragrance is fresh without being too overpowering, and it leaves coats soft and tangle-free. 

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo is a firm favorite with tangle-prone-Doodle owners. Just a tiny amount can remove the toughest of knots and matting with ease. Reviews for this ‘magic’ product are overwhelmingly positive; it is just a little more chemically than others on our list. 

A surprising option is Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo – surprising because our usual stand on using people products on pets is – absolutely not! However, this gentle shampoo is formulated for baby’s soft skin, making it the perfect pH balance for dogs too. Many Doodle owners recommend it. 

Burt’s Bees Puppy 2-in-1 Shampoo is another great option for your Lil’ un. A trusted name in skincare, Burt’s Bees uses some of nature’s finest ingredients in their canine products. This lovely shampoo contains buttermilk to soothe and soften skin, linseed oil to condition skin and coat, and absolutely no sulfates or colorants. 

The antiseptic fortified Envirogroom Skin Therapy Shampoo cleans while relieving skin irritation caused by bacteria, fungus, infection, hot spots, cuts, abrasions, sores, flea bites, dermatitis, eczema, and other skin conditions. This super shampoo contains aloe, antiseptic, jojoba, panthenol, soy protein, and vitamin E.

Finally, Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo is great for outdoor-loving pups who have the adorable little habit of rolling in something nasty at every opportunity. This soft-scented shampoo gently washes dirt and grime away, and PetAg’s signature scent lasts up to two weeks. 

Best Conditioners to Use with Your Maltipoo Shampoo

While many of the shampoos on this list are already deeply conditioning (that’s why we chose them for this particular breed), you might find that if you like to leave your pup’s coat long, you will need a little something extra. So here are our top three highest recommended washout and leave-in conditioners: 

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling and Finishing Spray not only provides super conditioning and detangling action but also fortifies and protects your pet’s coat. It creates a barrier that locks in moisture while repelling dust, dirt, and other pollutants and even protects your pup from the sun’s harmful effects. 

The Stuff Dog Conditioner is excellent for all dogs, no matter how sensitive their skin. With its non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pH-controlled formula, it restores the natural beauty of a dog’s coat while helping to make grooming much more manageable by working against tangles, knots, and mats and repelling dirt, dust, and more. 

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Pet Conditioner is the perfect complement to the Cowboy Magic Shampoo. It makes pet coats super shiny by dissolving mineral and chemical buildup that can otherwise make it look dry, dull, and lackluster. Like the shampoo, this conditioner is a little on the chemically side, but most reviewers don’t seem to mind. 

5 Tips to Keep Your Maltipoo Looking Their Best 

Doodles are increasingly popular dogs, famous for their ‘hypoallergenic’ coats, but that doesn’t mean they are a doddle to care for. When Poodles are crossed with a long-haired breed, things can get a little tricky. Here are some pointers aimed at making your life a little easier with your Maltipoo: 

  1. Get your puppy used to being handled, groomed, and bathed from as early an age as possible. The more comfortable they are with the process, the easier it will all be for you both. 
  2. Brush your Malti every single day without fail, even if you only have time to give them a quick going over. Then put aside one day a week to spend a little more time on their coat to ensure knots aren’t developing deep in the depths. 
  3. Getting your pup clipped twice a year will help keep their coat looking great. However, you will also need to make sure to trim the hair on their face around once a month to stop it irritating their eyes. 
  4. Brush your Malti thoroughly before bathing them. Tangles and mats that come into contact with water will often tighten to the point of being impossible to remove. These will likely need to be cut out or shaved, leaving bald patches in your pup’s coat. 
  5. When drying your dog, a hairdryer on a cool setting is a great tool, just as long as they are not too scared of the noise. If that’s not going to work, wrap your pup up in a lovely large towel. Take care not to rub their hair dry, as this can lead to knotting.
Best shampoo for maltipoo

Bathing a Maltipoo: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shampoo for Maltipoos?

There is no one-size-suits-all solution to the best shampoo for your Maltipoo. Knowledge of the breed and the kind of coat they have can help to narrow things down. However, you also need to think about your pet’s individual needs. For instance, do they have sensitive skin? Is their coat particularly tangle-prone? 

How often should a Maltipoo be bathed?

You should be bathing your Malti once every three to four weeks. Leave it any longer than that between washes, and they can start to get a bit whiffy. On the other hand, if you wash them more frequently, you could easily dry out their skin as you’ll be washing away essential oils that protect their skin and coat. 

When can I start bathing my Maltipoo puppy?

While, in theory, you can start bathing your puppy from four weeks old, ideally, it’s better to hold off until they are between six and eight weeks. Before this, they may struggle to regulate their temperature and could catch a chill. If they get a little grubby before this, simply give them a quick going over with a warm, damp cloth. 

Can you use human shampoo on Maltipoos?

Dogs and humans have vastly different skin pH levels. Using a shampoo created for people on your pup will not only upset the delicate balance of oils distributed throughout their coat but can also dry out their skin and cause them irritation. Human products contain chemicals that are simply too harsh for your pooch. 

There are a few key things to look out for when looking for the right shampoo for your Maltipoo. For instance, natural ingredients are generally better, especially if your pup has allergies or particularly sensitive skin. 

All the shampoos included on this list come from tried and tested brands and are backed by a multitude of positive recommendations from pet parents. Yet, the one you opt for will depend on your pup’s individual needs, and you may have to shop around a little before you find the perfect pick. 

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