If your search for your next perfect family dog has led you here, it’s probably because everyone and their dog has been recommending goldendoodles. And for good reason! But if you’re wondering, “can goldendoodles be left alone?” due to a demanding job or lifestyle, we’d love to provide some realistic insight on that below.

Can Goldendoodles be Left Alone?

Based on our ongoing survey results, there is no definitive answer. The reality is that it really depends on the dog’s personality and temperament. In this article we will review the survey results from over 125 goldendoodle owners as well as touch on some other temperaments that relate to goldendoodles’ tolerability of being left alone.

As of March 4, 2020, we have received 172 total responses to the survey. The ratings you see below pertain only to goldendoodles (126 responses).

Each graph below is interactive so you can hover over the sections (on a computer) or tap on the sections (on a mobile device) for more info. On mobile devices, the graphs might look cut off, but you can use your finger to tap and drag to scroll and see the full graph.

The graphs are also updated in real-time as people submit their responses to the survey.

All ratings are based on a scale from Poor to Excellent.

Tolerability of Being Alone

Survey participants evaluated their goldendoodle’s Tolerability of Being Alone from Poor to Excellent, and most people reported Satisfactory but really the answer to this question depends on the dog’s personality.

Are goldendoodles prone to separation anxiety?

Some people who took our survey left comments specifically mentioning that their goldendoodle has issues with separation anxiety. This usually happens when a dog is overly attached or dependent on his family members. Some signs of separation anxiety include barking, destruction, or house soiling.

Perhaps the graph just above reflects the different levels of separation anxiety that goldendoodles are prone to. Nonetheless, let’s also look at some other related temperaments to get a better answer to the “can goldendoodles be left alone?” question.

Ease of [House] Training

In terms of being left alone, we can think of “Ease of Training” as “Ease of House Training”. From a house training standpoint, most survey participants reported Excellent and Very Good.

This suggests that goldendoodles won’t go potty inside the house and are able to go at least a few hours without a potty break. (Whether or not making a dog wait that long is fair or healthy, is a different subject.)


Survey participants evaluated their goldendoodle’s Intensity (hyperness) from Poor (very intense leash pulling, inhales food, etc.) to Excellent (laid-back attitude about everything), and we got mixed results.

Goldendoodles may become bored when left alone for too long, and may try and find an outlet for their intensity.

Complaints such as coming home to find garbage all over the floor, destroyed pillows and shoes, half-eaten socks, and entire missing cakes and meaty roasts are all too common. It’s not necessarily just a goldendoodle problem, but one to be noted for sure.

Luckily, since goldendoodles are very easily trained, these types of behaviors can be fixed with time, effort, and consistency.

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As goldendoodles typically have high energy levels, we also recommend that you make sure they are getting enough exercise each day. Their need to cure their boredom with destructive behaviors could correlate with lack of exercise and play outlets.

On a personal account, Chloe seems to do okay being alone for a few hours at a time. She isn’t destructive at all and doesn’t counter-surf. But when we’re not around she will go through the trash (albeit, rather elegantly so as not to make a complete mess, lol).

In light of all this, however, we do recommend that goldendoodles are better suited in homes where at least one person has the ability to spend a lot of time with the dog. This person could be a stay/work at home parent or retiree. You could also hire a dog walker or send your pup to doggy daycare.

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Hopefully that gives some good insight on the question “can goldendoodles be left alone?”

If you’re looking to add a goldendoodle to your family soon, check out our breeder directory to find a goldendoodle puppy for sale near you.

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