If you’re looking for reputable Cavapoo breeders in California, then you’ve come to the right place. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find Doodle breeders that follow responsible breeding guidelines. For this reason, we decided to make this process a whole lot easier for you, and list here the top ethical Cavapoo breeders in California. Additionally, we’ll also be sharing with you some of our best tips on how to choose a responsible breeder. 

Table of Contents

  • How Much Does A Cavapoo Cost In California?
  • Cavapoo Breeders In California: Conclusion
  • How To Choose A Cavapoo Breeder In California

    The Cavapoo is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. These loving and affectionate Doods are usually created with either Toy or Miniature Poodles, resulting in the fluffiest, most adorable little pups. They’re also low to non shed, making them excellent companions for people who struggle with allergies. 

    If you’ve decided that the Cavapoo is the right pup for you, you’ve probably found yourself stuck between all the different options available out there. Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with buying a Cavapoo from an unethical or irresponsible breeder. So, how can you find reputable Cavapoo breeders in California? Here are a few things to help you narrow down your choice:

    Health Testing & Health Guarantees

    Ethical Cavapoo breeders in California only use health screened parent dogs in their programs, ensuring that they’re free from genetic diseases that could be passed down to their offspring. That being said, you’ll also want to make sure that the breeder offers a one or two-year genetic health guarantee, which should cover any major hereditary illnesses that the parents have been tested for. 

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    Certifications & Affiliations

    When choosing a Cavapoo breeder in California, you may also want to check if they’re affiliated with any established organizations. Some of these include the American Kennel Club (AKC), Continental Kennel Club (CKC), American Canine Association (ACA), Puppy Culture, and the Good Dog’s Responsible Breeding Program. 

    All of these organizations are committed to responsible breeding, and require their member breeders to follow the same high standards when it comes to health testing, breeding, training, and rehoming the pups. 

    Reviews & Testimonials

    With so many Cavapoo breeders to choose from, how can you make sure you’re choosing a reputable one? Checking for reviews and testimonials is a great place to start. Look for reviews on breeders’ websites, as well as their social media pages. You’ll also be able to find reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and here at Doodle Doods.

    See what others have to say about their experiences with the Cavapoo breeder, and pay attention to any red flags that come up. If there are more bad reviews than good, or if the good reviews all seem fake or scripted, that’s a sign that you might want to look elsewhere. Checking for reviews and testimonials is a quick and easy way to help narrow down your choices and find a breeder you can trust.

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    Top Ethical Cavapoo Breeders in California

    Windy Hill Doodles

    Windy Hill Doodles has Toy and Mini Cavapoo puppies for sale in California. They’re located in Waterford, just a 20-minute drive from Modesto, an hour from Sacramento, and 2 hours from San Francisco. 

    In addition to raising Cavapoo puppies in California, Windy Hill Doodles also breeds a crossbreed called Cavapoochon. These pups have a Cavachon parent (¾ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and ¼ Bichon Frise) and a Poodle parent. 

    At Windy Hill Doodles, all of their dogs are family pets first. Their main priority is their dogs’ and puppies’ health and wellbeing. All of their puppies come from health and DNA tested parents. In fact, many of their purebred Poodle parents are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and their crossbreed parents also come from AKC registered parents. 

    What’s more, Windy Hill Doodles is recognized by Good Dog as a responsible Cavapoo breeder in California. They also have a membership with the Continental Kennel Club (CKC). 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    At Windy Hill Doodles, their puppies receive top quality care from birth and up until adoption. For instance, they supplement nursing with bottle feeding for the first three weeks. They do this to support their mamas and also help their pups get used to human contact.

    Additionally, they make sure that each puppy is well-socialized with people of all ages and adult dogs, and desensitized to household sounds and sights. They also implement the Early Neurological Stimulation training (ENS).   

    • Years of Operation: Since 2012
    • Health & Vaccines: Puppies go home with a one-year genetic health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations, and dewormings. 

    Cavapoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Cavapoo Puppies Available: F1 and F1b Toy and Mini Cavapoos in California 
    • Waitlist: Yes

    Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

    VitPom Puppies

    VitPom Puppies specializes in raising Toy and Mini Cavapoo puppies in California. They’re located in Rio Linda, in Northern California, just a 20-minute drive from Downtown Sacramento, and a 90-minute drive from San Francisco. 

    At VitPom Puppies, their main focus is on health, temperament, and looks. All of their puppies are born and raised right inside the breeder’s very own home. This way, they get to keep an eye on the puppies at all times, and pre-spoil each and every one of them by the time they go to their forever homes. 

    VitPom Puppies is another Good Dog vetted Cavapoo breeder in California. By the way, Good Dog has rated their health testing protocols as excellent, meaning that they follow the highest standards when it comes to health and genetic testing. What’s more, all of their purebred parent dogs are AKC registered. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    As the puppies are raised in a family environment alongside children and other dogs, they’re all well-socialized by the time they go home. The breeder also starts with potty training, ENS, and even introduces the pups to regular grooming activities. 

    • Years of Operation: Since 2008
    • Health & Vaccines: VitPom Puppies offers a one-year genetic health guarantee. Pups receive their first puppy shots and dewormings.  

    Cavapoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Cavapoo Puppies Available: F1 and F1b Toy and Mini Cavapoos in California. 
    • Waitlist: Yes

    Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

    Baby Cavaliers and Cavapoos In California

    Baby Cavaliers and Cavapoos in California is a small hobby breeder located in the Bay Area. They strive to breed outgoing, friendly, and loyal puppies with excellent temperaments. In addition to raising Cavapoos, they also breed purebred AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

    At Baby Cavaliers and Cavapoos, their main goal is to help loving individuals and families find healthy, happy, and well-socialized companion pets. Their puppies are all hand-raised pets, meaning that they’re well adjusted to a regular busy household with all of its sights, sounds, and experiences. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    Ay Baby Cavaliers and Cavapoos, they put great emphasis on early socialization with children and other animals. This is one of the best, easiest ways of raising confident and well-rounded pups that can easily manage every situation and encounter. 

    • Years of Operation: N/A
    • Health & Vaccines: Puppies come with all age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. For more information about their health protocols, please contact Baby Cavaliers and Cavapoos directly. 

    Cavapoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Cavapoo Puppies Available: Mini Cavapoos in California. 
    • Waitlist: Yes

    Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

    How Much Does A Cavapoo Cost In California?

    Ethical Cavapoo breeders in California generally charge between $3,000 and $4,500 for their puppies. The price depends on your exact location, but also what size and color you’re after. For instance, it’s not uncommon for breeders to charge extra for smaller Toy Cavapoos or rare coat colors. 

    Understandably, the price for Cavapoo puppies in California is quite high, especially compared to some other states in the US. However, it’s important to remember that you’re not just paying for a cute puppy. You’re also paying for the years of hard work, dedication, and love that the breeder has put into their program.

    Moreover, ethical Cavapoo breeders in California often have long waitlists for their puppies. So, if you’re set on getting a Cavapoo from a reputable breeder, then you may have to be patient and be placed on a waiting list.

    Cavapoo Breeders In California: Conclusion

    If you’re looking for an ethical Cavapoo breeder in California, be sure to check out the breeders we’ve recommended. They are all passionate about their dogs, follow responsible breeding guidelines, and take great care in raising healthy puppies.  We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the perfect Cavapoo puppy!

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