If you’re keen on both Poodles and Spaniels, and you’re looking for a little dog that will happily fit into your family and home, then look no further than the darling Cavapoo. These lovely crosses between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle are smart, affectionate, and downright gorgeous looking – the perfect family pet. 

For all these reasons and more, the popularity of the Cavapoo is on the rise. Every person that comes into contact with them quickly realizes what little darlings they are. As such, there’s no shortage of breeders specializing in these truly remarkable pups. However, it’s a good idea to shop around a little before zeroing in on the right one. Hopefully, our recommendations for Cavapoo breeders in Missouri will get you off on the right foot. 

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Choosing a Responsible Cavapoo Breeder

While we don’t want to think bad things of people who work with animals, the sad truth is that not every breeder has the best intentions for their dogs in mind. Too many facilities board their animals in less-than-ideal situations and breed them more often than is healthy, all in the name of chasing the almighty dollar. The good news, though, is that the unfortunate people who have come into contact with such ‘puppy mills‘ are more than happy to name and shame them.

Another way potential pet parents frequently get conned is by placing deposits on dogs in the hopes of getting their hands on one a little faster. While this is pretty standard practice when it comes to the more popular breeds and the waiting lists for them, often con artists pose as breeders just to get their hands on your cash and then simply disappear. 

So, in the interest of finding a reputable and responsible breeder, it pays to do a little research:

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Check Certification

The rules for breeding hybrid hounds such as Doodles are less specific than those for dealing with pedigree dogs. After all, while breeding full-breed dogs has long been a serious and profitable enterprise, before Doodles, mixed-breed dogs were far less popular. What this means is that there are fewer organizations keeping an eye on breeding practices. However, a few interested parties have begun to form membership clubs in the interest of maintaining the overall health of Doodles; one such group is Good Dog. If the facility in question is affiliated with them, chances are they are among the better kind. 

Ensure Appropriate Health Checks

Another way to determine that you are getting a happy well-bred puppy is to scour the breeder’s website for details on the kind of genetic tests they run on their mama and papa pets. Many of the worst canine conditions are hereditary, and it’s not often apparent when buying a puppy whether they are in the best of health. While Doodles are said to benefit from something called ‘hybrid vigor’ because of their more varied genes, this isn’t always a given. Don’t be afraid to quiz the breeder about their practices. Here are some common Doodle health issues, diseases, and genetic conditions you should be sure to ask about. 

Look For a Health Guarantee

Another way quality breeders demonstrate that they have faith in the condition of their puppies is by providing a health guarantee as part of the purchasing contract. This handy bit of paperwork outlines conditions by which you can return the puppy if a vet identifies any genetically-caused health defects within a certain span of time (more commonly two years). In doing this, the facility is putting its profit (not to mention its reputation) on the line, and you can be sure they won’t be doing this lightly! That’s why breeders who mention a health guarantee on their website will be far more trustworthy than those who don’t. 

Seek Recommendations from A Trusted Source

As Doodles are among the top choice of pets these days, chances are you already know somebody who has one. Friends and family can provide some excellent insights into finding the perfect puppy for you. However, if you are one of those rare people not in contact with a Doodle owner, or if you can’t find a facility among the recommendations that specializes in Cavapoos, then dog expert sites such as this one can be another good place to start. That being said, even if you can track down a trusted source, it still pays to do a little investigating of your own just to be sure. 

Read Online Reviews

As you likely do with anything else you’re spending money on these days, you should be sure to check reviews before even thinking about getting in touch with a facility. While website testimonials can be cute and informative, look beyond that to social media sites, third-party expert websites, and search platforms too. Obviously, when it comes to reviews, it’s a case of the more, the better – in terms of both quality and quantity.  A handful of five stars might look promising, but this, unfortunately, can be all too easy to fake, and you can be sure that’s what the scammers will be doing. 

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Best Cavapoo Breeders in Missouri

Leatherwood Puppies

Located in the Ozark Mountains, ‘the Best Place in the World to Raise Healthy Kids and Healthy Dogs!’ Leatherwood Puppies are hobby breeders and show dog enthusiasts who adore Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and their offspring and believe every family should have the opportunity to own one of these darling dogs. 

The breeder takes the health of their animals very seriously, and parent pups are genetically health tested via OFA to ensure they are in tip-top breeding condition. They also have great lives running around and enjoying plenty of country freedom in the fresh and green surroundings where the pace of life is much slower. 

What Makes This Breeder Unique?

As many of the pups at Leatherwood are bred for showing, you can be sure that the breeder has the very best physical attributes and personality traits, as well as the puppies’ health, firmly in mind with every litter bred.

  • Years of Operation: Since 2009
  • Health & Vaccines: Puppies come fully vet checked, microchipped, with up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments, and with a 1-year health guarantee.

Cavapoo Puppy Information:

  • Types of Puppies AvailableF1 Standard
  • Waitlist: Yes

Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

Red Skye Cavaliers and Cavapoos

Red Skye Cavaliers and Cavapoos focus on breeding the healthiest possible puppies. That’s why the parent dogs are extensively genetically tested for heart and joint issues, among other things. These are both common issues with this breed. 

Beyond that, David and Caraline really care about the well-being of their breeding pups, who are considered very important members of their family. That’s why they use their extensive pet care experience to ensure they live happy lives full of fun and love. 

What Makes This Breeder Unique?

Each litter of puppies is raised right in the family home, with the aim of helping each puppy grow with confidence. Early Neural Stimulation (ENS), as well as Puppy Culture methods, help with getting them accustomed to different situations. Bella and Baxter’s recommended early training techniques, which include grooming and getting the puppies used to being crated, prepare them for life with their new family. 

  • Years of Operation: Since 2015
  • Health & Vaccines: Puppies come fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. A 2-year health guarantee is included with the purchase. 

Cavapoo Puppy Information:

  • Types of Puppies Available: Mini Cavapoos
  • Waitlist: Yes

Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

Sunset Valley Cavaliers

Sunset Valley Cavaliers cherish each and every one of their dogs – both parents and puppies – and so do everything they can to ensure they go on to live the very best lives possible. 

The breeders choose the healthiest parent dogs (genetically tested for common problems with the applicable breeds) with the best temperaments and ensure happy living conditions. They also work very hard at placing them in suitable, loving home situations with wonderful families they know are going to love them just as much as they do. 

What Makes This Breeder Unique?

Sunset Valley’s puppies are home raised around other dogs, kids, and cats too. This thorough early socialization ensures they are confident and comfortable with most types of family setup. Breeder Jordan Harrison also takes the time to car train, potty train, and crate train his pups. They also receive noise desensitization training. This all goes on to make their new owners’ lives that much easier. 

  • Years of Operation: Unknown
  • Health & Vaccines: All puppies are vaccinated and come with health certification and a 1-year genetic guarantee. 

Cavapoo Puppy Information:

  • Types of Puppies Available: Cavapoo
  • Waitlist: Yes

Cavapoo Breeder Contact Details:

How Much Does A Cavapoo Cost In Missouri?

Cavapoo puppies in Missouri usually cost anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000, provided that you’re adopting your new pup from a reputable breeder. The price depends on a variety of factors, such as your location, but also what size and color of Cavapoo you’re looking to adopt. 

Of course, you may be able to find a Cavapoo in Missouri for much less. However, we urge you to be cautious, as these highly coveted pups are often also bred in puppy mills, where they most certainly don’t receive the proper care they deserve and need. 

For these reasons, it’s important to do your research before you buy a Cavapoo puppy, and to make sure you’re getting your pup from a reputable source. Adopting a Cavapoo from a shelter or rescue organization is one way to be sure you’re not supporting the puppy mill industry.

Cavapoo Puppies Missouri: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a Cavapoo puppy in Missouri, be sure to do your research and only adopt from a reputable breeder. There are many great Cavapoo breeders in Missouri who will make sure your pup is healthy and well-cared for. A Cavapoo is a great addition to any home, and with the right breeder, you can have a furry friend for life. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect pup that will be by your side for many years to come.

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