DIY Doodle Face Groom (Speed-Through Tutorial Video)

In the video below, we’re going to speed through a full face groom, where we remove Chloe’s mohawk-turned-mullet, and trim and style her entire face.

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A week prior to this face groom, I had given Chloe a full-body haircut using a #4 blade, which leaves the hair about 3/8” long.

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I purposely didn’t groom her face that day, because I really wanted to try something different and leave Chloe’s face longer than usual. 

This is to say that traditionally I’ve always just clipped Chloe’s face down in typical puppy cut fashion, so the length of her head and face matched the length on her body.

Anyway, after giving myself a week-long break from grooming, it was time to tackle Chloe’s face…and the mohawk that had turned itself into a mullet over the past week.

Have you tried grooming your Doodles face? Let us know how your attempts have turned out in the comments below! Also if any pro groomers watched, I’d love your feedback, as well!

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