Do Doodles love eating VEGETABLES, or is it just Chloe?

Aside from the occasional snack of grass in the yard, she eats them all.

Her favorites are cooked leafy greens, and steamed broccoli and bell peppers.

She also loves most fruits.


YouTube video

Chloe eats a veggie. How funny is that?

(And yes, I make sure that everything I give to Chloe is 100% safe for dogs.)

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Does yours like to eat fruits and veggies, too?

I’d love to hear about YOUR Doodle’s funny diet. Just comment below!

P.S. That brush wasn’t intentionally put in the video…

(I had just barely brushed her with it!)

But since we’re on the subject, have you gotten yours yet?

Chloe practically begs me to brush her every night, she loves that thing so much!

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