In our article busting the myth that Goldendoodles are non-shedding, we talk about Goldendoodle shed probability and whether they will be a heavy or a light shedder. While it is true that I got very lucky with Chloe, my F1 Doodle who hardly sheds at all, some Doodle parents aren’t so fortunate.

I’m not saying that the shedding makes you love him any less. But having visibly hairy clothes, vacuuming your floors and sofa constantly, and buying a new lint roller every week…isn’t really what most people jump for joy at.

Luckily, there are a few things you can try in order to help reduce the shedding. And although I’ve personally not had to use these products with Chloe, I’m taking a look at a couple highly-rated and reviewed products designed to help reduce and control the shedding – and as a result, save your clothes, home, time, nose, and energy.

Products to Reduce Goldendoodle Shed Issues

Some generations of Goldendoodles have multiple layers of hair. Throughout the day, hair from the lower layers will shed and become trapped under the upper layers. That loose hair then emerges from his coat when he runs around, rolls on your sofa, or rubs up against your freshly washed black dress pants.

The following products are highly-rated for greatly reducing or even preventing such occurrences.

Anti-Shed Dog Shampoo

Just like how taking a shower after you get a haircut is key for avoiding itchiness, specially-formulated shampoos can significantly reduce Goldendoodle shed issues.

Shampooing your dog once in a while will help stop loose hairs from building up, preventing excessive shedding from the get-go. And that’s where anti-shed dog shampoos come in.

Shed Control Shampoo

Not only can these shampoos help to remove loose hairs, but they can also detangle and help strengthen and repair your Doodle’s coat.

Even though Goldendoodles tend to shed a lot less than other breeds, these shampoos are just as efficient with them.

DeShedding Tools

Don’t just leave your Goldendoodle shed issues up to shampoo alone, though. A proper de-shedding brush, comb, or tool can help solve shedding issues in a flash and the following products fit the bill.

Best Tools for Deshedding

These various tools will basically work like a rake in your dog’s coat. After shampooing your Doodle and drying him off completely, you can use them to assist with the natural shedding process.

Between the products listed above, a metal comb will get you the most bang for your buck. Metal combs are super effective for de-shedding, as they are super durable and can get all the way down to a long-haired Doodle’s skin. Thus, they can remove pretty much all loose undercoat hair.

The Chris Christensen Big G slicker brush has the largest surface area of any of them, though, and will do the job of de-shedding the quickest. It is considered the gold standard brush for all Doodles, as well, due to its long pins and de-matting capabilities.

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Finally, the teeth on the FURminator are very fine and capable of penetrating multiple layers of your dog’s’ fur. So while it looks and functions like a rake, the FURminator is designed to provide a powerful deep cleaning experience that can be used all over your dog’s coat.

For customers eager to solve the dilemma of a shedding Goldendoodle, an anti-shed shampoo combined with a good de-shedding tool will handily reduce shedding with minimal effort.

What products do you recommend to solve your Goldendoodle shed issues? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.

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