If you’re preparing for many wonderful years with your Cockapoo, then finding the right type of crate is crucial. In this guide, we’re going to figure out what size crate for a Cockapoo is best suited, as well as learn about the different types of dog crates and discuss which one you should choose. 

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What Size Crate For A Cockapoo Should You Choose: Introduction

The adorable Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix has been around for many decades already. They were first created in the 1950s and their popularity has soared ever since. Today, the Cockapoo is one of the most well-known Poodle mixes thanks to its wonderful temperament, adorable looks, and low-shedding coats. 

When it comes to choosing the right crate size for your Cockapoo, size really does matter. You want to choose a crate that’s large enough to fit your small Dood, but not too big so that it looks absurd. 

Since the Cockapoo is a small to medium-sized breed, you won’t have to choose the largest dog crate out there. Nonetheless, choosing the right size of crate for your Cockapoo can make all the difference, as it can make or break the whole deal. 

By the way, Cockapoos come in a variety of sizes, as they can be created with either Toy, Miniature, or Standard Poodles. Let’s take a quick look at the Cockapoo size chart for reference:

Maxi CockapooMiniature CockapooToy CockapooTeacup Cockapoo
WeightOver 25 lbs13-25 lbs6-12 lbsUnder 6 lbs
Height*16-22 inches11-15 inches10-11 inchesUnder 10 inches

* A dog’s height is measured from the highest part of their shoulder blades, also known as withers. 

Why Should I Buy A Crate For My Cockapoo?

You might be wondering – does your Cockapoo even need a crate? Well, here at Doodle Doods we’re firm believers in crate training. Crate training is an excellent way to assist your new puppy’s potty training, but it has so many other benefits as well. 

Your Cockapoo’s Safe Spot

A crate is a great way to provide your Cockapoo with their own, safe space. It can help them feel secure and comfortable while they rest, as well as teach your pup how to enjoy spending time alone in their comfy and cushy crate. Not only will it give your pup a place to call their own, but it can also help prevent destructive behaviors and make sure your home stays clean and organized. Plus, crating your pup when you’re out and about can give you peace of mind that your furry friend is safe and sound!

House Training

In addition to that, crate training is an absolute miracle method when house training your new pup. If you already know a little bit about puppy training, you know that having a proper schedule is vital. And that’s where crating comes into play! This is your puppy’s safe space to relax in, and dogs are much less likely to do their potty business in their sleeping area as well. 


Moreover, if you take your dog on car rides, a travel crate is such a great way to make them feel more comfortable while on the go. Not only will your pup stay safe in a travel crate, it also provides them a nice spot to relax in during car rides. Of course, make sure that all of your pup’s crates have a comfy blanket or even a dog bed, some fun toys to play with, and some tasty treats to munch on. After all, the goal is to make the crate your puppy’s very own safe haven! 

What Is The Ideal Crate Size For A Cockapoo?

When choosing either an at-home or a travel crate for your Dood, you’ve got to get something that’s suitable to your dog’s size. The ideal crate size for a Cockapoo will depend on your pup’s size and even age. For instance, young puppies are much smaller, so they won’t need as big crates either. 

However, there’s really no point getting two sets of crates over the span of a couple of months. A younger puppy will likely enjoy a slightly larger crate as well. On the other hand, if the crate is too big, it might lead to some messy accidents inside the crate. Many dog crates actually have dividers, so that you can utilize this helpful feature when your Cockapoo is still a puppy. 

Generally speaking, an adult Cockapoo will probably have the best time in a crate that’s about 30 to 36 inches large. If you’ve got a larger Maxi Cockapoo, a 36-inch crate is likely a better option for your pup personally. However, for smaller Cockapoos and even purebred Cocker Spaniels, a 30-inch crate is the usual recommendation.

As we know, it all depends on your dog’s size and how comfortable they feel inside the crate. A bit later on in this guide, we’ll discuss more in-depth about what size crate for a Cockapoo should you choose, as well as how you should measure your pup to ensure a good fit. Don’t go anywhere just yet! 

What Are The Different Types Of Crates For Cockapoo?

Once you’re ready to start shopping for a Cockapoo crate, we do recommend you do a bit of research and educate yourself on the different types of dog crates available out there. Did you know that not all crates are created for the same purpose? Likewise, not all pups benefit from the same types of crates, either. Additionally, Cockapoo crates can significantly vary in terms of their price tag, but also quality. 

So, let’s now take a look at the different types of Cockapoo crates and learn what’s the difference between them:

Soft Fabric Crates: Best For Traveling

Soft fabric crates are a great option if you’re looking for something lightweight and portable. They can easily be folded up and stored away when not in use. Plus, they often come with handles or shoulder straps, making them perfect for taking your pup on car rides, airplane trips, and all sorts of adventures. 

Naturally, soft fabric crates are mostly made with soft materials. These types of crates offer your Cockapoo a cozy spot to relax in, as the soft material provides that extra comfort and cushyness. Additionally, these crates come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your pup’s needs perfectly!

On the other hand, soft fabric crates aren’t usually the best choice for pups that aren’t crate trained yet, or who don’t enjoy being crated just yet. As they’re made with soft materials, they aren’t as resistant to chewing and scratches. So, if your pup gets to claw their way out of it, it doesn’t exactly serve the purpose. 

Wire Crates: Best For Dogs Who Love To Chew

Wire crates are probably the most well-known of all dog crates out there. Although the cage-like appearance may seem cold and uncomfortable at first, wire crates are actually excellent for almost any Cockapoo. Of course, the key here is to make sure that you line a wire crate with a dog bed and some soft blankets, as well as toys and treats. Think of it as your puppy’s personal bedroom that should have all the necessities. 

Wire crates are a good option for Cockapoos who just love to chew. The durable wire material can stand up to their strong jaws, and the see-through construction provides your pup with visibility, making them feel more comfortable when crated. And, if your pup isn’t as keen on observing the outside of the crate at all times, you can place a blanket on top of it, provided that you keep the door area open so that there’s enough airflow. 

What’s more, wire crates can be tailored for your pup’s specific breeds, as many come in different sizes and shapes. In fact, many wire creates come with removable dividers that make adjusting the crate size easier. So, you can use this type of crate both when your Cockapoo is still a puppy and also when they’re all grown up. 

In addition to that, these crates often come with removable trays for easy cleaning. Accidents do happen, and if your pup goes to potty inside the crate, you can simply remove the tray and clean it all up. Furthermore, wire crates usually feature secure latches and locks to ensure your pup stays put when needed.

Plastic Crates: Best For Reactive Dogs

Plastic crates are a great option for Cockapoos who are prone to being reactive. These types of Cockapoo crates usually come with a wire mesh door, but the crate itself is made with plastic that isn’t as seethrough as the usual wire crates. 

The enclosed space of plastic crates helps keep any unnecessary sights away from your pup. This is especially beneficial for dogs who become a bit anxious or agitated when in public or with other animals. 

Additionally, plastic crates are lightweight and easy to transport, making them the perfect travel solution for owners who want to keep their pup safe and comfortable on the go. Plastic dog crates are also accepted by airlines, so you should have no problem traveling with your Cockapoo in this type of crate. And since airports and other public areas can get overly stimulating, your pup will appreciate the added privacy as well!

The downside of plastic crates is that they may get too hot due to the restricted airflow. They’re also bulkier, which means that they aren’t as easily stored compared to soft fabric crates. Nonetheless, a plastic crate will surely keep a very excitable Cockapoo safe and sound. 

Heavy Duty Crate: Overall Best Pick

As you can probably guess, heavy duty dog crates are excellent for pups that need to be safely secured inside the crate. Although a heavy duty dog crate isn’t usually necessary for most Cockapoos, it’s not uncommon for some pups to need this type of crate. Some Doods just love to escape their crates! We can’t blame them, either. It’s simply a testament to their clever nature. 

Heavy duty crates are actually suitable for pretty much any dog, as they offer durability and strength. These crates are made of heavy-duty metal and feature secure locks that help prevent your pup from escaping. Oftentimes, locks are placed so that they’re out of your dogs reach altogether. Not only will a heavy duty crate help make your pup feel more secure while inside the crate, but it’ll also give you added peace of mind, knowing that your precious Dood won’t be able to escape!

Keep in mind, however, that heavy duty crates tend to be more expensive compared to other dog crates. After all, the materials used with these types of crates are on a whole other level. But, if a heavy duty dog crate is an absolute necessity in your home, then paying extra for your pup’s safety shouldn’t be that much of an issue. 

Different Sizes Of Crates For Cockapoo

As we know, Cockapoos vary in size, so it’s important to find the right crate that meets their needs. If you’re wondering what size crate for a Cockapoo should you choose, then it’s first helpful to understand what options even are out there. 

Oftentimes, dog crates are categorized from XXS to XXL. Nonetheless, you should always look at the exact measurements of the dog crate to ensure that they actually are suitable for your pup. Or, many brands simply state the measurements instead of the extra-small to extra-large size category. 

What Size Crate For A Cockapoo Should You Choose?

  • 18-inch crate: This XXS dog crate, as you can imagine, is suitable for very small dogs or young puppies. Very small Toy Poodles and Teacup Cockapoos may benefit from this type of crate. However, as it’s such a small crate, we do recommend you go for the safer route and opt for something a bit bigger. 
  • 22-inch crate: Often referred to as XS, or extra-small dog crate, these are also suitable picks for small pups that weigh under 20 pounds, such as Toy and Teacup Cockapoos. 
  • 24-inch crate: a 24-inch crate is generally included in the small size category. These are usually a safe choice for smaller Doods like the Toy and Mini Cockapoo. However, if your Mini Cockapoo is on the larger end of the scale, you might want to opt for something a bit bigger. 
  • 30-inch crate: This medium-sized dog crate is a popular choice for Cockapoos and purebred Cocker Spaniels. A Mini Cockapoo or a smaller Maxi Cockapoo would most likely fit perfectly into a 30-inch crate. 
  • 36-inch crate: A slightly larger medium-sized dog crate (but sometimes also considered a large-sized crate) is more suited for Maxi Cockapoos that tend to weigh more than 25 pounds once fully grown. On the other hand, a 36-inch crate can also be used for smaller Cockapoos, as it provides them plenty of space to move around comfortably. 
  • 42-inch crate: We’re not getting into the bigger crates, as 42-inch dog crates are often referred to as large-sized crates. These are more suited for larger pups weighing up to 70 pounds, such as the Aussiedoodle or Goldendoodle. 
  • 48-inch crate: The extra-large 48-inch dog crate is recommended for very large, even giant breed dogs that weigh even up to 100 pounds once fully grown, including the Bernedoodle or Sheepadoodle. 
  • 54-inch crate: And finally, these XXL dog crates are perfect for pups that weigh over 100 pounds. But as we know, a Cockapoo will never reach these measurements. 

Best Cockapoo Crates To Buy In 2023

MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Crate

This collapsible wire crate by MidWest comes in a handy bundle that includes a comfortable dog bed that you can use inside the crate. It’s made from strong and sturdy metal and it has two doors with slide bolt latches for your convenience. There’s also a removable plastic pan on the bottom, so you can easily clean up any accidents. In addition to that, it also includes a removable divider panel, so there’s no need to buy separate crates when your pup is still a baby and once they grow up! 

MidWest Homes iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crates With Divider

This wire dog crate comes in six different sizes – 22-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch dog crate. By the way, it’s super easy to set up, as it has a fold and carry configuration. And no tools are necessary! 

Frisco Plastic Dog & Cat Kennel

If you’re looking for a great plastic dog crate for easy transportation, or if your pup simply prefers a more den-like crate, then you’ll both love this great option from Frisco by Chewy. It features a wire mesh door with a spring-loaded latch that will keep your pup safely inside the crate, and multiple air ventilation holes on both sides of the crate to ensure that your Dood won’t get too hot inside. The sizes range from extra-small to extra-large, so there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog & Small Pet Crate

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate is an excellent choice for pups that enjoy soft fabric crates. We absolutely love the minimalistic design of this dog crate and it’s even foldable, so that you can easily store it out of sight whenever it’s not in use. The crate itself has a whopping three zippered doors on the top, front, and side. By the way, the zippers include locking clips to ensure that your pup stays safely put inside it. 

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

It also features a carrying handle, making this another perfect Cockapoo crate whenever you and your pup are on the go. This crate is made from highly durable fabric that’s hand washable, it has a water-resistant base, and the frame is made from sturdy steel. It’s available in sizes ranging from XS to large. 

Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Crate

We have found a truly heavy duty dog crate for your precious pooch who loves to escape. This heavy duty dog crate by Frisco is made from 22-gauge, high-grade steel and ½-inch diameter steel tubing that will most certainly keep any dog out of trouble. It comes in just two sizes – medium and large – the smaller one being best suited for Cockapoos. 

Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Crate

This heavy duty Cockapoo crate features one door with dual locks that are out of your pup’s reach, making sure that they won’t be able to free themselves from the crate. It also has a removable metal tray that’s super easy to clean in case any accidents happen. In addition to that, it also has wheels that make it super convenient to move around. But don’t worry, the wheels have built-in brakes so that it won’t move anywhere when your pup’s inside. 

How To Determine The Ideal Crate Size For Cockapoo?

When trying to figure out the crate size for your Cockapoo, there are quite a few things to consider. How should you measure your pup? How then will you choose the right size of crate for a Cockapoo based on those measurements? Let’s take a closer look. 

Measure The Length And Height Of Your Dog

Luckily, determining the ideal crate size for your Cockapoo is quite simple. Start by measuring your dog’s length and height. This will provide you with a rough idea of what size crate will be suitable for them. You should measure your Cockapoo from the tip of their nose to their bum, a.k.a the base of their tail. Then, you’ll want to measure your Dood’s height from the floor to the top of their head. And you’re done! 

Increase The Measurement By A Few Inches

Once you have the measurements of your Cockapoo, you should increase them by a few inches to ensure your pup has plenty of space to move around in their crate. The usual recommendation is to increase the measurements by about 4 to 6 inches. Add a few inches to both the length and height measurements, and you’ll get the ideal Cockapoo crate size for your pup! 

Always Pick The Bigger Crate

While it may be tempting to opt for the smaller crate size, if in doubt always go for the bigger size! After all, it’s better to have too much space than too little, as this will ensure that your Cockapoo actually enjoys their crate. Besides, with a bit roomier crate, you can add a few extra cushions or blankets to make it extra cozy.

Ask These Questions When Buying A Crate For Cockapoo

What Is The Material Used In The Crate?

When purchasing a crate for your Cockapoo, it’s important that you carefully consider the materials that are used in the construction of the crate. Ideally, you should look for materials such as metal or plastic, as these are more durable and provide more airflow than softer materials, keeping your pup cool and comfortable. Additionally, look for a strong frame with rounded edges to avoid accidental injuries. But, of course, this all depends on your pup’s unique needs. 

Is The Crate Easy To Clean?

Another thing to consider is how easily you can clean the crate. Look for crates that have removable tray bottoms and simple wipe-down designs, as these make daily cleaning much easier. 

Is The Crate Comfortable And Safe?

Needless to say, your pup’s comfort and safety are your top concerns when shopping for a dog crate. Opt for Cockapoo crates that are made from high-quality materials to ensure that the crate can actually be used over and over again. You should also avoid any harmful and toxic coating ingredients. 

Additionally, look for features like adjustable divider panels and good quality doors and latches that can be secured from any escape attempts by your pup. Finally, check the ventilation of the crate to make sure it offers air circulation to keep your pup cool during hot summer days.

Does The Crate Have Multiple Openings?

You might also want to consider how many doors and openings does the crate have. Dog crates with more than one door provide you easier access, for example. Some crates come with top-opening doors with secure latches while others have side-opening doors on multiple sides. You should also make sure to check if the openings are equipped with secure locks to prevent escape attempts.

Can I Keep A Water Bowl In The Crate?

Whenever you keep your Cockapoo crated, it’s vital that they have access to clean drinking water. On the other hand, if you’re still potty training your puppy, having a water bowl inside the crate could compromise their progress. If your pup is house trained and ready to spend more time inside the crate, you can place a water bowl inside the crate. There are even some special water bowls that can be attached onto wire crates, which helps prevent any spilling. 

Cockapoo Crate Training – The Do’s And Don’ts

Cockapoo crate training is an important part of introducing a new pup into your home. Not only is crate training especially helpful for house training, it’s an excellent way to help build your pup’s confidence, provide them a safe place to retreat to, and even prevent separation anxiety. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the process of Cockapoo crate training easier:


  • Place the crate in a quiet area of your house, away from children and other noise distractions, such as the TV or even the dishwasher.
  • Introduce your pup to their crate gradually with positive reinforcement. Offer treats, toys, or verbal cues whenever they enter the crate.
  • Make sure the crate is comfortable for your pup with a nice bedding, toys, treats, and ventilation.


  • Never use the crate as punishment, as this can create negative associations with being inside the crate.
  • Don’t leave your Cockapoo inside the crate for too long. You should gradually increase the time spent in the crate as your pup grows and becomes used to it. 
  • Don’t teach your pup that whining gets them out of their crate. What you can do instead is to place your pup’s crate in your own bedroom and talk to them in a calming tone from your bed. 

If you feel like you need some extra guidance when crate training your Cockapoo, then we recommend you try out the Online Puppy School by Baxter & Bella. This comprehensive program covers everything you need to successfully raise your pup into a well-behaved and confident Dood. It’s hands down one of the best, most cost-effective options out there. Even better, you can cover all of their lessons and resources from the comfort of your own home, choosing the pace you and your pup want to go with. 

What Size Crate For A Cockapoo Should You Choose: FAQs

Is A Cockapoo A Small Or Medium Dog?

The Cockapoo is considered a small to medium-sized dog breed. The smallest Teacup Cockapoos can weigh even below 6 pounds once fully-grown, whereas the largest Maxi Cockapoos can weigh more than 25 pounds. 

Should You Crate A Cockapoo?

Indeed, we, and many professional dog trainers and breeders, recommend crating a Cockapoo. Crate training provides your puppy a safe place to relax in, but it’s also an excellent way to get your pup fully house trained. Crate training also helps your pup to develop a sense of independence while they are still young. 

How Long Can You Leave A Cockapoo In A Crate?

An adult Cockapoo should not be left in a crate for more than 4-6 hours at a time. However, if you’ve got a young puppy, you should only leave them inside the crate in hours equal to the age in months that they are. For example, if your puppy is three months old, you can leave them in the crate for up to three hours at a time. In addition to that, puppies under five months old should not be left inside the crate for more than four hours at a time. 

It’s vital that you take your pup out to go potty and spend some quality time with you as well. This helps your Cockapoo feel safe and form a strong bond with you and your whole family. 

Is A 24 Inch Crate Big Enough For A Cockapoo?

A 24-inch crate is big enough for either very young Cockapoos or for smaller Teacup and Toy Cockapoos. Keep in mind that Cockapoos come in very different sizes, so it’s important to measure the size of your pup before purchasing a crate. It should be big enough that your pup can stand up, turn around and stretch out comfortably inside the crate.

Are Cockapoos Easy To Crate Train?

Crate training a Cockapoo pup can be relatively easy, as they’re quite intelligent little pups that respond well to positive reinforcement training. To start, use treats and positive reinforcement as rewards for your pup when spending time inside the crate. You should make sure that the crate is comfortable, with a soft blanket or pillow, and place some plush toys or chew toys there for your pup’s entertainment. 

What Size Crate For A Cockapoo Should You Choose: Final Thoughts

So, what size crate for a Cockapoo should you choose? We hope this in-depth guide managed to answer your question and help you find the best crate for your little pal. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement training, your Cockapoo will surely start loving their comfy crate in no time! 

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