If you’re struggling to find the best brush for your Portidoodle, then this guide here will help you choose the right one for your pup. In this guide, we discuss the most important things to consider when shopping for the best brush for a Portidoodle. And, we’ll also share with you some of our best tips on how to groom a Portidoodle and keep those Doods mat-free and proudly flaunting their fluffy coats.

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The Portidoodle is a crossbreed of the Portuguese Water Dog and Poodle. They’re fun-loving, playful, super active, and highly intelligent dogs that absolutely adore their human parents. 

Although they definitely make wonderful companions thanks to their lovely temperament and hypoallergenic coats, they also need to be groomed. And often! Like their purebred parents, Portidoodles are one of those high-maintenance dogs that require lots and lots of grooming. 

Brushing, bathing, and hair trimming, these are just a few activities that you should stay on top of when caring for your Portidoodle. Of course, one part of this is to keep your Portipoo looking neatly groomed and all fluffy and cute. But, grooming is actually necessary to keep them healthy and minimize allergens, too. 

What makes the whole process of choosing the best brush for a Portidoodle so tricky is that not all dog grooming brushes can manage the thick coats that these Doods inherit from their parents. 

So, which is the best brush for a Portidoodle? Here are the two popular dog brushes that can work wonders on Portidoodles’ coats.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are the most popular types of dog grooming brushes. And for a great reason! Slicker brushes are typically the most effective type of dog brushes, even being able to work through the thickest, most high-maintenance coats. Just like the ones that Portidoodles sport. 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

A slicker brush will have a distinctive design with a wide paddle and an ergonomic handle placement. The wide paddle lets you brush through larger areas of fur at once, and the ergonomic handle is often preferred thanks to its comfort and ease of use. 

Needless to say, there are tons of different slicker brushes that you can choose from. They come in different sizes and pin sizes, they can be made of different materials, and the construction can slightly vary. A bit later on we’ll walk you through on how to choose the right brush according to your Portidoodle’s unique needs. 

Pin Brush

For Portipoos that either aren’t as high-maintenance, or their owners who simply cannot tolerate the handle placement of a slicker brush, a pin brush can be a good alternative. Just keep in mind that pin brushes are less effective than slicker brushes, that’s a fact. Still, if your Portipoo’s coat type allows you to opt for a pin brush, it can be an excellent tool for general grooming like deshedding and minor detangling of the coat. 

Chris Christensen Pin Brush
Chris Christensen Pin Brush

The design of a pin brush isn’t that much different than that of a regular human hair brush. The oval-shaped head and a familiar handle placement make it a good brush to consider purchasing. Like with any other type of dog grooming brush, there are many different pin brushes to choose from. They vary in size, pin length, and materials. 

If you do decide to purchase a pin brush for your Portidoodle, make sure to opt for one that has stainless steel pins. Plastic or wooden pins simply won’t be able to work through those endless layers of fur that these Doods have. 

Metal Or Stainless Steel Comb

While a brush is necessary for detangling and deshedding the coat overall, you’ll also need a metal comb to get rid of those knots and mats that easily form in Portidoodles’ coats. Because Portidoodles have such tangle-prone hair, often a brush alone won’t suffice in getting rid of those knots and tangles. 

best brush for labradoodle
Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Additionally, a stainless steel comb is super convenient to use around the face and other smaller, hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to brush out with a dog grooming brush. You can use it around the eyes and muzzle, ears, paws, and even the bum area. 

Again, we strongly recommend you get a stainless steel or metal comb. Simply because they’re that much more durable, but also much more effective in comparison to plastic or wooden combs. 

What Is The Best Brush For Portidoodle?

When shopping for the best brush for your Portidoodle, you’ve got to take into account your Dood’s coat type, coat length, and their overall size. For instance, if your Portipoo has longer hair, make sure to get a dog grooming brush with long pins. Similarly, if you usually trim your dog’s hair quite short, you can purchase a brush with shorter pins. The goal is to ensure that the pins can penetrate all layers of the fur, leaving no tangles behind close to the skin. 

Keeping in mind that Portidoodles come in different sizes, that’s also something you might want to pay attention to when choosing a brush for your dog. If you’ve got a large Standard Portidoodle, you’ll be better off buying a large-sized dog brush. In contrast, if you’ve got a teeny-tiny Mini Portidoodle, opt for a medium-sized brush instead. The brush should be comfortable to maneuver around your dog’s body, but also large enough to conveniently cover as much fur as possible at once. 

Moreover, the quality of the brush matters, so be sure to look for a brush that seems durable and has a sturdy construction. It should also be easy to grasp onto so that it won’t slip out of your hands while brushing your pooch. 

Best Brush For Portidoodles Based On Their Coat Type

The great thing about Portidoodles is that both of its purebred parents are single-coated dogs. This means that they don’t have a shedding undercoat – the culprit that’s usually triggering those nasty allergies in dog owners. Therefore, a Portidoodle will always have a single layer of fur, regardless of its coat type. 

That being said, Portidoodles can have one of two coat types, either wavy or curly. That’s because the purebred Poodle has a tightly curled coat, whereas the Portuguese Water Dog can have either a wavy or curly coat. So, some Portidoodles may very well inherit more relaxed waves if their Portuguese Water Dog parent has a wavy coat. 

The key difference between these two coat types is that curly coats are usually more high-maintenance. Curly coats tend to tangle very easily, as they’re super textured and thick. Meanwhile, wavy hair won’t trap loose dog hair, dirt, and debris as easily, making it easier to maintain and keep mat-free. 

Cockapoo with a wavy coat.

By the way, a curly-coated Portidoodle may also be slightly more allergy-friendly than a wavy-coated pup. That’s because curly hair traps in more of that loose dog hair, preventing it from falling out of the coat. And yes, even curly-haired, single-coated Doodles shed some hair! Just not as much as dogs with double coats. 

curly coat doodle
Doodle with a curly coat.

Taking into account the differences between curly and wavy coats, the best brush for a Portidoodle with a curly coat would be a slicker brush that’s designed for those heavy-duty grooming sessions. For wavy-coated Portipoos, both pin and slicker brushes are good options.  

Best Brush For Portidoodles: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

The best brush for Portidoodles has got to be the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. This slicker brush is the absolute best slicker brush we’ve ever tried. It’s specially designed for dense and textured coats, making it the perfect choice for detangling and deshedding Portidoodles. 

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

The Big G slicker brush is no stranger to professional groomers and Doodle owners. What sets this slicker brush apart from the others is the quality and design of this brush. The wide paddle has very long and bended pins that manage to brush through even the thickest of coats. Meanwhile, the bended pins also lift up the hair, giving it a nice volume boost. The brush also features an extra long ergonomic handle that provides you with a good grip. Not only will this brush get the job done in half the time, your arm won’t get tired during brushing, either. 


  • Very effective slicker brush that’s designed for very thick and curly coats;
  • Wide paddle and long pins allow you to brush through the coat faster;
  • Features an extra long non-slip handle that prevents arm fatigue;
  • High-quality and durable;
  • Available in three sizes: large, medium, and Baby G.


  • Not the cheapest of dog grooming brushes out there, but it’s worth every penny!

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is the best brush for Portidoodles with both curly and wavy coats. For curly-coated Doods, this is an absolutely essential grooming tool to have. For Portidoodle puppies, the Baby G is a great choice. 

Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush

If your Portidoodle has more of a wavy coat or simply isn’t that prone to matting, a great and affordable alternative is the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush. It’s a tried and true pin brush that features stainless steels with rounded tips. Not only are the polished tips great for adding a layer of safety to your dog grooming sessions, they also glide through the fur like nothing else. 

The brush itself is very lightweight and easy to hold onto without it slipping out of your hands. But make no mistake, the beechwood body is extremely sturdy and durable. That’s how they roll at Chris Christensen! 

This pin brush comes in three sizes – 20mm, 27mm, and 35mm. The 35mm is the largest, but also has the longest pins. So, be sure to purchase a brush according to your Portidoodle’s hair length. 


  • Features super smooth stainless steel pins;
  • Very lightweight brush that’s easy to use;
  • Great for general grooming;
  • Super affordable, yet high-quality and durable brush;
  • Available in three sizes and pin lengths: 20mm, 27mm, and 35mm.


  • Pin brushes are less effective than slicker brushes.

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Pin Brush is the best brush for Portidoodles with less mat-prone coats, such as the wavy coat type. 

Andis Steel Greyhound Comb

Although technically not a brush, a stainless steel comb is an absolute necessity in any Portidoodle’s at-home grooming kit. The Andis Steel Greyhound Comb is perfect for detangling knots and mats, especially those that are hiding at the very depths of the fur, close to the skin. As we said, a brush alone won’t cut it! Thanks to its slim design, it’s also great for detangling and deshedding the fur on the face and other delicate areas that a brush can’t reach as easily.

The comb itself is made from stainless steel that’s pretty much unbreakable. Even though the design of this comb is very minimalistic, it actually provides you with an easy grip when detangling your pooch. Furthermore, it has coarse and fine teeth, and you can quickly switch between the sides for fast results. 


  • Ideal for detangling the most stubborn knots and mats;
  • Two sides for different grooming needs;
  • Provides an easy and comfortable grip;
  • Very high-quality and super affordable.


  • None!

Best Brush For Portidoodle: Honorable Mentions

While we cannot rave enough about the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush, it’s also important to note that it isn’t exactly the cheapest one out there. So, if you’re looking for a good alternative that comes at a lower price point, then be sure to check out these picks we have found for your Portidoodle:

Products Catorgorized “Brushes and Combs”

How Choosing The Correct Brush For Your Portidoodle Can Help Prevent Matting?

Portidoodles, like other Poodle mixes, are prone to knots, tangles, and matting. The easiest way to prevent your Portidoodle from becoming matted is to regularly brush them with a suitable dog grooming brush. Choosing the right kind of brush for your Portidoodle is absolutely crucial to prevent matting. After all, the brush should be effective and get the job done. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?!

To recap what we discussed in the first portion of this guide, these are the most important things to take into account when shopping for the best brush for your Portidoodle: your dog’s coat type, hair length, and their size. 

As we learned earlier, curly-coated Portidoodles have very dense coats and their hair is also prone to matting. For these Doods, a slicker brush is the best option. If your Portidoodle has a wavy coat that doesn’t get so easily tangled, you can also opt for a pin brush if you prefer it more. 

Also, pay very close attention to the size of the pins on the brush. The pin size should correlate to your dog’s hair length – the longer the hair, the longer the pins, and vice versa. In addition to that, we recommend you opt for a dog grooming brush that has stainless steel pins. These pins are easier to glide through the Portidoodle’s coat. Plastic pins, wooden pins, or bristles are not suitable for Portidoodles. 

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Portidoodle?

We know that you should regularly groom and brush your Portidoodle to keep their hair from matting. But how often should you brush your Portidoodle? We recommend daily brushing simply because it’s the best, most effective, and easiest way to prevent matting. 

Even though it might seem like a lot of work, those daily brushing sessions will most likely leave your Dood’s coat in much better condition. Therefore, you won’t have to spend as much time or effort on those daily brushing sessions, either. 

On the other hand, there may be times when it’s just not possible to brush your Portipoo every  single day. And when you finally have the chance to get back at it again, you’re probably going to have to struggle with quite tangled and even matted hair. On those days, the line brushing technique will save your Portidoodle’s coat.  

In addition to preventing matting, daily brushing has other great benefits for your dog’s health and wellbeing. For starters, brushing promotes healthy circulation under the skin, which can also support healthy hair growth. And by distributing your dog’s natural skin oils throughout the lengths of the hair, it’s also going to strengthen the hair strands and make the coat shiny. 

Finally, your Portidoodle will stay all fresh and clean much longer thanks to your brushing out any dirt, debris, and dust from the coat on a daily basis. Sounds pretty good, right?! Especially considering that excessive bathing can lead to skin and coat health problems. 

Can You Over-Brush A Portidoodle?

Technically no, there’s no reason to worry about over-brushing your Portidoodle. Remember that Doodles are prone to matting and daily brushing is the best way to combat this problem. If your dog tends to get rambunctious when out on its daily walks, getting all sorts of debris stuck in its coat, you can even brush them more than once a day. 

Nonetheless, you can do more harm than good if you’re not using the correct technique or the right kind of grooming tools. And above all, try to be as gentle as possible when brushing your dog. Don’t apply too much pressure onto the skin with the brush, as the pins can scrape and irritate the skin. You also shouldn’t pull on the knots and tangles that are harder to get out, since it can be very painful for your pooch and ultimately lead to hair loss. 

How To Brush A Portidoodle Properly?

Once you’ve purchased the best brush for your Portidoodle (either a slicker brush or a pin brush), a stainless steel comb, and a dog detangler spray, it’s time you learn the exact technique on how to brush your Portidoodle. Follow along our step-by-step guide below!  

Step #1

Before you start brushing or combing through the hair, you’ll first want to locate any and all knots and mats. Run your hands through the coat and feel if there are any noticeable mats. Be sure to pay close attention to areas that are the most prone to matting. These include the fur behind the collar and harness, and around the paws, bum, and tail. 

Once you’ve located a knot, spray on a little bit of dog detangler spray and gently detangle it with your metal comb. To make the process easier for your Portipoo, take off the excess pressure by holding the knot with your non-dominant hand, close to the skin, whilst detangling the knot with your comb in the other hand. 

Pro Tip: You should always start detangling the knots from the tip of the hair. Once you’ve loosened it up at the tip, you can start slowly moving your way up towards the root.

Step #2

After you’ve detangled the worst knots and mats, you can reach for your dog grooming brush to groom the coat all over. Before this step, you can spray on dog detangling spray all over the coat. This makes the hair softer and easier to manage. Plus, it’ll also prevent mats from forming later on! 

When using a slicker or pin brush, you should start brushing the areas that are the closest to the ground, moving your way up towards the body as you go. So, first up are the paws and feet, then the legs, chest, neck, and belly. Then you can brush the sides, tail, and bum area. And finally, brush the hair on the back. 

Some people find it easier to use a comb around the face and other small areas. Especially if your dog is one of those pups who hates seeing a grooming brush around their eyes and mouth! 

best brush for portidoodle

Step #3

Once you’re done grooming your Portidoodle, it’s time for those finishing touches. Using either a comb or a dog brush, gently tease the root of the hair in upward motions to bring back the volume into the coat. And voilà, you now have a perfectly fluffy Portidoodle pup! 

Best Brush For Portidoodle: FAQs

What Is The Best Brush For Portidoodle?

The best brush for a Portidoodle is by far the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. It works wonders on all Portidoodles and can even detangle the thickest, most textured coats. For Portidoodles who aren’t super tangle-prone, a.k.a wavy-coated pups, a good and affordable alternative is the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush. Regardless which brush you purchase, don’t forget to also get yourself a good quality metal or stainless steel comb that’s necessary for detangling knots and mats. 

How Do You Make A Portidoodle Fluffy?

Portidoodles with fluffy coats all have one thing in common – they’re well-groomed. Brushing, bathing, and hair trimming all ensure that your Portidoodle’s coat is mat-free, fluffy, and as allergy-friendly as possible. There are two other quick tricks that you can use to make your Portidoodle fluffy. Firstly, you can blow dry your dog’s coat after bathing, but be sure to use the lowest setting on the blow dryer. Secondly, you can fluff up the coat with a brush or comb, similar to teasing your own hair for that extra volume. 

How Do You Groom A Portidoodle Puppy?

For grooming a Portidoodle puppy, we recommend either a special puppy grooming brush or a smaller-sized dog brush. Also, with puppies you have to be extra careful, as their skin is even more delicate than adult dogs’ skin. In terms of the technique and steps, you can follow the same step-by-step guide we shared with you above. Despite the fact that puppies don’t need to be groomed and brushed as often as adult Doodles, we do recommend you start with regular grooming sessions early on so that your puppy gets used to it from a young age. It’ll make things much easier once they’re adults. 

Learn How to Groom Your Doodle At Home!

For DIY-minded Doodle parents who want to have more control over their Doodle’s grooming routine or just want to save some money in times of high inflation. Take matters into your own hands and learn to give your Doodle the exact haircut YOU want with this valuable online course! Learn More