If you’ve got yourself the adorable Dachshund Poodle mix, then you probably know that regular brushing holds a key role in their grooming routine. These pups sure love to look cute at all times! Understandably, finding the best brush for your Doxiepoo might be more difficult than you first thought. After all, not all dog brushes available on the market can work that magic on Doxiepoos’ gorgeous coats. That’s exactly why we decided to help you kickstart your search and help find you the best brush for Doxiepoo. What’s more, we’ll also be sharing with you some of our best tips and tricks on how to groom a Doxiepoo – so anything from the technique and frequency, we’ve got you covered! 

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Although the Dachshund Poodle mix might not be as popular or well-known as some other Doods, such as Goldendoodles or Cockapoos, that doesn’t make them any less perfect. These pups combine the Dachshund’s clever and lively personality with the high intelligence and playfulness of the Poodle. Another thing they inherit from their Poodle ancestors is their low-shedding coats. Some would even consider Doxiepoos hypoallergenic!  

Nonetheless, not all Doxiepoos inherit the non-shedding Poodle curls, as the outcome largely depends on their genetics. In fact, these Doods may inherit a variety of coats, which makes the search for the best brush for Doxiepoo that much harder. But more on that later! First, let’s talk about the most popular types of Doxiepoo brushes and how they can benefit you and your precious pal. 

Slicker Brush

Probably the first choice for any dog parent is to go buy a slicker brush. We definitely understand why, as slicker brushes are specially designed for thick and textured coats that need some heavy-duty tools. 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

A slicker brush would traditionally have a wide paddle with tightly-packed pins. This unique paddle and pin placement helps remove dirt and debris, loose dog hair, and even tangles from the coat. They usually have an ergonomic handle, making the whole grooming process that much easier for you. 

Of course, there are TONS of different slicker brushes for dogs out there – you can choose between various sizes, pin lengths, and even pin densities. The key is to consider your dog’s unique needs, such as their coat type and hair length to find the best option for your pal. 

Pin Brush

Another great option for Doxiepoos is a pin brush – the more traditional-looking dog brush that some might initially overlook. However, we find that a good quality pin brush can be an excellent choice for almost any Poodle mix. Yet again, this would depend on your dog’s unique coat type and grooming requirements. 

chris pin brush
Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

A pin brush looks almost the same as our regular human hair brushes. However, they’re specifically designed keeping in mind dogs’ unique needs. A good pin brush for dogs will have sturdy metal pins that have rounded tips – that’s for safety! 

Just like a slicker brush, a proper pin brush will do an excellent job at all of the general grooming tasks, such as detangling, getting rid of any dirt, debris, and dust, and deshedding the coat. On the other hand, pin brushes generally aren’t as effective on very high-maintenance coats that are super prone to tangles. 

You’ll find lots of different pin brushes for dogs even at your local pet store. There will likely be different pin lengths and pin densities to choose from, and you’ll also be able to find lots of different paddle sizes to suit your pup’s needs. 

Essential: Metal Comb

Last, but definitely not least, is the metal comb. This Doxiepoo grooming tool is an absolute necessity regardless of your Dood’s coat type. It’s literally *that* good! And notice how we said a metal comb, not a regular plastic comb? That’s because you’ll be using the metal comb to work through any stubborn knots and tangles in your dog’s fur. A plastic comb simply won’t get the job done. 

best brush for labradoodle
Andis Pet Steel Comb

Moreover, you can use a metal comb to comb through the more delicate areas, such as the face, paws, and ears. You’d never manage to properly brush these small areas with your dog brush! Not to mention, pups don’t enjoy having a bulky brush in their face, anyway. Furthermore, a great tip for metal combs is that you can use it to fluff up your Doxiepoo’s hair after you’ve finished grooming them. They’ll have that true Doodle look in no time! 

What Is The Best Brush For Doxiepoo?

Now that we talked a little bit about the most common types of dog brushes, you might be wondering – what is the best brush for your Doxiepoo? Well, as we briefly mentioned, this depends on a variety of factors, including your Doxiepoo’s coat type, hair length, potential for shedding, and how tangle-prone they are. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should pick the pin length based on your dog’s hair length. So for instance, if your Doxiepoo prefers a shorter hairdo, opt for a dog brush with shorter pins. Likewise, if your pup loves to flaunt its long hair, you should purchase a dog brush with longer pins that can really reach all the way to the root of the hair. 

Another important consideration is the overall quality and ease of use of the brush. As Doxiepoos require regular brushing sessions, you’d want to opt for a brush that’s made from quality materials. This way, you won’t have to replace your dog brush after every few months. The same goes for the ease of use – make sure that the brush you choose provides you with a good grip so that your hand won’t get tired whilst you brush away. 

Best Brush For Doxiepoos Based On Their Coat Type

As we all know by now, Doxiepoos may inherit a variety of coat types from their parents. After all, their lineage includes two very different purebred dogs – the Poodle is well-known for its luscious, yet high-maintenance curls. Meanwhile, Dachshunds come in a whopping three coat types – smooth, long, and wire-haired. 

Smooth Haired Doxiepoo
Long Haired Doxiepoo
Long Haired Doxiepoo
Wire Haired Doxiepoo
Wire Haired Doxiepoo

The key difference between Dachshunds and Poodles is that Poodles are always single-coated dogs. This means that they shed very minimally, if any at all, making them ideal pets for people with allergies. On the other hand, Dachshunds may have either single or double coats. In fact, smooth-haired Dachshunds are usually single-coated, whereas long-haired and wire-coated Dachshunds may have a shedding undercoat. Nevertheless, Dachshunds are considered low to moderate shedders. And if you add the Poodle genes into the mix, the outcome gets even better. 

When it comes to choosing the best brush for Doxiepoo, the key things you should consider are:

  • Is your pup single or double-coated?
  • Does your Doxiepoo shed?
  • Do they have a curly coat?
  • Are they prone to matting?

By answering those questions, you’re close to finding the best brush for your Doxiepoo. For instance, the best brush for Doxiepoos with curly coats would be a heavy-duty slicker brush that can really manage those thick and textured curls along with their many knots and tangles. In contrast, the best brush for Doxiepoos with single-layered, wavy or straight coats could very well be a good quality pin brush. These pups aren’t as high-maintenance as curly-coated Doxiepoos, so they don’t need that much grooming, either. 

Finally, if you’ve got a light shedder, you may opt for either a slicker or pin brush. The goal is to regularly brush the fur to get rid of any loose dog hair. Not only will this minimize shedding, but it’ll also prevent matting that often happens if the dead hair isn’t properly brushed out. 

Best Brush For Doxiepoos: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

An absolute superstar grooming tool in the dog brush universe is arguably Chris Christensen’s Big G Slicker Brush. This excellent dog brush is made from such high-quality materials that you’ll be using this for years to come. Not to mention, it can really work through even the thickest, most high-maintenance Doxiepoo coats. It removes any knots and tangles, dirt and debris, and loose dog hair from the fur. 

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

The brush itself has a wide paddle and long, bended pins, which means that you can brush through large areas of fur with minimal trouble. The handle is super comfortable to use and its made from non-slip material, making the whole process smooth and enjoyable for both you and your pup. 

By the way, the Big G comes in three sizes – large, medium, and Baby G. For small pups like the Doxiepoo, we recommend either the medium or Baby G. In fact, the latter is also perfect for puppies! 


  • Perfect heavy-duty tool for thick and textured coats.
  • Excellent for detangling.
  • Great for deshedding.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle.
  • Wide paddle for quick results.
  • Comes in three different sizes.


  • Although the Big G is rather pricey, it’s well worth its price tag.

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is the best brush for Doxiepoos that require an intensive approach, such as curly coats or very tangle-prone double coats.  

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Another excellent option for Doxiepoos is Chris Christensen’s Pin Brush. This tool is perfect for those Doods that aren’t as prone to matting. However, it can do almost everything that the Big G can – it’s great for detangling, deshedding, and for removing dirt and debris from the fur. It’s also great if you just prefer a more traditional handle placement that we’re used to with our own hair brushes.

This pin brush comes in three different pin lengths, so you can choose the most suitable option for your pup. The pins themselves have rounded tips so that you won’t accidentally hurt your pup in the process. In fact, the pins provide your Dood with a true massage therapy experience while you groom them. It’s a win-win situation! 

Overall, the brush is made from very lightweight, yet solid and sturdy beechwood that provides you with an easy grip. As you’d expect from a brand like this, the pin brush itself is of excellent quality. After using it, you won’t look back! 


  • Great for general grooming purposes.
  • Excellent for deshedding.
  • Helps with moderate tangles.
  • Super lightweight and easy to use.
  • Comes in three different pin lengths.


  • Pin brushes in general aren’t as effective on very thick and textured coats that are prone to matting.

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Pin Brush is the best brush for Doxiepoos that aren’t as prone to matting, such as wavy and straight coats. 

Andis Steel Greyhound Comb

And finally, we have the Andis Steel Greyhound Comb that’s an absolute essential for any Doxiepoo out there. With this grooming tool, you’ll be able to get rid of even the most stubborn knots hiding inside your dog’s fur. It has two sides for various purposes, so it really is such a versatile comb to have in your at home Doxiepoo grooming kit. 

What we love about this steel comb is how extremely durable it is. Regardless what grooming activity you’re in the middle of, it will never break in your hands. And considering the price, it’s an absolute steal, for sure. 


  • Excellent for tough knots and mats.
  • Perfect for smaller and more delicate areas.
  • Two sides for various grooming purposes.
  • Made from extremely high-quality and durable materials.


  • None.

Best Brush For Doxiepoo: Honorable Mentions

Although we stand behind all of these brushes we mentioned above, you may still like to look around and see what other options are out there. If that’s the case, here are some excellent alternatives for you if you’re looking for the best brush for your Doxiepoo:

Products Catorgorized “Brushes and Combs”

How Choosing The Correct Brush For Your Doxiepoo Can Help Prevent Matting?

Did you know that by choosing the best brush for your Doxiepoo, you’ll be able to prevent matting? But why is that so important anyway? For starters, matting isn’t just about vanity. It can, in fact, cause rather severe discomfort, pain, and even skin irritations and infections if not dealt with properly. 

The best way to prevent matting is by regularly grooming your dog. So, if you choose the best brush for your Doxiepoo, you can be sure that their coat is always well-groomed. Not to mention, shiny, luscious, and simply gorgeous at all times. 

That’s why it’s so important that you choose a dog brush that’s specially designed for your dog’s unique coat type. As we discussed earlier, not all dog brushes work the same on different types of coats. Above all, you want to make sure that the brush you choose is effective at its job, and that it can really reach through all depths of the fur without damaging the coat. 

Therefore, if your pup has the Poodle-inspired thick and textured curls, the best brush for your Doxiepoo would be a slicker brush. These are specially designed for those high-maintenance coats that may be tricky to brush through with more traditional dog brushes. 

On the other hand, if your Doxiepoo has a single coat that isn’t as prone to matting, opt for a pin brush. Just make sure that the pin length is suitable for your dog’s hair. As we said earlier, longer hair requires longer pins, whereas shorter hair needs shorter pins. 

For double-coated Doxiepoos, either a slicker or pin brush would work great. If your double-coated Doxiepoo is really prone to matting, we recommend you purchase a slicker brush. However, if their hair doesn’t get tangled much, a pin brush would be an excellent option. 

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Doxiepoo?

You’re now probably wondering – how often should you brush your Doxiepoo, anyway? Like with other Poodle mixes, the more the better. The minimal recommendation is to brush your Doxiepoo at least 3-4 times a week. However, we humbly recommend you brush your Dood daily, as it truly is the best way to prevent matting. You’ll also be spending much less time on grooming sessions if there are no huge knots to deal with!

For curly-haired Doxiepoos, daily brushing sessions are an absolute must, as they are the most prone to matting. We recommend the same approach for double-coated Doxiepoos, as the loose, dead dog hair can easily become knotted inside the fur. This will also help minimize shedding, so you won’t have to clean up any loose dog hair from your house, or deal with annoying allergic reactions. On the other hand, if your Doxiepoo has a single layer of fur and a more relaxed wave or even straight hair, you might get away with just a few brushing sessions a week. 

That being said, regular brushing isn’t just crucial to prevent matting. It has many other benefits, too! Daily brushing is an excellent way to keep your dog’s coat shiny, healthy, and strong all year round. That’s because brushing helps distribute the natural skin oils throughout the coat. It’s like a conditioner for their coats!

How To Brush A Doxiepoo Properly?

Now that we’ve covered the right grooming tools and the frequency of brushing, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing complicated! There are just a few tips and tricks that can make the process easier, more enjoyable, and overall more effective. 

First, you want to run your fingers through the coat and feel if there are any apparent knots or tangles hiding inside the fur. If you do find any, you should first work on each of them individually with your metal comb. Make sure you’re gentle and never pull or yank on the hair. You don’t want to accidentally hurt your dog in the process, scarring them for life. By the way, a handy trick for this step is to use a dog detangler spray. This product will last you for a while and literally cut the time spent on brushing in half. 

Once you’ve managed to work through the major knots and tangles, you’re ready to start grooming with your pin or slicker brush. For that, we recommend you start from the very bottom – start from the paws and feet, then move your way up towards the legs, belly, chest, and neck. Then you’ll want to work on the sides and face, and finally finish with the back. Don’t forget the areas that tend to mat them most, such as behind the collar and behind the ears. Here’s a cheat sheet for you: 

Again, be sure to be gentle and use smooth strokes. Additionally, start brushing from the tip of the hair and slowly move your way up towards the root. If you do this the other way around, the tangles will get worse and they’ll be much harder to brush out. Trust us, we’ve tried it all! 

You can use this illustration as a helpful guideline when brushing your Dood:

best brush for saint berdoodle

Can You Over-Brush A Doxiepoo?

That’s a valid question, especially since we’ve recommended here that you brush your Doxiepoo daily. However, in terms of frequency, you can’t really over-brush them. The only thing that could cause some issues is using too much pressure and/or pulling on the hair. That’s why it’s best that you know how to properly brush your Doxiepoo so that you won’t accidentally hurt or injure them in the process. Choosing the right brush for your Dood can also go a long way! 

Best Brush For Doxiepoo: Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Brush Do You Use On A Doxiepoo?

When it comes to choosing the best brush for Doxiepoo, you should consider your dog’s coat type, hair length, and potential for shedding. The best brush for Doxiepoos would be either a pin or slicker brush – the latter is more heavy-duty and is most suitable for very tangle-prone coats, such as the curly coat. Regardless of your Dood’s coat type, you’ll also need a sturdy metal comb for stubborn knots and tangles, and hard-to-reach areas. 

Should You Brush A Doxiepoo?

Absolutely, yes! You HAVE to brush your Doxiepoo to keep their coat in tip-top shape. This is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent matting, minimize shedding (if your pup is double-coated), and promote overall coat health and shine. Be sure to check for grooming instructions we covered above. This is a game-changer. 

How Much Does It Cost To Groom A Doxiepoo?

This largely depends on your location and what other services are included in the grooming package. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 and upwards of $100 for one grooming session at a professional dog groomer. A professional groomer will trim your dog’s hair, bathe them, brush them, blow dry them, clip their nails, and may even provide them a relaxing massage. Considering that Doxiepoos should have their hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, the costs can add up quickly. That’s why many Doodle owners prefer to take matters into their own hands and groom their Doods at home

Best Brush For Doxiepoo: Final Thoughts

Choosing the best brush for your Doxiepoo can be a tricky task. After all, grooming is so important for all Poodle mixes, including the Doxiepoo! But hopefully, this guide has managed to shed some light onto the different dog brushes available out there, so that you can make the right decision for both you and your pup. 

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