As home grooming enthusiasts, we’re always on the hunt for the best home grooming tools and equipment. So far we’ve got some really great tools in our home grooming kit, but now it’s time to present our research on the best dog grooming table.

So if you’re looking to set up a fully functioning salon for your home Doodle grooming endeavors, check out these top 5 best dog grooming tables! 

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Our Top 3 Best Dog Grooming Tables

We went through some online retail sites and gathered up the most recommended grooming tables. Later on in this post, we will dive deeper into each product. In the meantime, here are the top 3 best dog grooming table recommendations and each product’s key features:

  • Pick #1:

    Flying Pig Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Table – This foldable dog grooming table features a non-slip rubber surface, storage basket and an adjustable grooming arm. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy, as it can hold up to 330 pounds.

  • Pick #2:

    Go Pet Club Grooming Table – A super affordable at home grooming station that will definitely help you get your work done. The dog grooming arm can be adjusted up to 40 inches!

  • Pick #3:

    Go Pet Club Electric Grooming Table – Not your average dog grooming table, but an electric one!

How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Table For At Home Use

In choosing an appropriate grooming table for your home and dog, consider the following:

Your Dog’s Size and Weight

Firstly, your at home dog grooming table should be suitable for your Doodle’s size. Naturally, bigger dogs need a bigger grooming table, and smaller dogs can be easily groomed on a smaller table. Your pup should be able to stand comfortably on the grooming table without you having to worry if they’re going to slip and fall off.

Also, keep in mind your dog’s weight. Every dog grooming table has a weight limit and you don’t want to risk injury to your Doodle when the table won’t handle the weight! This is especially important if you have a very large or giant dog.

best dog grooming table
Chloe getting groomed on a dog grooming table.

Safety Features on the Table

Secondly, always look for tables that have proper safety features included. The best dog grooming table comes with a non-slippery surface. If your Doodle’s paws are wet, you don’t want them slipping and accidentally injuring themselves. A slippery surface will also make your job a lot more difficult. That’s why we always recommend you opt for dog grooming tables with non-slip table tops. 

Just as important is an adjustable arm and a restraining leash. Not only is this helping to keep your pup still while you groom them, but it’s also an important safety feature. You should harness your dog as soon as they’re on the table. 

In addition, a good dog grooming table should have rounded corners, as sharp edges can cause injuries. Furthermore, look for non-slip feet. This will help the dog grooming table to stay put and not wobble while you groom your Doodle. And of course, you want the table frame to be made from a durable material. 

Your Needs

You should also consider your own special needs and how much space you have at home. If you have lots of space or a spare room, you might not need a foldable grooming table. However, a foldable table is usually the most preferred, as you can quickly tuck it away after using it. 

Dog grooming can be very tiring and put excess strain on your back. If you have any issues with your back or find this important, you will probably benefit from a grooming table with an adjustable height

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Top 3 Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Table

This Flying Pig heavy duty dog grooming table is the perfect at home grooming station for Doodles of all sizes. It’s made with heavy duty stainless steel and can hold up to 330 lb. Even the biggest Doodles can get their groom on!

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

What’s great about this table is that it comes in three different sizes: 

  • Small – 32 inches in length, 21 inches wide and 31.5 inches in height
  • Medium – 38 inches in length, 22 inches wide and 31.5 inches in height
  • Large – 44 inches in length, 24 inches wide and 31.5 inches in height 

In addition, there are three colors that you can choose from – black, orange and sky blue. 

The dog grooming table has a non-slip surface that keeps your pup safe from slipping and falling. There’s also a foldable dog grooming arm with a noose and a loop, which you can adjust to your pup’s height. Perfect to keep them still!

Moreover, this dog grooming table can handle even heavier dogs, as it has a sturdy and durable stainless steel frame. Non-skid feet will prevent the table from wobbling.

For your own comfort, there’s a storage basket underneath the tabletop surface. While grooming your Doodle, you can easily store all of your grooming tools right there and won’t have to juggle back and forth. 


  • Comes in three different sizes: small, large and medium
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • Has a storage basket for convenience
  • Non-slip surface and feet, and rounded corners for extra safety
  • Three different colors to choose from: black, blue and orange


  • This dog grooming table has a bone shaped table top area. As the middle part of the table is narrower, it does pose a risk of slipping and falling.

Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table

Go Pet Club dog grooming table is another great affordable option for your at-home grooming station. What’s especially great about this table is how budget-friendly it is. Luckily, this hasn’t compromised its safety. 

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm

This grooming table has rubber capped feet that provide stability. And, of course, a non-slip waterproof surface, so your Doodle doesn’t slip or fall. In addition, the table is made from a static-free, rust proof material, which makes cleaning the surface from dog hair a lot easier. It’s especially great if your Doodle tends to shed a lot when you brush them. 

Indeed, we wouldn’t recommend this dog grooming table if it came without a grooming arm. But what’s great about this table is that you can adjust the grooming arm up to 40 inches high.

Likewise, this is another foldable and easily-portable grooming table. Once you’re done with your grooming session, you can quickly put it out of sight, so it won’t take up any space in your home. 

The Go Pet Club dog grooming table is 30 inches in length, 18 inches wide and 32 inches in height. 


  • Very budget-friendly
  • You can adjust the dog grooming arm to 40 inches high
  • Rubber capped feet and non-slip surface
  • Easy to clean thanks to the static-free table top
  • Easily foldable and portable


  • This dog grooming table doesn’t have a storage basket underneath, which is not as convenient
  • Quite a few dog owners who have purchased this table say that the leash hook breaks easily. If you have a strong Doodle, this might not be a suitable option for you

Go Pet Club Grooming Table With An Electric Motor

In addition to their regular dog grooming table, Go Pet Club also has a motorized version. Understandably, this grooming table is rather pricey, but many dog owners do find it very convenient. 

Go Pet Club Grooming Table With Electric Motor

Since this dog grooming table has an electric motor, you can adjust the table height. This will surely make the grooming process more comfortable. For dogs who don’t like being picked up, adjusting the table lower could be a helpful way to get them up on the grooming table. 

Moreover, you can adjust the table height so that the grooming won’t put any excess strain on your back. Nevertheless, an electric dog grooming table is more suitable for bigger homes. This isn’t a foldable option that you can put away when not grooming your Doodle on it. So, you might need a spare room where you can do all the grooming.

The surface area of the table top is 36 inches wide and 23.6 inches in length. You can adjust the table height from 21.5 inches to 41.3 inches.

Even though it is not the cheapest dog grooming table, it does have its benefits. In addition to the electric motor, thanks to its size and the Z-lift base, the table has extra stability and won’t wobble when you groom your Doodle. It also has a non-slip table top, so your pup won’t slip that easily. Furthermore, the surface area is made from a static free-material. This will make the cleaning process a lot easier.

Likewise, it also features an adjustable grooming arm with a leash. This will ensure that your pup stays still while you groom away. It also has an adjustable dog grooming arm with a leash, to keep your Doodle safely in place.


  • Very sturdy frame with no wobbling
  • This dog grooming table has an electric motor, which will let you easily adjust the table height
  • The surface area is made from static-free material for easier cleaning
  • Non-slip surface ensures that your dog won’t slip
  • Great option for large sized breeds


  • Takes up a lot of space and is not easily portable
  • Expensive

Tips For Using A Dog Grooming Table

Above all, make the grooming process enjoyable for your Doodle. Choose a safe, quiet and calm area in your home. Give your pup plenty of praise and keep some treats near. Take this time to bond with your dog. 

And as we always say, early training and socialization helps your Doodle get used to different situations like grooming a lot easier. Start training your Doodle as soon as you bring them home. For instance, your dog should understand the commands to sit and stand. 

Another great tip is to start with grooming from early on. Doodle puppies need regular brushing as well. If you make grooming a regular thing from an early age, your dog will probably get used to it very quickly and there should be no issues once they’re adults.

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In addition, some dogs are afraid of grooming tools. If that’s the case, introduce the tools to your dog beforehand. Let your Doodle sniff and inspect them. This will help your dog get used to the grooming tools. And some dogs just get anxious about it. Make sure your voice sounds happy and enthusiastic, but try to remain as calm as possible. 

You can also take your Doodle out for a walk before grooming. Sometimes it’s easier to groom tired and hungry dogs, as they will stay still better this way. Walking is also a great way to reduce anxiety and help calm your Doodle. 

Please keep in mind that you should never leave your dog unattended on a dog grooming table. Or even worse, harnessed to the leash. If your dog tries to jump off the table while harnessed, it can cause choking. Again, safety is the most important thing!

Make sure you have all of your grooming tools and other necessary equipment ready and in your reach. If it’s your first time grooming, make sure you educate yourself beforehand and get comfortable with the process.

Dog Grooming Table Accessories: What You Need To Keep Your Dog Still

So what do you need to keep your Doodle still on the grooming table? The most important things to look for are a leash harness and non-slip surface

For instance, if you’ve just given your Doodle a bath and their paws are still wet, it will be a lot easier for your dog to stay still when it’s not slippery. It will also make grooming them a lot easier. And of course, it will be less stressful for the both of you.

Naturally, a leash will help keep your dog still on the grooming table. However, some dog owners find grooming tables with double leashes even better. As your dog will be harnessed from the neck and body, they won’t be able to wiggle themselves off the table easily.

In addition, if your Doodle gets very anxious every time you groom them, you can try calming pheromone sprays. However, we suggest you consult this with your vet first, as they will be able to give you better tips.

How Do I Get My Big Dog On The Grooming Table?

Now, getting a big dog on a grooming table might be a bit of a task. If your dog doesn’t mind you picking them up and placing them on the table, then you’re all set. However, larger dogs might feel uncomfortable and trapped when you lift them up. Or maybe your Doodle is just too heavy for you to pick up. Whatever the reason might be, there are a few simple solutions to this.

If you have a sturdy dog grooming table, you can teach your dog to place their front paws on the table. With body language, commands and a treat, you can train them to then get on the table themself. You can also gently lift your pup from behind once their paws are on the table. If you do have an electric or otherwise adjustable table, set the height as low as possible.

Another very simple option is to buy a smaller non-slip ramp or portable stairs that your Doodle can use when climbing on to the grooming table. Likewise, don’t forget to harness your dog as soon as they’re on the table, no matter what size they are. 

best dog grooming table - chloe climbing steps
Chloe climbing her PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps onto our Go Pet Club Pet grooming table.

Of course, always praise your Doodle and refrain from making any negative sounding noises. We want to keep the atmosphere calm and positive. 

Best Dog Grooming Table: FAQs

What is the Best Grooming Table for Dogs?

A good grooming table for dogs should first and foremost be safe to use. You should choose a grooming table based on your dog’s size and weight. Therefore, the bigger your Doodle, the more surface area you need. A dog grooming table should rather be a bit too big than too small. You want your dog to feel comfortable and you also need some space to groom. Likewise, you don’t want your dog to accidentally fall off the table and get injured.

A dog grooming table should also have a grooming arm, non-slip surface area and non-slip feet. These small details really do improve safety and should not be overlooked. Very useful bonuses are storage trays, where you can easily store all of your grooming tools. Double leashes are also good for Doodles who might need extra safety measures.

Each dog and each dog owner is unique. It also depends on what your needs are. For instance, if you have back problems, a dog grooming table with an adjustable height might make the grooming process a lot more convenient. 

What Height Should a Dog Grooming Table Be?

Most commercial dog grooming tables are similar in height – typically around 29 to 32 inches. For most dog owners, the standard options work well. However, a few inches could make a difference to some people. If you have very specific needs, you might want to consider buying a grooming table with adjustable height. 

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and have easy access to your dog while you groom them. 

What Do Dog Groomers Use to Keep Dogs Still?

Professional dog groomers usually provide a quiet, calm space, praising the dog and harnessing them on a grooming arm. Some groomers also use treats if the owners have allowed it.

To conclude, your Doodle does need regular grooming, but it does not necessarily have to be done by a professional groomer. Our top 5 best grooming tables will surely help you step up your grooming game and make the whole process a lot smoother.

Do you have a grooming table at home? Let us know what you think is the best dog grooming table for at-home use in the comment section below!

Learn How to Groom Your Doodle At Home!

For DIY-minded Doodle parents who want to have more control over their Doodle’s grooming routine or just want to save some money in times of high inflation. Take matters into your own hands and learn to give your Doodle the exact haircut YOU want with this valuable online course! Learn More