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Pro Dog Trainer on How to STOP Your Doodle’s Bad Habits (Barking, Biting, Chewing and Jumping) & MORE

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We interviewed professional dog trainer Amy Jensen from BAXTER & Bella – The Online Puppy School. Check out the video below for some tips on bringing a new puppy/dog into your home, how to curb your dog’s bad habits (i.e. barking, biting, chewing and jumping), and answers to some specific questions from Doodle Doods readers. See below for topics and where they’re talked about in the video.

Topics Covered

Skip to the minute markers listed in bold to get straight to the topics you want to hear about!

2:50 – Is dog training really about training yourself, or training the dog?
3:53 – Tips for someone bringing a new puppy or older dog into their home
5:14 – How long it takes dogs to understand commands
6:35 – Best methods for training: using the clicker and verbal markers
7:39 – How to train bad habits out of your dog (barking, biting, chewing and jumping, etc.)

Doodle Doods Reader Questions

11:06 – READER QUESTION: We have an 8 year old dog we’ve had for a year who barks at everything….even friends of our son that she’s seen over and over. First she barks because she sees or hears something or someone, then she barks and bars at them in a different tone while wagging her tail, until they give her attention. When they leave, she barks and barks until they are out the door. Help!

16:18 – READER QUESTION: I have a 5 month old Doodle. I am having issues with him pooping in the house after I have left him outside. He has even pooped on the deck. I’ve swatted his behind & taken him outside. Sometimes he goes outside, other times, he doesn’t. He pees outside perfectly.

18:50 – READER QUESTION: My dog Jasper eats well and usually has healthy poop. Problem is anal glands. About once a month he is licking his anus and it has that rank aluminum smell. Usually gets on my bed or sofa and it’s nasty. Scared to express anal glands myself (tried). Any suggestions besides the vet doing it?

20:46 – READER QUESTION: We got two Goldendoodle pups who are brother and sister. They have sweet dispositions and are SO SMART! We began training as soon as we brought them home and they have now also completed Beginner training. It is hard to get them to do anything when in one another’s company, but both are excellent one on one. What is the trick for getting them to “mind their manners” when on (separate) leash at the same time?

23:25 – READER QUESTION: I am disabled. We are considering training one or both as Service Dogs… or maybe one for Service and the other for Therapy. We know it is a LOT of work. Are there things we can/should be incorporating into their training now that will begin to prepare them for these more than advanced training sessions?

25:20 – More about BAXTER & Bella’s Online Puppy School. Go to and use discount code: DOODLEDOODS at checkout for an instant 25% off!

BAXTER & Bella’s Online Puppy School teaches you how to train and interact with your new puppy to get the best possible results. Not only will you learn the skills you need to be successful, but your puppy will learn incredible manners and behaviors as well!

Amy helps you set up your home, get your family all on the same page and teaches you exactly what to do the second your puppy arrives for optimal training success. You can also schedule LIVE! Office Hours for one-on-one help with Amy and participate in weekly online puppy classes right in your living room!

Go to and use discount code: DOODLEDOODS at checkout for an instant 25% off – an incredible value on their lifetime membership!

We recommend this on top of group classes. It’s a phenomenal resource which every new puppy has owner needs.

(By the way, the skills they teach works for any dog at any age.)

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