When it comes to deciding on the kind of dog you want to take on, size will likely be one of the most significant determining factors. Worries about lack of space, feeding costs, exercise needs, and generally how to manage a larger hound, especially if you’ve never been a pet parent before, all play into this and may have you deciding to opt for a Doodle that’s on the smaller side – small Poodle mixes, that is. 

If this is where you currently sit, congrats on narrowing down the choices, but your work is not yet done. There are still so many wonderful options to pick from – where do you start? The number of breeds paired with either the Miniature or Toy Poodles rises on pretty much a daily basis, and often the only thing these Doods have in common is their diminutive size. 

That’s why it’s also essential to pay close attention to other aspects of these dogs, like their care requirements, what kind of temperament they are likely to end up with, or whether they are happy with a chill life or require an altogether more active setup. That’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide to the most popular Doods of the moment to act as a good jumping-off point for the rest of your research. 

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Small Poodle Mixes: A Handy Guide


The original Doodle, the Cockapoo, is still a popular choice among those looking to adopt a littler dog. The loving loyalty of the Cocker Spaniel and the proud intelligence of the Poodle makes for one heck of a combo. The perfect canine companion, these gorgeous mutts fit nicely into just about every lifestyle. As one of the small Poodle mixes, moderate exercise needs, and lack of mouthiness, they even do well with apartment living. However, you will need to make plenty of time for these people-oriented pups. 


Highly sociable, clever, and cute as a button, Maltipoos are excellent for those looking for an absolutely allergy-friendly pal. Aside from being the offspring of two ‘hypoallergenic’ parents, Maltese-Poodle mix dogs are highly adaptable little hounds that shower a ton of affection on just about everyone they come across. They love kids, other dogs, and perfect strangers, too. That being said, these dogs can be a little on the loud side at times and will benefit from training and plenty of socialization to reduce this at times irritating behavior.

Maltipoo Size Guide


For fans of playful pups, the Peekaboo could be the one. With a history almost as long as the beloved Cockapoo, these darling dogs, formed from regal Pekingese, make excellent lapdogs. While they will stick to their favorite person like the velcro pups they definitely are, they can also be energetic and plenty sporty, given the opportunity. One downside is that Peekapoos could end up inheriting that flat face that creates many of the health issues in their parent pups, but careful breeders are working to eliminate that problem. 


Known for their Spitz-like good looks all done up in miniature, the foxy Pomeranian passes plenty of its cuteness on to its Doodle offspring, along with that feisty, fun working-dog attitude. Great for inexperienced owners and perfect for fans of super small pups, the Pomapoo is generally a laid-back, happy kind of dog. The biggest issue with these pooches is that their companion animal nature makes them the kind of canines that suffer greatly from separation anxiety. They cannot be left alone for long periods. 



With two parent breeds that come in an assortment of sizes, the Schnoodle undoubtedly belongs on this list. Still, it can be included among the large Doodles, too, if a Standard Poodle were to be bred with a Giant Schnauzer. So if you are looking for one of the small Poodle mixes, you’ll need to ensure that’s precisely what you’ll get. In terms of personality, Schnoodles are very terrier-like, which means they tend to be much more active than your average lapdog and so do especially well with outdoorsy families. 

Schnoodle Size


The Yorkshire Terrier may well give the Poodle a run for its money in the intelligence stakes making the delightful Yorkipoo a very smart dog indeed – which is great for training. These dogs, again like both parent breeds, also tend to excel at canine competitions despite their smaller size, if that’s your thing. Another tick in the plus column for potential owners of these little loves is that they tend to inherit the Yorkie’s more independent nature, meaning they don’t crave human companionship 24/7 like many other more miniature Doodles do. 



Set your Shihpoo up on a velvet cushion, and they will adore you for life. On a serious note, though, these dogs are consummate lapdogs. As such, they love to be doted on and spoiled more than anything else in this world. With their larger-than-life personality and a tendency towards stubbornness, you might not get very far with trying to teach these dogs new tricks or making them into athletic companions. Still, their playful, funny nature will certainly earn them a firm place in your heart nevertheless. 


Right at the smallest end of the Doodle spectrum, the Chi-Poo has all the character of the daring Chihuahua but, much to the relief of fans of the breed, far fewer of their associated health issues that come when toy breeds are made just way too toy. So what you’re left with instead is a super cute, teeny pup who’s very clever, nicely family-friendly, and only a little on the yappy side. Chi-poos are also quite a bit more independent than most other smaller Poodle crosses, which makes them more adaptable to various home situations. 


Otherwise known as Bichpoos, Bichon Poos, and Bichon Poodles, the Bichon Frise – Poodle mixes are playful, cuddly, and very low shed too. They make great first-time pets and work as well in an apartment as they do in a house with a yard. That being said, they can be pretty energetic little so-and-sos, which is something you will need to keep in mind if you do decide to take on one of these lovely pups. Something else you will need to think about is that these dogs also generally require pretty regular grooming sessions. 

Poochon Size


Westiepoos are some of the most social and loving dogs around. They are super fun, super easy to look after, super quick to train, and super to have in your home. The West Highland Terrier – Poodle mix contains the very best of both these excellent pups. They are fun, funny, active, and larger than life in their characters. That Terrier nature of theirs means Westies have a tendency towards both barking and prey-chasing behaviors. Yet, with their superior intelligence, these are things they can be trained out of. 


Pugs have recently become quite controversial for the issues they have with breathing due to those flat faces of theirs. Happily, though, when combined with the mightily different Poodle, this becomes far less of a problem. Crossing Pugs in this way with longer-nosed hounds is a way of preserving these quirky, cute, and comical dogs. Pugapoos undoubtedly make delightful pups who are loving and loyal as they are gorgeous. With very modest exercise needs, indeed, they are perfect little lapdogs. 



The thing about Daschhunds, one half of the darling Doxiedoodle, is that not only are they the sweetest little sausage-looking pups, but they vary massively in both appearance and temperament. This means that when purchasing a Doxiedoodle, you can never be entirely sure what you’re going to end up with. What you will know for sure, though, is that they will be gorgeous, they will be smart, and they will be floofy little bundles of perky hound. Take care, though, as these dogs can grow larger than you might think.

Image by Heather Kennedy, licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Otherwise known as Bassetoodles, Bassetdoodles are lesser-known Doodles for sure, but an interesting combination of breeds nonetheless. Like some of the other pups on this list, they are sometimes formed from Standard Poodles, making all-around larger dogs, so make sure that the breeder knows you are looking for a smaller-sized pup. These pooches tend to be calm, friendly, joyful, and yet slightly on the stubborn side too. They also often inherit a bit of a mischievous streak that keeps their owners very much on their toes. 


Boston Terriers are unique-looking dogs with plenty of heart to go alongside their distinctive features and markings. When coupled with the posh Poodle, you get the amusingly-named Bossi-Poo. While Bostons, originally bred as fighting dogs, are tough, fearless, and incredibly active pups, the smaller-sized Poodle genes tend to mellow them out a little for a pet that’s as happy to snuggle up on the couch for plenty of love and hugs as they are to head out on their next outdoor adventure! 



Spaniels have long been dotted on dogs, and the Cavalier King Charles is no exception. With their cute faces, beautiful coats, and happy little natures, they make friends wherever they go. When the winning personality of the Spaniel is added to the smart, comedic nature of the smaller Poodle, magic truly does happen. Cavapoos really are some of the most popular Doodles around. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these in-demand dogs, you’ll quickly come to realize just how fortunate you are. 



Another Doodle of many names, the Jack-a-poo, Jackadoodle, or Poo-Jack, is a bright and vivacious mutt who is super loving but requires a mite more care than some of the other Doods on this list. The reason for that is not their coat which tends to be short or slightly fluffy, but, either way, very manageable, but rather the fact they tend to be teeny firecrackers, filled with all the joys of life. While this makes them entertaining sidekicks, it does mean you have to have a fairly energetic nature ayourself to keep up with their antics. 


Papillons often fly under the radar, but you shouldn’t discount these dear little Doods simply because you’re unfamiliar with their non-Poodle parent. Named from the French word for ‘butterfly’ due to their unique ears, Papillons are descended from the original diminutive Spaniels. Aside from their distinctive features, these dogs are known for their alert, big-dog attitudes, playful personalities, bravery, and extreme love of people. For all these reasons and more, their offspring Papipoos make a unique and excellent pet choice. 


Admittedly not the most glamorous name in the world! But what else might you call a Beagle/Poodle combo pup? A Boodle? A Beapoo? Nope, there’s no name out there that reflects just how darling these fabulous little Doods are! Friendly, curious, and hopelessly devoted to their families, Poogles make excellent pets for just about anyone. They get along with everyone, from kids to other pets. However, they do need plenty of socialization to counter that sometimes fairly high prey drive of theirs. 


Another lesser-known Doodle, the Corgipoo, is a blend of the Welsh Corgi and Toy or Miniature Poodle. With two intelligent parents, and given that these dogs are dedicated people pleasers, Corgipoos do well in the training stakes. The Corgi actually has a fascinating history. Said to be the companions of fairies, legend has it that they were first gifted, during the Viking era, to those who needed protection in their homes. So, as you can imagine, Corgipoos are great guard dogs in addition to being excellent companions. 

Mini/Toy Goldendoodle

Now chances are you are already pretty familiar with the Golden Retriever-Poodle mix. As one of the most popular and well-known of the Doodles, these tend to be the ones that many opt for. Golden Retrievers are considered excellent family dogs, and the Goldendoodle mixes everything that makes Goldies so loved across the nation with the ‘hypoallergenic,’ low-shedding coat of the Poodle. Plus, progressive generations of Goldendoodles have enabled them to be bred in more apartment-friendly sizes as small Poodle mixes.

Photo used with permission. Credit: Ashley Otto

Mini/Toy Labradoodle

The Labrador Retriever has long reigned supreme as the most popular pet in the country. These dogs really have it all – a sociable nature, even temperament, high trainability, and gorgeous good looks. On the downside, these dogs blow coat and how! Beyond that, their large size means they need a bigger space to hang out in and more intensive exercise than smaller breeds. Enter the Mini or Toy Labradoodle… With their smaller size and tendency toward inheriting the Poodle coat, they are even more perfect than perfect. 

Toy/Tiny/Miniature Bernedoodle

Suppose you’re looking for a super gentle family dog who does well around young children. In that case, the Bernedoodle may well have caught your attention. While the Standard versions of these pups can be pretty giant, given that the Bernese Mountain Dog is classified as a large breed, smaller versions of the Bernie come from combining them with little Poodles. These have all the best of their qualities, often including their stunning tricolored coats, but in a much more manageable package size-wise. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Poodle Mixes

What is the best small Poodle mix?

All small Poodle mixes make great dogs for the right owners, so the question should be not what is the best one but rather what is the best one for me. The dogs on this list differ significantly in terms of their appearance, temperament, energy levels, and care needs, among other things. You’ll need to do some careful research before taking one on to ensure that they will suit your particular family setup. 

What is the calmest small Poodle mix?

While every dog is as totally unique in its specific traits as every person is, and so it can be tricky to judge how rambunctious they will be, Doods that combine the more giant breeds with Poodles tend to be among the calmest dogs. Pups bred to be companion animals also tend to be on the lower end of the energy spectrum compared to those originally used as work dogs, such as Terriers and Spaniels. 

What is the smallest Poodle mix?

The smallest Poodle dogs are going to be a combination of two of the most miniature parents. While that will vary depending on individual animals, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers tend to be high up on any smallest dog lists. So if you are looking for a totally teeny pup, then a Chi-Poo or Yorkipoo might be for you. That being said, it’s always best to avoid so-called Teacup pups as these dogs tend to have many more health issues than others. 

Which Poodle mix is healthiest? 

Luckily, for Doodle fans everywhere, due to their more diverse mix of genes (creating something known as hybrid vigor), small Poodle mixes tend to be far healthier than most pedigree pups. However, differences in health will come down to how the dogs were bred. Responsible Breeders health screen their animals to ensure that the possibility of genetic conditions being passed down to their offspring is much reduced. 

If you’ve fallen in love with the intelligent, fluffy, entertaining, long-limbed, entirely gorgeous Doodles (and who could blame you) and have decided to adopt one, then you might be feeling overwhelmed by the number of options you have available to you. Rather than seeing this as a bad thing, view it with the perspective that you will be able to find the perfect pet among these cute critters, whether you’re looking for a sporting buddy or a fellow couch potato. Miniature Doods are the ideal option for those looking for a more manageably-sized dog with all the spunk and personality of their often larger parent pups. Hopefully, the information included here has helped you narrow down your choices a little in your quest to find your new best friend. 

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Susan Morgenstern Reply

I sadly had to put to sleep my mini pom-poo of 15 years.
When I tell you that Chloe was the absolute best, in every way, would be an understatement.
I wish I could clone her.
I am on the search for another mini poodle mix after almost a year.

June 29, 2023 at 5:37 pm
Sydney Haskell Reply

Thank you for your informative article. I’m a disabled senior at 78 years young and I want an adult poodle mix in the smallest size of 10 pounds as the largest. We also have a 17 year old Himalayan cat. I have only been able to find 5 rescue organizations in Colorado and they don’t have doodles for more than a day when they come in. I’m terrified of taking on a puppy. I’m not healthy enough to be able to train her. I really could use some help in finding an adult, 3-10 years old in the small breed, Havapoo, Maltipoo, Shih-poo, Cavapoo, Bichoodle, toy poodle, Micro goldendoodles, Havanese or any other that is mature enough and small enough for me to care for appropriately.

September 19, 2023 at 11:24 am

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