Yorkipoo is a relatively new Doodle breed that’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to their many amazing qualities. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything about the Yorkipoo breed, starting from their physical appearance and size to their temperament and personality. We’ll also touch upon Yorkipoo coat care and grooming, common health problems, and their exercise and training requirements. Let’s get started!

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What Is A Yorkiepoo?

Yorkie Poo / Yorkiepoo / Yorkipoo is an adorable mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle. Although Yorkie Poo is a fairly new hybrid Doodle breed, they’ve already stolen our hearts. Their small size packs a lot of personality and smarts, while their hypoallergenic coats make them suitable even for allergic people. We can all probably agree that this ‘designer’ breed is here to stay!

Yorkipoo Size

If most other Doodles can come in all shapes and sizes, Yorkipoos always come in a compact tiny size thanks to their Yorkshire Terrier parent. As we’re combining a Yorkshire Terrier with a Poodle, the latter in the mix is always either a Toy or Miniature Poodle. However, Yorkie Poos can still inherit a variety of traits and characteristics of either of the parent dogs. Some Yorkipoos resemble more of the Yorkshire Terrier parent, while others look more like the curly-haired Poodle. Either way, we’re dealing with the most adorable little furbaby that has a lot of love to give. 

Yorkie Poo Physical Appearance


Yorkie Poos come in a variety of colors and color pairings. The most common colors you might see on a Yorkipoo are brown, black, cream, white, red, apricot, tan, gray, and silver. Some pups sport a bicolor or tricolor pattern on their coats, and some have different colored markings throughout their coats.

Coat, Shedding, & Hypoallergenic Level

Like other Doodles, Yorkipoos can come in a variety of coat types. One of the main appeals of Doodles is that they often have very low to non-shedding coats. So, if you have dog dander allergy, but still would like to expand your family with a furry companion, a hybrid breed like Yorkipoo would be your best bet! 

Naturally, as we’re combining two different purebred dogs – the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle – we can expect a Yorkipoo to inherit characteristics from both of the parent pups. As for their coat type, this usually manifests in three varieties – curly, straight, or wavy coats. 

The Yorkie Poo curly coat resembles most the Poodle parent, as the hair is curly and textured. Straight-haired pups have inherited their looks mostly from the Yorkshire Terrier parent, whereas wavy coat type combines both the curly Poodle-like hair and the straight Yorkie coat. 

What’s more, if often straight-haired Doodles shed considerably more than their curly-haired counterparts, then that’s not the case with Yorkie Poos. As the Yorkshire Terrier does not have a shedding double coat, even straight-haired Yorkie Poos would make great pets for people with dog dander allergy.

Yorkiepoo Size

How big is a Yorkie Poo? As we already know, Yorkipoos sport a scaled-down size that could pretty much fit into your pocket. The main factor influencing the size of Yorkie Poo is the Poodle parent, as either Toy or Miniature Poodles are used in the mix. If we cross a Yorkshire Terrier with a Toy Poodle, the result is a super tiny Yorkipoo. Using Miniature Poodle in the mix results in a slightly larger Yorkie Poo. 

Like with many other Doodles, there’s much variety involved when it comes to predicting their future adult size. Their weight can range anywhere between 3 and 14 pounds, while having a height of up to 15 inches from the shoulder. We can expect a Yorkie Poo puppy to reach its full adult size between 6 and 12 months old, depending on their size. 

Let’s take a quick look at the size estimates for adult Teacup Yorkie Poo and Mini Yorkie Poo: 

 Toy YorkipooMini Yorkipoo
Weight3-6 pounds10-14 pounds
Height*10 inches or less10-15 inches
Age at Full-Grown6-7 months7-12 months
*A dog’s height is measured from their withers, which is the highest part of their shoulder blades.

To learn more about the size of the Yorkipoo breed, make sure you check out our full Yorkie Poo size guide, where we discuss everything about their size predictions, growth patterns, and more. We’ve also created an interactive puppy growth calculator, which lets you predict and track your Yorkipoo’s growth from birth to adulthood. 

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Mini Yorkie Poo

As we briefly mentioned above, the Poodle in the mix is always either Toy or Miniature Poodle. Naturally, when the goal is to achieve a bigger Yorkipoo aka the Mini Yorkie Poo, a Yorkshire Terrier is crossed with a Miniature Poodle. 

Teacup Yorkie Poo

A Teacup Yorkie Poo is a mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle. If the goal is to achieve smaller pups with curlier hair, we can backcross an F1 or F2 Yorkipoo to a Toy Poodle once again. 

Yorkipoo Variations & Generations

The much-talked about Yorkie Poo generations can be a confusing topic for many. Trust us, we know, we’ve been there! To put it simply, Doodle generations tell us how much of their genetics is made up from either of the parent pups. Additionally, we can achieve more control over a Yorkipoo’s size, temperament, and coat type with the generations. Let’s take a look at what they mean exactly:

1st Parent2nd Parent% Yorkshire Terrier*% Poodle*
F1 Yorkipoo (first-generation)Yorkshire TerrierPoodle50%50%
F1B Yorkipoo (first-generation backcross)F1 YorkipooPoodle25%75%
F1BB Yorkipoo (first-generation backcross backcross)F1B YorkipooPoodle12.5%87.5%
F2 Yorkipoo (second-generation)F1 YorkipooF1 Yorkipoo50%50%
F2B Yorkipoo (second-generation backcross)F1 YorkipooF1B Yorkipoo37.5%62.5%
F2B Yorkipoo (alternate cross)F2 YorkipooPoodle25%75%
F3 / Multigen YorkipooF1B Yorkipoo or higherF1B Yorkipoo or higherVariesVaries
*These are generic calculations only – genetics are rarely mathematically accurate.
Doodle Generations explained 2022

So, what does it all mean? For instance, if the goal is to achieve a curly coat Yorkie Poo, it’s reasonable to look into F1b, F1bb, F2b, and F2bb Yorkie Poos. As their genetic makeup consists of at least 75% of Poodle, there’s a much higher chance of the puppy inheriting the curly Poodle-like coat. 

Yorkie Poo Personality & Temperament

Is Yorkie Poo a good family dog? Are Yorkie Poos aggressive? Yorkie Poos not only look absolutely adorable, but their temperament matches the exterior. They’re gentle and affectionate pups who enjoy spending time with their humans more than anything. You won’t ever get bored with a Yorkie Poo, as they’re super energetic and playful. And you can be sure that after a long day of playtime and walkies, your little Yorkipoo will gladly spend some quality time cuddling up on the couch with you. 

Yorkie Poos are rarely aggressive. Most of the time, behavioral issues develop due to inadequate or improper training and socialization. That’s why it’s especially important you start training your dog as soon as you bring them home. Additionally, although Yorkipoos are generally great with children and other pets, you should exercise caution, as very young children can accidentally hurt the small-sized Yorkipoo. 

Furthermore, Yorkipoos are extremely social pups and tend to develop attachment to their humans rather easily. As a result, they are at a higher risk of developing separation anxiety, so leaving a Yorkie Poo alone for extended periods of time is not the best idea. 

Yorkie Poo Health & Life Expectancy

What health problems do Yorkie Poos have? One of the great things about hybrid breeds like the Yorkipoo is that they’re generally regarded healthier than their purebred parents. That’s thanks to hybrid vigor, where cross-bred pups tend to inherit superior qualities than those of the purebred parents. The usual life expectancy of Yorkipoos is between 10 and 15 years. 

What’s more, reputable breeders always conduct extensive health and genetic testing on the parent pups to ensure the health of new litters. Nevertheless, like any other breed, Yorkipoos are prone to a certain set of health problems that their purebred parents have a prevalence to. 

These are the most common health problems in Yorkipoos:

We’re firm believers in keeping your pup healthy and happy with the help of balanced, high-quality dog food and plenty of exercise. In this article, we’ve listed the most recommended and highest rated dog food formulas for Yorkie Poos that their owners absolutely swear by. What’s more, as the Yorkipoo is a small dog, we recommend you opt for dog food formulas that are specially designed for small breeds. 

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Yorkie Poo Exercise & Training

How much do Yorkie Poos need to exercise? Are Yorkie Poos easy to train? All dogs, including the Yorkie Poo, need their daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. If your pup doesn’t get to spend enough energy during the day, it’s very likely they might start to exhibit behavioral problems or even become destructive. Usually two 30-minute walks should be enough, but don’t forget to add in some playtime as well.

Additionally, thanks to the highly intelligent Poodle in their lineage, Yorkie Poos are considered fairly easy to train. We recommend you start training your Yorkie Poo puppy as soon as you bring them home. You also want to make sure that they get plenty of opportunities to socialize with other new people and pets as well. This will ensure that your Yorkipoo grows into a well-behaved and well-rounded adult dog. 

For novice Yorkipoo owners, we recommend the Online Puppy School by Baxter & Bella. Their online program includes all the resources you will ever need to successfully train and socialize your puppy from the comfort of your own home. What makes it even better is that you can go through all the modules at your own pace that works for you and your puppy. 

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Yorkiepoo Coat & Grooming

Do Yorkiepoos shed? The great thing about Yorkipoos is that regardless of their coat type, they’re always single-coated and don’t shed much, if any at all. However, this does not mean that they won’t require regular grooming

One of the downsides of all Doodles is that their coats are high-maintenance and require daily upkeep. Most importantly, you should brush your Yorkipoo every single day, as their coats are prone to matting. Usually, curly-haired pups require the most attention, as their textured locks can tangle and trap in dirt and debris very easily. On the other hand, straight coat Yorkie Poos tend to be easier to manage, as their silky and straight hair isn’t as prone to matting.

Either way, we recommend brushing Yorkie Poos daily, as this is the best way to prevent matting. However, if you’re keen on getting a Yorkie Poo that’s slightly easier to groom, a straight coat Yorkie Poo would be your best choice. 

In case of severe matting or if you’ve missed a couple of brushing sessions, we recommend you try the line brushing method. Although it’s more time-consuming and you definitely won’t have to do it every single day, line brushing really gets to the root of your dog’s hair and helps you get rid of any stubborn knots and tangles hiding in the coat. 

To keep that beautiful Yorkie Poo coat in top condition, we recommend you invest in a high-quality brush and a sturdy metal comb. This combination helps you tackle every knot and tangle on your Yorkie Poo’s coat and face. In fact, we’ve reviewed the best brushes for Yorkie Poo that help you get the job done. 

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Other Activities In A Yorkie Poo’s Grooming Routine Include:

Where Can You Get Yorkie Poo Puppies?

Where can you adopt a Yorkie Poo puppy? How much does a Yorkie Poo cost? Similar to other Doodles, Yorkie Poos are extremely sought-after, and getting your hands on one might be a bit tricky. A Yorkipoo puppy can cost anywhere from $2000 and up to $5000. Of course, you might stumble upon breeders who advertise their Yorkipoos at a much lower price. Be aware of those promises, as oftentimes it’s a dishonest tactic used by Doodle scammers and puppy mills

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As finding any reputable dog breeder is definitely not an easy task, we’ve created our Yorkipoo Breeders Directory, where you’ll be able to find highly recommended Yorkipoo breeders in the US.  

But before you adopt your new four-legged family member, we urge you to take a look at our article on How To Choose A Responsible Breeder

Yorkiepoo FAQ

Do Yorkie Poos Make Good Pets?

Yorkie Poos are wonderful companions, as they’ve inherited the best of both worlds from the parent pups. They make great pets, as they’re very affectionate, playful, and outgoing pups who equally enjoy playtime and cuddles. Thanks to the Poodle parent, Yorkie Poos have inherited high intelligence levels, which makes training them an absolute breeze. 

Who Is A Yorkie Poo Best For?

Yorkie Poos are great dogs for families and singles alike. And thanks to their small size, Yorkipoos are amazing for apartment living. As Yorkie Poos are easy-going pups who are easy to train, they are even suitable for first-time dog owners. On the other hand, as the Yorkie Poo is a small-sized dog, they might be better suited for families with slightly older kids, as small children can accidentally hurt the minuscule Doodle. In addition to that, Yorkie Poos can develop separation anxiety, so it’s important that you won’t leave them alone for long periods of time. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun-sized Doodle with an allergy-friendly coat, the Yorkie Poo might be just right for you. We hope this article managed to answer all of your questions about this adorable tiny Doodle.

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