In this article, we’ve lined up the best and most popular Maltipoo haircuts that look amazing on any pup. We’ll also be talking about Maltipoo coat care and share with you our best grooming tips along with our video tutorials on how to groom your Doodle at home. Let’s dig in!

Understanding The Maltipoo Coat

One of the many great things about Doodles is that we never know what type of hair they might end up with. Thanks to the Poodle and Maltese in their lineage, Maltipoos can come in three main coat types – straight, wavy, and curly. Now, when you’re trying to decide on the right haircut for your dog, you might want to consider their hair type. When it comes to Maltipoo haircuts, some are easier to achieve, some are easier to maintain, and some look good on just certain types of Maltipoo coats. Before we jump into the hair inspo, let’s first take a closer look at the three types of Maltipoo coats. 

Maltipoo Straight And Silky Coat

Inherited from the Maltese parent, the Maltipoo straight coat feels soft and silky. Typically straight or with a slight wave, this coat type can grow rather quickly. However, it won’t grow as long as the Maltese’s hair thanks to the Poodle genes in the mix.  

maltipoo with straight coat
Maltipoo with a straight coat

The straight coat is more common in Maltipoos who have a 50-50 mix of Poodle and Maltese. For instance, first generation or F1 Maltipoos. Contrary to many other Doodle breeds who have inherited a straight coat from the other original parent breed, straight-haired Maltipoos do not come with an undercoat. That’s because both the Maltese and Poodle have single-layer coats. 

Maltipoo Thick And Curly Coat

As you may guess, the Maltipoo curly coat is mostly inherited from the Poodle parent’s side. It’s most common in backcross generations like F1b, F1bb, and F2bb Maltipoos, where the majority of the genetic makeup consists of the Poodle.

maltipoo with curly coat
Maltipoo with a curly coat

Similar to the OG Poodle hair, the Maltipoo curly coat is thick, lucious, and very low-shedding. On the other hand, it’s just as high-maintenance. The Maltipoo curly coat tends to knot easily, which can lead to matting. If your pup rocks the curly coat, but you don’t have the time to brush it out daily, you might find a shorter cut better suited. 

Maltipoo Wavy Coat

The least common option is the Maltipoo wavy coat, which combines the characteristics of Poodle and Maltese coats. Sometimes the wavy coat can come with a wiry texture, which can make it slightly harder to manage than the other two coat types. And as it tends to grow quickly, it will require regular grooming. 

Maltipoo with a wavy coat
Maltipoo with a wavy coat

Top Maltipoo Haircuts

Be sure to check out our 2-part series on types of Doodle haircuts, with tons more pictures that cover overall body styles and variations of styles.

Whether you’re planning your Maltipoo’s first haircut or just want to switch it up a bit, there are plenty of grooming styles to choose from. We’ve lined up the best and most adorable Maltipoo haircuts that will surely give you some ideas for Doodle’s next grooming session. 

Different groomers may have different ideas of what the following types of cuts are. It’s best to show your groomer a picture of exactly what you want to avoid any misunderstandings. If any of these pictures represent what you want your Maltipoo to look like, be sure to bookmark this page for easy access when dropping them off at the groomer!

Maltipoo Miami Cut

The Maltipoo Miami cut is a traditional Poodle hairstyle that will give your Maltipoo that true Poodle look with fluffy ears and head. It’s also referred to as the bikini cut, as it looks like the dog is wearing a bikini.

Teddy Bear Cut

A super popular look in many Doodles, the Maltipoo teddy bear cut enhances all the right features. The signature fluffy Doodle look comes from the rounded paws and face while the hair is kept at medium length.

Shaved/Summer Cut

One of the best Maltipoo summer haircuts has obviously got to be the shaved or summer cut. It’s super easy to achieve even if you’re grooming for the first time. It’s very low maintenance while keeping your pup cool and comfy in the summer months. 

Maltipoo Lamb Cut

Another popular hairstyle adapted from the Poodle parent is the Maltipoo lamb cut. With this look, the hair is kept longer and fluffy on the ears, face, legs, and paws.

Maltipoo Puppy Cut

The Maltipoo puppy cut is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple haircut that’s easy to maintain. It works great on all Maltipoo coat types and doesn’t require much experience to achieve at home. 

Maltipoo Town and Country Cut

A popular look for both the Maltese and Maltipoo, this haircut can be adjusted through different seasons. The focus is on trimming the head, face, and legs, while leaving the rest of the body at your desired length. 

No wonder the town and country cut is so popular, it looks absolutely adorable.

Maltipoo Soft Curls Cut

Enhancing natural curls, the Maltipoo soft curls cut looks fluffy, soft, and layered. The hair is kept medium to longer length all over, just enough for the curls to appear.

Tools You Absolutely Need To Groom Your Maltipoo at Home

  • Tool #1:

    Brush – The most used tool in your grooming kit will be a high quality dog brush. Here are a few that work amazing on Maltipoo hair.

  • Tool #2:

    Comb – A multifunctional staple that helps you tackle stubborn knots, tangles, and mats. You can also use a comb for smaller areas like the face, ears, and paws.

  • Tool #3:

    Dog Clippers – To achieve any of the beautiful Maltipoo haircuts we showed you above, you’ll need a good set of clippers that will make hair trimming a total breeze. Here’s a list of our favorite dog clippers.

  • Tool #4:

    Scissors – Although a set of clippers will get most of the job done, you’ll also be needing a pair of dog scissors (with rounded tips for safety!) to finalize any look. Check out our grooming scissors buying guide.

  • Tool #5:

    Dog Shears – Transform your Maltipoo’s look with a pair of thinning shears. This scissor-like tool lets you blend different lengths of hair, so you can groom your Doodle like a true professional.

  • Tool #6:

    Detangler Sprays – Dog detangler sprays are amazing for taming mat-prone hair like the Maltipoo’s. Here are the best detangler sprays that pro groomers recommend.

  • Tool #7:

    Shampoo – A good quality dog shampoo is essential to thoroughly clean your Maltipoo’s coat. These are our top picks for Maltipoos.

  • Tool #8:

    Nail Clippers – An important step in your Maltipoo’s grooming routine is regularly trimming their nails. You can opt for either scissor-like nail clippers or a nail grinder. In our ultimate nail trimming guide, you’ll find our favorite nail tools.

  • Tool #9:

    Ear Cleaning Tools & Products – Like many other Doodles, Maltipoos can often struggle with ear infections. Here are some of the highest rated dog ear cleaners you might want to check out.

  • Tool #10:

    Grooming Tables – Lastly, we recommend investing in a dog grooming table that comes with an adjustable arm and leash. You can opt for either commercial dog grooming tables (they come in all price ranges!) or build one yourself.

Tips On How To Groom Your Maltipoo At Home

Taking care of the Maltipoo coat requires a fair bit of time and effort. There are many steps involved, some more advanced than others, which might make you wonder – can I groom my Maltipoo myself? The good thing is it’s absolutely doable. Of course, getting the hang of some things might take time. But with a little bit of time and patience, you’ll soon groom your Maltipoo like a true professional. 

Brushing The Hair

As you might know, Maltipoos can be high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their hair can easily mat while also growing out quickly. By regularly brushing your Maltipoo’s hair, you’ll not only prevent matting, but also keep it clean from dirt between baths. What’s more, brushing distributes your dog’s natural skin oils. As a result, your Maltipoo will sport a nourished and glossy coat. 

When brushing your Doodle’s hair, it’s best to start from the feet and paws and move your way up to the top of the head and back. Here’s a simple guide to follow:

maltipoo haircuts

Depending on how much upkeep your Maltipoo’s coat requires, you might also want to learn more about the line brushing technique. It’s certainly more time-consuming than regular brushing, as it’s kind of an “intensive treatment” for scruffy, matted hair. However, it really does get out all the knots and tangles. 


Whether your Maltipoo is due a haircut or you’ve started to notice some smell, an occasional bath is necessary for any pup. Opt for specially formulated dog shampoos, as they’re pH balanced for dogs’ skin. Additionally, there are tons of dog shampoos that target certain problems like sensitive or dry skin, flea and tick prevention, or odor control.

Although washing your Maltipoo isn’t much different to how you would wash your own hair, there are still some points to keep in mind. Before wetting the hair, we recommend you line brush to get it completely tangle-free. And after you’re done rinsing, thoroughly dry the hair and also focus on hard-to-reach areas like the ears, paws, armpits, and belly.

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Maltipoo Haircuts

As Maltipoo hair can grow out quickly, you won’t be getting away from scissors and clippers. With the right tools and technique, you can give your Maltipoo haircuts that are practical, cute, and work with your lifestyle. Later in this article, you’ll find a place where we show how to groom your Doodle at home. 

Nail Clipping

Another crucial step in your Maltipoo’s grooming routine is nail trimming. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort and pain when walking, and even lead to injury and infections. Our ultimate nail trimming guide is a great place to start.

Eyes & Ears

Any breed with floppy ears is at a higher risk of ear infections, and the Maltipoo is no different. The perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria is a moist environment with restricted airflow. That’s why it’s especially important you thoroughly dry your Maltipoo’s ears after a swim or bath. Another great method to prevent ear infections is by trimming the ear hairs.

Lastly, don’t forget to routinely clean your Maltipoo’s eyes. The buildup can get smelly while also causing discoloration around the eyes. You can use either a clean towel, tissue, or even a clean finger to gently remove any eye boogers. 

How Often Does A Maltipoo Need To Be Groomed?

How often do Maltipoos need haircuts? What about bathing or nail clipping? Understandably, scheduling and remembering all the necessary grooming activities can seem like an impossible task. You can use the sample grooming schedule below to stay on top of your pup’s beauty routine:

  • Brushing: daily or at least 3-4 times a week
  • Nail cutting: 1-4 times a month, ideally weekly
  • Hair and ear hair trimming: every 4-8 weeks
  • Ear cleaning: after every swim, bath, or when they’re smelly and dirty. 
  • Eye cleaning: daily
  • Bathing: depending on your dog’s lifestyle, activity levels, hair length, allergies, and skin conditions. Some pups benefit from weekly bathing, others need to be washed every 4-8 weeks when trimming the hair.  

Maltipoo Grooming Tutorials

For those of you curious to learn how to give your Maltipoo haircuts at home, check out our step-by-step online video course focusing on each area on the body separately.

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Best Maltipoo Haircuts: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Haircut For A Maltipoo?

There are many great Maltipoo haircuts to choose from, but the best style for your pup mainly depends on your lifestyle, climate, and how much you’re willing to spend time on maintaining the hair. For instance, you’ll most likely have to brush long hair more often than shorter hair. Likewise, you might switch between longer and shorter haircuts depending on the current season.  

Does Maltipoo Hair Grow Fast?

Maltipoos can inherit fast-growing locks from the Maltese parent. Although there’s nothing wrong with longer hair, it will most likely require more upkeep on your part. 

Should A Maltipoo Be Shaved?

Shaving a Maltipoo is usually necessary when the dog’s hair is severely matted or pelted. To avoid that, we recommend you brush your Maltipoo daily to prevent any matting. 

To conclude, choosing the right look for your pup can be overwhelming, especially when all the Maltipoo haircuts look equally adorable. We hope this article gave you some new inspiration for the upcoming grooming sessions with your pup. 

Which Maltipoo haircuts are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.