As with all other Doodles, grooming is an essential part in any Bernedoodle’s routine. Let’s have a look at the cutest Bernedoodle haircuts and discuss everything about Bernedoodle grooming!

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Understanding A Bernedoodle Coat

Before you purchase your grooming tools, it’s essential that you understand the type of coat your Bernedoodle has. There are three Bernedoodle coat types and each of them has different attributes and grooming needs.

Bernese Straight Coat

The straight coat resembles mostly the Bernese Mountain Dog parent. If your Bernedoodle has the straight coat, they most likely have an undercoat as well. Even though most Bernedoodle owners rate their dogs non or low-shedding, Bernedoodles with the straight coat type may shed some.

bernese mountain dog
A Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernedoodle Curly (Wool) Coat

The curly coat, also called a wool coat, is clearly inherited from the Poodle parent’s side. Bernedoodles with curly coats are super popular amongst families with allergies, as they shed very little or none at all. Typically, F1b Bernedoodles have curlier hair, as they are a mix of 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. 

bernedoodle with wool coat
Bernedoodle with a curly coat

However, keep in mind that curly hair is more prone to matting, since the knots are easy to form. If you’ve noticed your curly-coated Bernedoodle has lots of knots and tangles, your pup’s grooming routine should definitely include daily brushing. 

Bernedoodle Wavy (Fleece) Coat

The wavy coat is a combination of the curly and straight coat. If your pup has a wavy coat, they might shed some hair, but usually very little. Another great thing about the wavy coat is that it’s soft and smooth, so it doesn’t mat as easily as curly hair. 

bernedoodle fleece coat
Bernedoodle with a wavy coat

The F1 and F2 Bernedoodles are most likely to have a wavy coat. However, it’s never guaranteed which type of coat your Doodle gets. It also depends on what genes are more dominant. 

Top Bernedoodle Haircuts (With Pics!)

Be sure to check out our 2-part series on types of Doodle haircuts, with tons more pictures that cover overall body styles and variations of styles.

To inspire your next grooming session, here are the most popular Bernedoodle haircuts. However, don’t be tempted to choose a Bernedoodle grooming cut just based on which look you prefer the most. Keep in mind other factors like your dog’s coat type, your lifestyle, and climate you live in. 

If you’d prefer to spend less time on daily brushing, a shorter Bernedoodle haircut would be more suitable. On the other hand, if it’s winter, your pup might get too cold with a short cut. 

Different groomers may have different ideas of what the following types of cuts are. It’s best to show your groomer a picture of exactly what you want to avoid any misunderstandings. If any of these pictures represent what you want your Bernedoodle to look like, be sure to bookmark this page for easy access when dropping them off at the groomer!

Bernedoodle Winter Cut

The Bernedoodle grooming cut is the perfect look for winter, as the long hair will keep your pup all warm and cozy. Keep in mind that long hair tangles easily, so you must make time for brushing your Doodle. 

Photo Link
Bernedoodle with a winter cut, before and after@trail_jk
Bernedoodle with a winter cut@king.kodibear
Bernedoodle with a winter cut@cooper_the_wfb_bernedood
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Bernedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

The distinctive teddy bear cut makes all Doodles look like actual teddy bears. That rounded face is too adorable to handle!

Photo Link
Bernedoodle with a teddy bear cut@ryder_thebernedood
Bernedoodle with a teddy bear cut@modernavepetparlor
Bernedoodle with a teddy bear cut@stellamurphydoodle
Bernedoodle with a teddy bear cut and pom feet/bell bottoms@honeysucklethebernedoodle
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Bernedoodle Puppy Cut

A puppy cut is an all-round even cut that is supposed to preserve the “puppy” in your pup. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Photo Link
Bernedoodle with a puppy cut, before and after@rylieandgraham
Bernedoodle with a puppy cut@ambrose_the_bernedoodle
Bernedoodle with a puppy cut@lincoln_bernedoodle
Bernedoodle with a puppy cut@that.dood.reggie
Bernedoodle with a puppy cut and tapered legs@theislasdoods
Bernedoodle with a longer puppy cut@ccryer12
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Bernedoodle Kennel/Summer Cut

The kennel cut is when the hair is kept rather short – typically borderline shaved. We recommend this cut for owners who can’t spend too much time on brushing and want to keep matting at bay. 

Photo Link
Bernedoodle with a kennel/summer cut@bentley.thebernedoodle
Bernedoodle with a kennel/summer cut and a teddy bear head@georgiethegypsy
Bernedoodle with a kennel/summer cut and a topknot@theo.thephantom
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Bernedoodle Mohawk Cut

The Mohawk cut is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure does look cool!

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Doodle with a mohawk cut@dog_grooming_by_loegen
Doodle with a mohawk cut@thepawspakaysville
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Bernedoodle Lamb Cut

Even though the lamb cut is super popular in Poodles, Bernedoodles wear it just as well as their parent pups!

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Bernedoodle with a lamb cut@atlas.bernedoodle
Bernedoodle with a lamb cut@awe.phoebs
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Tools You Absolutely Need To Groom Your Bernedoodle at Home

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1. Brush

A high-quality, long pin brush is an essential grooming tool for Bernedoodles. Daily brushing ensures that your pup’s coat stays healthy and beautiful. Depending on your pup’s coat type and hair length, you can choose either a slicker brush, pin brush, or a bristle brush. Here you can read more about the best brushes for different Bernedoodle coat types.

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2. Comb (For Matting)

A comb is not only great for smaller and more delicate areas like your dog’s face, ears, eyes and paws, it’s the absolute best tool for working through knots, tangles, and matted hair. Click the image above for metal comb recommendations.

3. Dog Hair Clippers

If you’re taking your dog’s hair trimming into your own hands, you will need high quality dog clippers. Here are the best clippers that get the job done.

4. Grooming Scissors

Dog grooming scissors are necessary for trimming more delicate areas like inner ears, eyes, and paws. 

5. Thinning Shears

Thinning shears will absolutely transform the way you trim your Doodle’s hair. These scissors blend the different lengths of dog hair, so the result looks smooth and professional. Find some recommendations for thinning shears, a.k.a grooming shears, in this article right here.

6. Detangler Sprays

As Bernedoodles are prone to matting, a detangler spray will come in super handy. If you’re struggling with some really nasty knots, use a detangler spray, so you won’t hurt your pup.

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7. Shampoo

Whenever you bathe your Bernedoodle, always use a dog shampoo and never your own human shampoo. There are tons of different dog shampoos on the market for many different purposes and even skin conditions. Be sure to check out our ultimate shampoo guide for Doodles here

8. Nail Clippers (or a Nail Grinder)

Don’t forget to invest in a high quality nail trimming tool, as overgrown nails can cause your Doodle pain or even injure them. We’ve also created step-by-step guides on how to trim your dog’s nails so that you can get the job done fast and with minimal fuss.

9. Ear Treatment and Cleaning Products

Since Doodles are prone to ear infections, it’s important you maintain good ear hygiene. This includes proper cleaning with a vet-approved dog ear cleaner and trimming your pup’s inner-ear hair with scissors.

10. Grooming Table

A good grooming table will take your home grooming salon to another level. The dog grooming arm attached to the table will keep your pup safe and still, so you can focus on the grooming. You can either build a DIY grooming table or buy a great dog grooming table.

Tips On How To Groom Your Bernedoodle At Home

Understandably, grooming a Doodle can feel a bit overwhelming at first. So, here’s our checklist with the most important steps that you should include in your Bernedoodle’s grooming routine:

  • Tip #1:

    Brush Daily: Regular brushing is absolutely necessary for a few different reasons. Firstly, all Doodles are prone to matting. So naturally, brushing will help prevent any knots and tangles before they even get to form into mats. Be sure to check out our article on how to deal with your Doodle’s matted hair. Also, every now and then (or every day!), make sure to thoroughly brush their hair with the line brushing method to prevent matting.

  • Tip #2:

    Give Baths: Even though you probably don’t need to bathe your Bernedoodle too often, we recommend you give them a thorough wash before trimming their hair. Or when they get smelly… Here you can learn all of our best Doodle bathing tips and tricks.

  • Tip #3:

    Give Your Bernedoodle Haircuts: Another important part of your Bernedoodle’s grooming routine is giving your Bernedoodle haircuts. But before you start trimming, join our How to Groom a Doodle At Home online course to learn how to cut a Bernedoodle’s hair.

  • Tip #4:

    Trim the Nails: Regularly trim your Doodle’s nails to avoid discomfort, pain, injury, and infections. This should be done weekly, or in some cases, every 3-4 days. Make sure to check out our ultimate dog nail trimming guide.

  • Tip #5:

    Clean the Ears: Because of the risk of ear infections, always clean and dry your dog’s ears after every swim and bath. In addition, trim their inner ear hair to avoid dirt and bacteria getting trapped.

  • Tip #6:

    Clean the Eye Gunk: We recommend you gently clean your Bernedoodle’s eyes every day. This will prevent bad smell and discoloration around the eyes.

  • Tip #7:

    Learn How to Do All the Above…by joining Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles: An Online Course On How to Upkeep Your Doodle in Between Grooming Appointments!



How Often Do Bernedoodles Need To Be Groomed?

As all dogs are unique, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. For instance, how frequently you bathe your Bernedoodle depends on their activity levels, skin conditions, coat type, and hair length. Some dogs may need baths every week, while some require bathing only before hair trimming.

Speaking of Bernedoodle haircuts, you should trim your Doodle’s hair every 6-8 weeks.

We recommend that all Doodle owners brush their pets’ hair every day or a minimum of 3-4 times a week. The best way to deal with matting is to prevent it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bernedoodles Need Haircuts?

Yes, like all other Doodles, Bernedoodles’ need regular haircuts. Luckily, you have the option to choose from a variety of cute Bernedoodle grooming styles.

When Should a Bernedoodle Get Their First Haircut?

You can take your Doodle puppy to a professional groomer as soon as they’ve received all their puppy vaccinations (around the age of 16 weeks). The sooner you introduce your Bernedoodle puppy to grooming, the easier it is for your pup to get used to it.

Are Bernedoodles High Maintenance?

Bernedoodles and other Doodles might seem high maintenance to some. Doodles need regular brushing and haircuts to keep that coat looking gorgeous. The best tip is to brush your Bernedoodle daily to maintain a beautiful coat without too much effort.

How Much Does it Cost to Groom a Bernedoodle?

Professional groomers can charge anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on your location and the groomer you choose. If you decide to groom at home, you will have to factor in the cost of all the grooming tools. We recommend that you don’t buy the cheapest option available and do look for high-quality equipment that other Doodle owners recommend. High-quality Bernedoodle grooming tools usually last longer. They’re generally also more comfortable for both you and your pup, and easier to use. 

Why is My Bernedoodle Shedding?

This indicates that your Bernedoodle has inherited the Bernese Mountain Dog’s undercoat and the shedding gene. If your Bernedoodle is shedding, we recommend you brush them daily to remove the loose hair from the coat. 

To conclude, we hope you learned some new grooming tips and got a few ideas for your Bernedoodle’s next haircut.

What’s your Bernedoodle’s signature look and why? Let us know in the comments!

Learn How to Groom Your Doodle At Home!

For DIY-minded Doodle parents who want to have more control over their Doodle’s grooming routine or just want to save some money in times of high inflation. Take matters into your own hands and learn to give your Doodle the exact haircut YOU want with this valuable online course! Learn More

The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.

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4 thoughts on “Top Bernedoodle Haircuts (Lots of Pics!) & Home Grooming Tips

Jen Reply

I took our one-year old wavy haired Bernedoodle to the groomers. I asked for a tiny trim and the groomer shaved her down instead. My husband was devastated. He is convinced her coat won’t grow back for years. I feel awful. I can’t find anywhere online with a clear answer. She was shedding in clumps this spring which is why I took her in to see if a trim would help but I didn’t mean for it to be a close shave at all and I said that. How long will it take for her hair to grow back?

February 27, 2021 at 2:45 am
Molly Ehrlich

Hi, I am a professional groomer in SoCal and I wanted to give you some answers to your questions. First, it is absolutely not ok for groomers to shave down your dogs coat without your approval. They should’ve called/texted you to explain why a complete shave down is necessary. The most common reason given by groomers is the coat was very matted. Unless your Doodle is being thoroughly brushed out by someone who knows how to safely brush out coats without distressing or injuring the pet, the coat WILL get matted. There’s a point when dematting a coat (brushing through all the knots & tangles) becomes inhumane for any pet to have to go through because it’s physically painful as well as mentally harmful by ruining the grooming experience badly enough that it affects all grooming in the future. I don’t offer my clients a dematting service because I feel it is torture to put a dog through that. That’s when I would contact the owner to inform them of the situation, fully explain my findings and offer a solution that’s best suited for the dog. In this case a shave down is needed. But only if the dogs owner gives me permission verbally. Never without notifying the owner first. Another reason groomers may opt to shave down a coat is when dogs are dangerously aggressive and although muzzles are used as protection from being bit the best thing for aggressive pets as well as the groomer is to get the pet done and back home safe as soon as we can so, a shave down would work best in this scenario. The good news is… it only takes a few months for a coat to grow out long again

September 5, 2021 at 2:06 pm
Kristen Reply

Our bernedoodle puppy got shaved by his groomer, without our knowledge, when he was 4-5 months old. She told us he needed to be cleaned up a bit due to a mix of puppy and adult hair, so we trusted her advice. When we picked him up we did not know he had been shaved, we had thought she used scissors because she previously told us he should not be shaved. He was definitely cut short, maybe an inch or inch and a half. His hair is really fluffy now and super light in areas, like it’s just his undercoat and in other areas it’s sleek black hair. When I asked about the difference in his coat at his most recent appt (7 months now) she made a comment about how shaving him may be the reason he has different textured hair. I am devastated and worried his hair will never be “normal” again. Please help!

May 6, 2023 at 4:34 pm

I’m seeing a few hints here that help me conclude that you likely have nothing to worry about. Let me explain…
A puppy coat is a layer of hair that is softer, thinner, and shorter than the hair of an adult dog, and puppies will start shedding their coats around the age of six months. Simultaneously, the adult coat starts to grow in, which is thicker, more rigid, and denser. All of this is important to keep in mind as you read further.

As you mentioned, he was 4-5 months old when this happened and that “he needed to be cleaned up a bit due to a mix of puppy and adult hair”. So what likely happened was: the soft, silky puppy coat just happened to get cut off at the exact right (or wrong) time, and what grew back wasn’t as soft and fluffy as it was before (adult coat).

You also said “he was definitely cut short, maybe an inch or inch and a half” – I’m happy to say that we would not call that a shavedown. And as most Doodles do not have double coats, they are totally fine to shave or clip short. Any perceived change in the coat type is completely normal and your pup’s coat is not “ruined” or damaged. Give his adult coat about another 6-12 months to grow in fully and let us know!

May 6, 2023 at 8:42 pm