One of the many great things about Havapoos is that they can rock almost an endless variety of adorable Havapoo haircuts. Whether you want to step up your grooming game or your pup needs a fresh new look, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find the best Havapoo haircuts to swoon over. What’s more, we’ll also be sharing with you our best Havapoo grooming tips and tricks, so you can take matters into your own hands (if you’re up for it…). Let’s dive in!

Understanding The Havapoo Coat

Before we reveal to you the best Havapoo haircuts that look gorgeous on any pup, it’s important we first understand their coat types. As you may know, the Havapoo is a cross-breed between the Poodle and the Havanese. Naturally, as we cross those two purebred pups, there’s quite a bit of uncertainty involved. Will they inherit a curly coat? Will they look more like a wavy Havanese? Or is it going to fall somewhere in between? Naturally, their coat type can also influence their grooming requirements. So, choosing a maintainable hairstyle should be included in your decision making. 

Havapoo Curly Coat

Influenced by the Poodle lineage, Havapoos with curly coats tend to shed very little, if at all. Their curly coats are usually thick and textured, which also means that they require regular attention on your part. Curly coats tend to tangle easily. The best way to prevent it is by brushing your pup’s hair on a daily basis. Havapoos with curly coats are most common in backcross generations, where there’s more Poodle genes in the mix. 

Doodle with a curly coat.

Havapoo Wavy Coat

A beautiful combination of the Poodle and Havanese, Havapoos with wavy coats take more after the Havanese parent. Havapoo wavy coat usually grows longer and it has a silky and smooth texture. It’s typically more lightweight and might even be easier to care for. However, you’ll still want to brush your Havapoo’s hair regularly, as the longer the hair, the easier it can become knotted. We can expect to see more wavy coats in first and second-generation Havapoos, where there’s a 50-50 mix of the Poodle and Havanese.

Yorkipoo with wavy coat
Doodle with wavy coat.

Havapoo Double Coat

Although the Havapoo Double Coat isn’t necessarily a separate coat type, it’s not uncommon for Havapoos to inherit the shedding Havanese undercoat. But as there’s Poodle genes in the mix, we can expect Havapoos with double coats to shed considerably less than their purebred Havanese parents. Interestingly, it’s believed that the Havanese dogs developed a double coat due to living in the tropics. This helped them stay cool from excessive heat. In addition to that, some Havanese dogs don’t have an undercoat at all. All in all, if your Havapoo does have a double coat, you should be prepared for slight shedding. Daily brushing will help rid the coat of loose, dead hair. 

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Top 5 Havapoo Haircuts

Be sure to check out these two posts for tons more Doodle haircut pictures: Part 1 (Doodle Body Haircut Styles) and Part 2 (Doodle Haircut Variations).

It’s now time for Havapoo grooming inspiration! These are the most popular Havapoo haircut styles that you can try out on your Doodle. And if you don’t like it, rest assured that the hair will always grow back and you can try another style next time.

Different groomers may have different ideas of what the following types of cuts are. It’s best to show your groomer a picture of exactly what you want to avoid any misunderstandings. If any of these pictures represent what you want your Havapoo to look like, be sure to bookmark this page for easy access when dropping them off at the groomer!

Havapoo Natural Coat

This Havapoo haircut is a nod to the Havanese parent. The Havapoo natural coat features long and luscious locks that are kept long. This Havapoo haircut usually works best on pups who have inherited the wavy Havanese coat. Although it might look super heavy and difficult to maintain, it’s actually pretty lightweight, as is the Havanese wavy hair. As long as you’ll be brushing it out regularly, you should have no problems whatsoever. However, your pup might prefer this look more during colder months.

Havapoo Puppy Cut

A super popular choice amongst all Doodles, the Havapoo puppy cut gives your little Dood a true puppy-like look. It’s typically very easy to achieve and maintain. Although professional groomers all have a slightly different interpretation of the haircut, it’s usually kept the same shorter length throughout the body and legs, while a bit longer on the face and ears. 

Havapoo Teddy Bear Cut

Another highly popular Havapoo haircut is the teddy bear cut. It’s fairly similar to the Havapoo puppy cut, but with some exceptions. For the teddy bear cut, the hair on the face is kept even longer and also more rounded out. Similarly to the puppy cut, the hair on the body is kept shorter than the head. 

Havapoo Kennel Cut

The Havapoo kennel cut is again a super simple Havapoo haircut that’s not only easy to achieve on your own, but also one of the easiest to take care of. The hair on the body is kept very short while leaving it longer on the face and ears. So, your pup gets to cool down during those hot summer months while not compromising on the adorable Doodle look on the face. 

Shaved Havapoo

Last, but not least, the Havapoo shaved or summer cut is a popular choice, you guessed it, during the hottest time of the year. However, more often than not, it’s actually the last resort once a dog’s hair has been so matted that there’s no other choice than to shave it. The fur is clipped super short and the skin underneath is typically visible. While it might not be the look you desire to see on your Dood, do not worry, as Havapoos’ hair tends to grow back very fast. 

Tools You Absolutely Need To Groom Your Havapoo at Home

  • Tool #1:

    Brush – Your MVP in the Havapoo grooming game is a high quality, durable dog brush. Here we’ve reviewed the best brushes for Maltipoo, but we can vouch that these also work great on all types of Havapoo hair.

  • Tool #2:

    Comb – The other key player in your Havapoo’s grooming routine is a sturdy comb. It’s such a versatile tool that you can use to brush out stubborn knots and tangles. It’s also great for targeting those hard-to-reach areas like the face and paws.

  • Tool #3:

    Dog Clippers – You’ll also be needing a good quality set of dog clippers that help you trim the hair much faster than scissors alone. Here you’ll find our favorite dog clippers for Doodles.

  • Tool #4:

    Scissors – Although you’ll do the majority of the legwork with clippers, you’ll also need a pair of dog scissors. Opt for rounded tips, as these are much safer to use. Our grooming scissors buying guide will give you some great recommendations.

  • Tool #5:

    Dog Shears – Although some people might find thinning shears not a necessity, this scissor-like tool will completely transform the way your give your Havapoo haircuts at home. It works by blending in the different lengths of hair, giving your pup a professional hairstyle.

  • Tool #6:

    Detangler Spray – Another staple in your grooming kit is a dog detangler spray. Use it before tackling stubborn knots and or even before your regular grooming routine. Detangler sprays really do cut the time in half that you’ll otherwise spend on combing out the tangles. Here are our favorite dog detangler sprays that pro groomers recommend.

  • Tool #7:

    Shampoo – A good Havapoo grooming routine also consists of regular bathtimes. Our ultimate list of best dog shampoos for Doodles has many product recommendations for various purposes and skin conditions.

  • Tool #8:

    Nail Clippers – Another step in your pup’s grooming routine is trimming its nails. Nail clippers are usually the easiest to use, but you can also opt for a dog nail grinder.

  • Tool #9:

    Ear Cleaning Tools & Products – With those adorable floppy ears, Doodles are bound to be at a higher risk of ear infections. You can easily prevent it with proper ear hygiene. Here you’ll find our favorite vet-approved dog ear cleaners that are safe and easy to use.

  • Tool #10:

    Grooming Table –  Lastly, for a successful grooming session at home, we recommend you invest in a dog grooming table. You don’t have to choose the fanciest, most expensive option on the market. Just make sure it comes with an adjustable arm and a leash to keep your pup safe while you groom away. We’ve reviewed some great grooming tables for purchase and also listed a few DIY options.

Tips On How To Groom Your Havapoo At Home


As we mentioned, probably the most important step in your Havapoo grooming routine is brushing its hair daily. And it’s not just a thing about vanity – but then again, neither your pup nor you would enjoy dull, unkempt hair. 

Nevertheless, brushing a Havapoo’s hair is important for many reasons, such as removing knots and tangles before they have the chance of turning into full-blown mats. It also helps you remove loose hair from the depths of the coat and dirt and debris that might get stuck after a vigorous playtime outside. In addition to that, brushing distributes your dog’s natural oils throughout the hair, so their coat will be nicely nourished and shiny. 

In fact, we’ve got a great brushing guide you can follow every time your give your Havapoo a little pampering:

havapoo haircuts

Additionally, we recommend you also follow the line brushing technique every once in a while. It’s more of an intensive treatment for super knotted hair, but it definitely won’t hurt if you decide to do it every day. It’s also a great way to get your pup’s hair completely brushed before bathtime or haircuts. 

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Even though daily brushing will help you keep your Havapoo cleaner for a longer time, you’ll also need to wash your pup every now and then. It’s usually best if you bathe your pup before giving them a haircut or once they start to get smelly and super dirty. However, don’t forget to thoroughly dry them afterwards, especially in smaller and harder to reach areas like the ears, armpits, and paws. 

Our ultimate Doodle bathing guide has easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to bathe your dog at home. 

Havapoo Haircuts

Giving your Havapoo haircuts at home might seem scary at first, but it’s actually a great bonding experience for both of you. And trust us, it will get much easier over time, once you get a hang of it. But before you pick up your scissors and clippers, make sure you’ve learned exactly how it’s done from our online grooming course

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Nail Clipping

Just like our own nails, Havapoos tend to grow out their nails rather quickly. It’s important you regularly clip their nails, as overgrown nails can not only cause discomfort and pain, but ultimately lead to injuries, infections, and sometimes even contribute to joint problems. Our ultimate step-by-step guide on How To Trim Dog Nails at home has all the necessary know-how you need.  

Ears & Eyes

As we briefly mentioned, Havapoos are prone to ear infections. Because of this, it’s crucial you keep track of your pup’s ear hygiene. Make sure you thoroughly dry them after they get wet and clean them with a specially formulated dog ear cleaner. Similarly, you should also remove eye boogers daily, as these often start to smell and stain your Havapoo’s hair around the eyes. 

How Often Do Havapoos Need To Be Groomed?

Naturally, staying on top of your Havapoo grooming routine is not the easiest of tasks. For this reason, we’ve created a simple schedule you can follow:

  • Brushing: daily or at least 3-4 times a week
  • Nail cutting: 1-4 times a month, ideally weekly
  • Hair and ear hair trimming: every 6-8 weeks
  • Ear cleaning: after every swim, bath, or when they’re smelly and/or dirty. 
  • Bathing: Usually every 4-8 weeks, depending on your dog’s lifestyle, activity levels, skin conditions, and allergies. 

Havapoos Grooming Tutorials

If you’ve decided to give your Havapoo haircuts at home, here are our video tutorials showing you exactly how to get the job done with minimal fuss. 

  • Top-Half: First you’ll start with your Dood’s top-half. In this video, we show you how to clip the entire top-half of the body, including the back, back of the neck, chest, and upper hind legs.
  • Head & Face: For the head, neck, and face, take note from this tutorial video.
  • Ears: Next up we have ears. In this tutorial video, we clip the ears from the outside and scissor-trim the hairs from the inside as well.
  • Legs & Paws: In this video, we show you how to clip and trim the legs, feet, and paws.
  • Belly & Groin: Moving on to the more delicate areas, here we demonstrate how to clip the belly and groin areas.
  • Bum & Tail: And lastly, you’ll also want to trim around the bum and tail area.

Havapoo Haircuts: Frequently Asked Questions

Do Havapoos Need To Be Groomed?

Like any other Doodle, you should groom your Havapoo on a regular basis. Most notably, regardless of your dog’s coat type, you should brush their hair daily. This helps to keep knots and tangles at bay, so they won’t form into mats. Additionally, as both Havanese and Poodles tend to grow their hair fast, you’ll also have to trim their hair or visit a professional dog groomer every six to eight weeks. 

How Do You Trim A Havapoo?

If you’d like to give your Havapoo haircuts at home, we recommend you grab our Doodle grooming online course. It is a video tutorial course shot in first person perspective, so you can see exactly how the process looks from your point of view. 

To conclude, anyone who’s adopted or planning to adopt a Havapoo should know that these pups are more high-maintenance than some other breeds. But they do have their many perks like the non-shedding coats and, of course, the sweetest personality. Regardless if you choose to take your dog to a professional groomer or do it yourself, we hope this article has given you some new inspiration for the next Havapoo haircut your pup will gladly flaunt. 

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