If your search for your next perfect family dog has led you here, it’s probably because everyone and their dog has been recommending Goldendoodles. And for good reason! But if you’re wondering, “how smart is a Goldendoodle?” and whether it will be hard to train your new four-legged friend, we have some great news for you! More on the subject below.

How Smart is a Goldendoodle?

Given that they are a cross between two of the smartest dog breeds out there, Goldendoodles are genetically predisposed to intelligence. And based on our ongoing survey results from hundreds of Goldendoodle owners, the answer is a resounding “EXCEPTIONALLY SMART”!

As of November 29, 2021, we have received 927 total responses to our Doodle Characteristics Survey. The data you see below pertains only to Goldendoodles (485 responses).

About the Graphs

The graphs below are updated in real-time as people submit their responses to the survey.

All ratings are based on a scale from Poor to Excellent. Keep in mind that these survey results are anecdotal (based on people’s personal ratings).

Each graph is interactive so you can hover over the sections (on a computer) or tap on the sections (on a mobile device) for more info. On mobile devices, the graphs might look cut off, but you can use your finger to tap and drag to scroll and see the full graph.


Survey participants evaluated their Goldendoodle’s Intelligence from Poor to Excellent, and an overwhelming number of people reported Excellent.

But What is the Marker for Intelligence?

Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD focuses on trainability as a marker of intelligence in his bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs. His book is based on assessments of 110 breeds by more than 200 professional dog obedience judges, who scored breeds based on working and obedience tests.

The breeds that were deemed most intelligent absorbed commands in less than five repetitions, and obeyed them 95% of the time or better.

Out of 110 dog breeds, Golden Retrievers scored #4. Poodles scored #2.

It’s like two geniuses came together to make an even genius-ier baby.

Ease of Training

Survey participants evaluated their Goldendoodle’s Ease of Training from Poor to Excellent, and most people reported Excellent or Very Good.

Since Goldendoodles are very intelligent and easily trained, any type of undesirable behaviors can be fixed with time, effort, and consistency.

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Hopefully that gives some good insight on the question “how smart is a Goldendoodle?”

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One thought on “How Smart is a Goldendoodle? See What Owners Have to Say

Jeff Reply

My Mini Goldendoodle Maddie is almost 1 year old now, approx. 25 pounds (medium sized). She is white with a beige eye mask and ears with some beige spots… Maddie goes to work with me everyday and usually sleeps under my desk most of the day…ready to play at the 5 o’clock hour. This is truly the most intelligent dog I’ve ever owned. Understands all commands, stop, stay, no, bad, shake, high five, sit, lay down, beg (standing like a circus dog) and even plays dead. She’s always smiling and has a calm, kind and gentle temperament, friendly with all people and dogs… all the time. Maddie rarely barks at work, more of a moan/cry when she hears me talking outside my office, at home she spends most of her time, people watching from the balcony. I trained her myself, started from day one, about the 8th week using small pieces of chicken with basic commands sit, stay and lay down. The first couple weeks, I was terrified, what have I done? but, she is a little super-dog. Loves driving in the car, trips to the beach, walks, jogging, etc. Goldendoodles are a bit pricey, and the breeder was all the way in Utah, quite a trek from Pasadena, California. I would highly recommend.

December 29, 2021 at 4:13 pm

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