Your 11-month old puppy is almost an adult, but not quite. He’s still a full-fledged “teenager.” Learn what to expect with 11-month old puppy behavior and development and what you need to know as a Doodle parent.

Wow, it’s almost been a whole year since your sweet, adorable puppy was born. And since you brought him home just a few short months ago, life has changed. Can you even remember what it was like before you brought your Doodle home?

All the hard work and vigilance of your pup’s first few months are behind you, and you’re now starting to look ahead to his adult years. Even though you aren’t quite there yet, it’s time to start planning for the transition from puppyhood to adulthood.

Keep in mind that your 11-month old Dood isn’t an adult yet. He may look very adult-like at this point, but looks aren’t the same as mental and behavioral development. While he’s likely still very silly and puppy-like at times, he’s also very teachable and maturing by the day.

Is your puppy still having periods of being disobedient, willful, or destructive like a teenager? Just remember that this stage lasts until your dog is around 18 months, and sometimes it can continue until 2.5 years of age. Don’t worry, you’ll all get through it (with minimal scarring)!

Keep in mind that even though some days are harder than others, your puppy loves you very much. (Now go give him a treat and a scratch behind the ears!)

Let’s check out how your dog is changing this month and what you need to know as a Doodle parent.

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Is Your Puppy Still Growing?

That depends on the size of your breed. Smaller Doods should be full-grown by the 1-year mark, while larger Doodle breeds will likely finish growing around 1.5-2 years old. Continue to keep an eye on your dog’s growth.

First Yearly Checkup

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling your 11-month old puppy’s first annual vet exam. Set the tone for a great visit (and future visits!) by being cheerful and upbeat – and bringing lots of treats.

Your vet will check your pup over from head to toe, check his vaccination records and schedule, and evaluate his growth. If you have any questions this would be a great time to ask them. Here are a few to consider asking:

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Making The Switch From Puppy Food To Adult Food

As your puppy gets closer to turning 1-year old, it’s time to start thinking about switching his food from puppy food to adult food. Puppy food is full of extra calories to support all that puppy energy, but it quickly becomes an unnecessary way to pack on unhealthy extra pounds. 

Talk with your vet to develop a plan specifically for your pup.

44-48 Week Old Puppy Growth: Physical And Behavioral Development

Your Dood isn’t changing nearly as quickly as he was a few months ago, but there’s still some change happening. Here’s what you can expect this month.

11-Month Old Puppy Physical Development

  • He’s sexually mature and ready to be spayed/neutered if he hasn’t been already.
  • If your pup isn’t already spayed/neutered, he is likely exhibiting sexual behavior.
  • Continue to keep track of his growth with our Doodle Puppy Growth Tracker!
  • Tracking his growth and weight will help you determine how much puppy food he needs right now. Check with your vet to see when you should begin switching from puppy food to adult food.
  • Brush him every day while his adult coat is coming in to avoid matting problems as he sheds his puppy coat.
  • Trim his nails weekly so that he doesn’t mind having people mess with his paws.

11-Month Old Puppy Behavior Development

  • Puppy is still an adolescent, and his behavior may show similarities reminiscent of human teenagers. Expect to continue to see:
    • A rebellious side to your pup as he tests his limits. 
    • Your dog ignoring cues that he previously knew or acting like he “forgot” his training.
    • An increase in energy and willfulness.
    • Destructive behavior, which is often caused by boredom due to the increase in energy and confidence.
    • Instances of challenging you more as he explores dominance and his role in the pack.

What To Expect As A Doodle Parent

  • Even with the best preparation, things will be challenging from time to time during this period. Try not to expect model behavior right now, as it will set you both up for failure.
  • Continue to provide safe opportunities for vigorous play and exercise to curb destructive behavior.
  • At this age, he may act like he “forgot” his training from time to time. Be consistent and firm.
  • Enjoy those swoon-worthy moments and all the snuggles you can get!


  • Your Dood should be fully potty trained by now. If he’s still having issues with house training larger than an occasional accident, reach out to your vet to determine if he has a treatable health issue.
  • Be sure that your 11-month old puppy is safely confined to the house and yard, as he may go to great lengths and escape to mate.
  • Are you seeing some new behavior issues? Don’t assume they will go away on their own. Instead, address those issues as soon as possible. If the issues are too hard to correct or manage on your own, consider hiring a dog trainer or behaviorist.
  • Avoid situations that could have harmful results during your Doodle’s occasional lapses of obedience, such as off-leash work in an unsecured area.
  • Do an evaluation once a week on how much you’re feeding him, and adjust the amount as needed.
  • Don’t punish your puppy. Redirect naughty behavior and reward desirable behavior.

Savor Your Time With Your 11-Month Old Puppy

Things may not be very different from last month, but your Dood is still maturing. Help him learn good habits by providing opportunities outside to burn off excess energy and enjoy any snuggles you can get. While you’re at it, give him an extra toy or treat to show him how much you love him. His birthday is just around the corner after all!

Find out more about what to expect with your puppy from next month.

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Is there any training tips for a Doodle owner who walks with a walker? I have hired a trainer to work with my 10 month old Sheepadoodle for basic commands and walking on leash. She will be socializing him also.

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