We’ve all seen those unkempt Cockapoo faces that seem to have grown into the wildest lengths. But, as a direct offspring of the Poodle, these little Doods need to have their hair trimmed and brushed regularly to keep them looking fabulous and healthy at all times. As your Cockapoo’s face is their calling card, it only makes sense to keep it nicely groomed. In this guide, we’re going to talk all about grooming Cockapoo faces, including the grooming tools you’ll need, the step-by-step explanations of the techniques, and many other tips and tricks that will surely set you and your pup up for success. Keep on reading to learn more! 

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Grooming Cockapoo Faces At Home: Intro

The Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix has been around from the 1950s and today they’re one of the most popular Doodle breeds out there, especially amongst the smaller-sized Doods. The Cockapoo is a sweet-natured, loving, and outgoing crossbreed that makes an equally excellent companion for singles, families, and couples. And thanks to their small size, you can even adopt one if you don’t have the biggest mansion on the block. 

In addition to their most perfect temperament and personality, Cockapoos are also widely praised for their low-shedding and allergy-friendly coats. But as we love to say, with such great power comes great responsibility. Namely, like any other Poodle mix out there, these pups need to be groomed regularly for not just their cute looks, but also to maintain good skin and coat health. Obviously, one key part of this is grooming the Cockapoo’s face. 

As fellow Doodle owners, we know how costly those regular trips to a professional groomer can get. Not to mention, all the time and energy it takes to get your pup to the salon and back. To be fair, even we don’t get haircuts that often! 

What many Cockapoo owners opt for instead is to groom their pups at home themselves. It saves a significant amount of money, that’s for sure. Plus, it’s an excellent way to build a stronger bond with your best pal. 

Can I Groom My Cockapoo Myself?

As you may have gotten the hint already, you can absolutely groom your Cockapoo yourself at home (or anywhere else for that matter… as long as it doesn’t disturb anyone). In fact, it’s very easy to groom your Cockapoo at home if you have the right grooming tools and patience to learn the correct techniques. 

Naturally, for the best results, you’ve got to take your time and practice this consistently. First of all, your Cockapoo will need regular haircuts and brushing sessions anyway. So, if you stay on top of their overall grooming and hygiene routine, it’s going to be that much easier each time you have to reach for the clippers and scissors.

Secondly, don’t beat yourself up if the first few times the result isn’t exactly the most beautiful. It really does take time and practice to learn all those tricks and how to comfortably handle all the grooming tools you’ll be using. In addition to that, you might have to give your pup some time as well for them to get used to regular grooming sessions at home. Especially when it comes to Cockapoo faces – it might be scary for them having all those tools around their lil’ faces! 

Learn How to Groom Your Doodle At Home!

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What Are The Steps To Groom Cockapoo At Home?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time we get into the nitty gritty of grooming a Cockapoo’s face. Here’s the breakdown of the steps that the process should involve. 

Remove Dead Hair With A Brush

Before you do anything, including bathing or simple hair trimming, you’ve got to thoroughly brush through your Cockapoo’s coat with a good quality dog brush. Depending on your Dood’s coat type, either a pin or slicker brush would be a great option. We also recommend you use a dog detangler spray that will help you brush through the fur much quicker. 

The usual recommendation is that curly-coated Cockapoos need a more heavy duty dog brush, such as the slicker brush. Straight coat and wavy coat Cockapoos can also be brushed with a slicker brush, but as they usually require slightly less maintenance, you could also opt for a pin brush.

But regardless of your Cockapoo’s coat type, you’ll absolutely need a good quality metal comb in addition to your dog brush. A comb is such a versatile tool, as it’s excellent for combing through the fur on the face, ears, and paws, but also for detangling any stubborn knots. 

Brushing serves a few different purposes for Cockapoos. Firstly, brushing helps remove any tangles and knots hiding inside the fur. As Cockapoos are prone to matting, you should ideally brush them every day, or at least 3-4 times a week. This is the most effective and easiest way to prevent matting! 

Secondly, regular brushing also helps remove any loose dog hair hiding inside the fur. Even though curly-coated Cockapoos are considered either low to non shed pups, they still shed some hair. The difference is that it tends to get trapped inside the fur, which then will also cause tangles, leading to matted fur. 

Give Your Cockapoo A Nice Bath

Once you’ve thoroughly brushed your Cockapoo, including their face, it’s time for a nice bath. Although daily brushing will certainly help you get rid of any daily dirt and debris, extending the time in between each bath, you should give them a proper wash before reaching for your scissors and dog clippers. 

Opt for a shampoo that’s specially formulated for dogs, such as the ones we’ve reviewed here. These are all excellent options for Cockapoos, and we’ve got different recommendations for many different skin and coat concerns. For instance, if you’ve got a Cockapoo with skin sensitivities or allergies, a soothing or hypoallergenic dog shampoo would be your best bet. 

Bathing your Cockapoo is pretty much as straightforward as it sounds. First you’ll want to thoroughly brush your dog, then wet their fur, lather them up all nicely, and thoroughly rinse out the shampoo. You can also use a specially formulated dog conditioner to give them some extra pampering. You’ll be able to learn the whole process from our in-depth Doodle bathing guide right here

Pick A Simple Haircut

Whether you’re just starting out with at-home grooming or you’re a seasoned pro, opting for simple styles is usually the best route to go. Not only are they easier to achieve on your own, they’re generally much easier to maintain as well. 

In addition to that, if you’re not really experienced in this area, choosing wildly complex hairstyles at first can put both you and your pup in harm’s way. Some very intricate hairdos require lots and lots of maneuvering and detailed work, so you want to be completely certain that you know exactly how to handle the grooming tools and achieve the look you’re after. 

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a full guide on the best, most adorable Cockapoo haircuts that you can try achieving yourself at home. But again, don’t worry if the first few times the end result isn’t exactly as you imagined. With patience and consistency, you’ll soon be a total pro. 

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Grooming Cockapoo Faces At Home: How Do You Trim A Cockapoo’s Face?

How to achieve a great Cockapoo face trim? Are Cockapoo faces easy to groom? How to clip a Cockapoo? These are some of the most common questions we get asked from Cockapoo owners – you’re not alone! Luckily, there’s nothing difficult about grooming a Cockapoo’s face, especially if you follow these steps we have listed below. 

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

First and foremost, you have to stock up on the right grooming tools to achieve your Cockapoo’s trim at home. Here’s a list of the grooming tools you’ll be needing:

  • Dog Brush: For Cockapoos, either a slicker or pin brush is an excellent option.
  • Comb: When dealing with stubborn knots and tangled hair, a sturdy metal comb is your best friend. 
  • Dog Detangler Spray: Although optional, we strongly recommend you get a dog detangler spray, as this will cut the time spent on knotted hair literally in half. 
  • Dog Shampoo & Conditioner: Make sure you opt for a dog-safe shampoo and conditioner instead of reaching for your own. In fact, products designed for humans can do our canine pals more harm than good! 
  • Dog Hair Clippers: It’s pretty self explanatory – how else can you achieve a good Cockapoo trim?! Here are some top pics for Cockapoos
  • Grooming Scissors: For such a delicate area like the Cockapoo face, a set of clippers isn’t enough on its own. Get yourself a good pair of dog-safe grooming scissors that have rounded tips for your pup’s safety. 
  • Grooming Shears: This scissor-like tool is excellent for leveling up your grooming skills and your Cockapoo’s face trim. Our grooming scissor guide also features a pair of thinning shears, so be sure to check it out. 
  • Dog Leash Or A Dog Grooming Table: Dogs aren’t particularly keen on staying put when you’re about to groom them, so having a dog leash or a dog grooming table will be super helpful. You can either purchase a dog grooming table or build one on your own
  • Lots Of Tasty Treats: Needless to say, yummy dog treats are the secret to successful Cockapoo grooming sessions. If your pup is a little bit anxious, you can opt for calming treats

Other Grooming Tools You Need

In addition to the grooming tools we listed above, we also recommend you have a good set of nail clippers or a dog nail grinder at hand, since you should trim your pup’s nails weekly. Moreover, don’t forget to regularly clean your Cockapoo’s ears with a dog ear cleaner, and make sure that you’ve properly dried them after each bathtime and swim. 

Understand The Different Sections Of Cockapoo’s Face

Once you have all of your grooming tools and you’re ready to get grooming your Cockapoo’s face, it’s vital that you know a bit about their anatomy. When it comes to Cockapoo faces, there are a few different areas to consider. But as soon as you understand the areas you’re working with, you’ll be guaranteed to achieve much better results. 


When talking about Cockapoo faces, the crown is the top portion of their head that sits between their two ears. You want to keep this portion of the head proportionate to the overall length of the haircut you’re looking to achieve. We’ve all seen those Cockapoo faces with long mullets – not the most modern look, but definitely eye catching! 

Be sure to be cautious around the ears. You can keep them away by covering them with your other hand. 


The eye area is undoubtedly the most delicate area on your Cockapoo’s face that requires a steady hand. It’s also worth noting that if the hair around the eyes starts to grow out too long, it can get into your pup’s eyes and block their vision. Keeping the fur around the eyes neatly trimmed is vital because of this! 

The eyebrow area is right there as well – Cockapoos have very distinct eyebrows, but they also can get too long. Again, this could potentially become hazardous for your pup if they don’t see anything underneath all that eyebrow. 

For both the eye and eyebrow area, a scissor trim would be the best option. You’ll have full control over the scissors and you won’t accidentally hurt your pup in the process. Of course, be sure to be extra gentle in this area, 

Muzzle & Jawline

Now onto the lower portion of the face, below the eyes – the muzzle, beard, and jawline. Although long beards definitely look cute on Doodles, they can also cause quite a bit of trouble if not maintained properly. All of the food bits, dirt and debris, and saliva can get easily trapped inside the fur. And if the area is constantly moist from all the water that your pup has drank, bacteria and smelly kisses will soon follow. In addition to that, it could also cause dark beard stains and even skin irritations and infections. 

You can keep the muzzle and beard fur as short or long as you prefer. But keep in mind, as with any area on your Cockapoo’s face and body, the longer the hair, the more you need to maintain it. 

Pick The Right Look For Your Cockapoo

Now that you understand Cockapoo faces and their anatomy, it’s time to choose a look for your pup. So, what is the best cut for a Cockapoo? There are plenty of beautiful Cockapoo haircuts to choose from, so it’s totally up to you which one you prefer. 

We do recommend that you weigh all the pros and cons of each haircut, such as how easy it is to achieve and maintain, but also the climate and current season. After all, you want your Cockapoo’s face to look cute, but also be comfortable for your pup to wear for the next few weeks or months. On the other hand, as Cockapoos’ hair grows pretty fast, you can always switch up their look once their next grooming session comes up. 

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is an excellent choice regardless if you’re just a beginner or have multiple Cockapoo grooming sessions under your belt. In fact, many Doodles, including Cockapoos, sport this look, since it’s so low maintenance!

With the puppy cut, a Cockapoo’s face, ears, and tail are often kept the same length as the body. However, there are really no rules here, as some people prefer to keep the hair slightly longer on the face. Nonetheless, you can opt for either a longer or shorter do, depending on your preference, but also consider your lifestyle and climate. Most commonly, pro groomers and Doodle owners keep the hair length about one or two inches long, making it easy to maintain. 

goldendoodle haircuts puppy cut
Puppy cut on a more curly goldendoodle

Additionally, you want to leave some layering along your pup’s sides, legs, and feet, which you can do with your thinning shears. The fur on the muzzle isn’t kept too long, making it the perfect haircut to prevent tangles and matting, but also any dirt and debris from getting stuck inside the beard. For a more polished look, we also recommend you add some layering onto the muzzle and ears – this will prevent that chopped up look. 

Teddy Bear Look

The teddy bear cut is one of the most popular choices amongst all Doodles. This haircut does exactly what it promises – it makes your little Dood look like a real life teddy bear! What gives this haircut a distinctive look is the rounded edges on your Cockapoo’s face. 

To achieve this look, you’ll want to leave the hair on the face and crown slightly longer than the rest of the body. This way, the rounded face is more pronounced, giving your Cockapoo’s face that distinct teddy bear look. 

Goldendoodle teddy bear cut
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Essentially, you’ll want to divide your Cockapoo’s face into three circles – the outer circle that includes the crown and ears, the middle portion that includes the eyebrows and jawline, and the inner circle that includes the muzzle, sometimes also referred to as the chrysanthemum. The goal is to achieve uniformed circles in each area, leaving the fur long and fluffy. And that’s about it! 

We do have to note that the teddy bear haircut is a bit more advanced than the puppy cut. So, if you’re a beginner, it might take a few tries to get it right. 

Kennel/Summer Cut

The kennel cut, also known as the summer cut, is an excellent choice if you live in a very warm climate, or if you experience very hot summer months. As you can probably guess already, the kennel cut means that the hair is clipped short all over, including the face. However, this look is also open for interpretation, and some people prefer to keep the face slightly longer. 

Goldendoodle kennel cut clean face long ears
Kennel cut with clean face and long ears

Although this look doesn’t exactly express your Cockapoo’s Doodle heritage, it’s very practical for many reasons.The summer cut keeps your pup cool and comfy throughout all summer, as there’s not that much fur covering their body. It usually doesn’t require much brushing either, since dirt and debris won’t get as easily stuck inside the fur. 

Start Trimming Your Cockapoo’s Face

Once you’ve brushed and bathed, and then brushed again your pup, you’re ready to start trimming your Cockapoo’s face. Make sure you have all of your grooming tools right there with you, have your pup properly secured with a leash or on a dog grooming table, and it’s time to get trimming. 

PS! It would be wise to first let your pup inspect and sniff all of the grooming tools that you’ll be using. This way, they can get used to all of the tools and understand that there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t forget to give your pooch lots of praise and treats for being patient with you.

Be Careful While Trimming Near Eyes And Eyebrows

First things first, the easiest way is to start from the top of the head, a.k.a the crown. Trim the fur on the crown to your desired length and then you’ll move onto the eye and eyebrow area. 

Needless to say, the eye and eyebrow area is super delicate and sensitive. There are whiskers that you definitely don’t want to cut, and you should be very mindful of how you operate with your scissors around your pup’s eyes as well. 

We recommend you have your pup leashed so that they sit still. With your free hand, you can keep your Cockapoo’s face and head still by gently, yet firmly holding their muzzle in your palm. 

Another helpful tip is to cut the hair in an upward diagonal angle using the sides of the scissors, not the tips. This will prevent any accidental poking and injuries, while letting you achieve smooth cuts. 

In terms of the technique, an easy method is to pull sections of the hairs between your fingers and then cut it to your desired length. This is how our own hairdressers do it as well, giving you more control over the end result. Once you’ve cut the hair with your grooming scissors, feather the fur out with your thinning shears. Also, try not to keep the hair around the eyes too long, as they’ll grow out fast and start blocking your dog’s vision. 

Trim The Muzzle And Nose Area To Get Your Desired Look

The muzzle and beard area is going to make a huge difference in the look you’re trying to achieve. Depending on your preference and other considerations, you can keep the fur on the muzzle either long or short. The pros of longer hair include the signature Doodle look. On the other hand, the downside is that it requires more brushing, maintenance, and cleaning. 

Again, safety precautions are vital here, as you don’t want to accidentally poke your pup with the scissors. When you’re trimming the jawline, a helpful trick is to keep your Cockapoo’s ears out of the way with the same hand that you use to keep their head still. 

Tips For Safely Grooming Cockapoo Faces At Home

Grooming a Cockapoo’s face at home can seem daunting at first, especially if it’s your first time holding scissors and trying to achieve a certain look. Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks on how you can make this process safe and enjoyable for both you and your pup.

Let Your Pup Inspect The Tools

First, you want to introduce all of the grooming tools to your pal before you start grooming them. This gives your pup a chance to understand what all of those scary tools are, and that they’re actually not that scary at all.

Don’t Forget The Treats!

Secondly, make sure you have plenty of dog treats to give to your pup throughout the grooming session. This will help enforce that grooming is a pleasant experience and that your pup will be rewarded for this with lots of praise and yummy treats. 

Learn The Correct Techniques

Thirdly, make sure you yourself are comfortable when handling all of the grooming tools that you’ll be using. You should also first learn the correct techniques and safety measures we mentioned above, so that you actually know what you’re doing. Cockapoo faces are delicate and sensitive, so they need some extra care and attention, for sure.

In fact, we’ve created a comprehensive online course on How To Groom A Doodle At Home that includes every step of your Cockapoo’s grooming routine, including how to groom Cockapoo faces, how to achieve different haircuts, and even how to deal with anxious or aggressive pups. It includes 32 lessons, including 1.5 hours of video tutorials! 

Be Patient & Never Scold Your Pup

Lastly, be patient and consistent, and don’t worry too much about the end result during your very first grooming sessions. The more you practice, the easier it gets! You’ll also learn what triggers your pup, as well as what techniques work with them the best. So, take mental notes, stay patient, and keep going. 

Of course, you should never scold or punish your pup if they’re not particularly enjoying the process. It just means that you have to give them some time to adjust and get used to the process. Treats and praise are an excellent way to make it more enjoyable for them!  

How Many Times Should I Groom My Cockapoo?

You might be wondering – how frequently should you groom your Cockapoo? As their grooming routine doesn’t consist of just one step, it can be tricky to keep track of everything. Here’s a helpful cheat sheet that you can follow:

  • Brushing: Every day for curly-coated Cockapoos. For straight and wavy coats, at least 3-4 times a week. 
  • Bathing: Depending on your pup’s lifestyle, activity levels, and skin conditions. Some pups can be washed before each haircut at 4 to 8 weeks, whereas others benefit from weekly bathtime. 
  • Hair and ear hair trimming: Every 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Nail clipping: Every week.
  • Removing eye gunk: Daily or more if necessary. Use a clean, damp cloth or a tissue for that. 
  • Ear cleaning: Weekly and/or after each swim and bathtime to prevent ear infections
  • Teeth brushing: One or twice a week, more if possible. Be sure to check out our full guide on How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

A Step-By-Step Guide To Grooming Cockapoo Faces At Home: FAQs

How Do You Groom A Cockapoo’s Head And Face?

When grooming a Cockapoo’s face, you have to follow proper safety measures and have a steady hand. Keep your pup’s head still and keep their ears out of the way at all times. You’ll want to start with at the crown, or at the top of the head, then moving down to the eye and eyebrow area, then the muzzle, and finishing with the jawline and beard. 

What Is A Teddy Bear Cut On A Cockapoo?

The teddy bear cut means that the hair on a Cockapoo’s face and ears is kept slightly longer and more rounded. This gives your Cockapoo that distinctive teddy bear look. The hair on the body is usually kept slightly shorter, but you can also keep it at the same length as the face. The fur on the body shouldn’t be too short. Rather, it’s typically kept to a medium length so that it looks fluffy all over. 

Should I Cut My Cockapoos Eyelashes?

You don’t necessarily have to trim your Cockapoo’s eyelashes. However, as they also tend to grow really long, you might find it helpful to occasionally trim them shorter so that they won’t get into your pup’s eyes and obstruct their vision. In case you do opt for trimming the eyelashes, be sure to be extra cautious! 

Should Cockapoos Have Hair In Their Ears?

Indeed, Cockapoos naturally grow hair inside their ears. However, as they’re prone to ear infections, you might want to trim your Dood’s ear hair while you’re at it. This is an excellent way to prevent excess moisture getting trapped inside the ears that’s known to harbor bacteria and cause those painful ear infections. 

What Is The Best Cut For A Cockapoo?

The best cut for a Cockapoo truly depends on your preference. But! You’ll also want to consider the practical side of things. For instance, if you live in a very warm climate, a longer hairdo may be simply too much for your pup to handle. In addition to that, longer hair requires more frequent brushing sessions and bathing, as the dirt and debris tend to get trapped inside the fur more easily. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we recommend you head out to our guide on the best Cockapoo haircuts

A Step-By-Step Guide To Grooming Cockapoo Faces At Home: Final Thoughts

Grooming your Cockapoo’s face may seem intimidating, but with the right tips and tricks you’ll soon learn that it’s nothing to be afraid of. With this guide, you now have all the information you need to keep your pup looking their best at all times! In addition to regular haircuts, remember to brush your Cockapoo daily, and don’t forget about cleaning up eye gunk and cleaning the beard. Doing these tasks regularly is key to keeping Cockapoo faces healthy, beautiful, and free from mats or nasty smells.

Learn How to Groom Your Doodle At Home!

For DIY-minded Doodle parents who want to have more control over their Doodle’s grooming routine or just want to save some money in times of high inflation. Take matters into your own hands and learn to give your Doodle the exact haircut YOU want with this valuable online course! Learn More

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