Touch-Ups at Home

Maybe you don’t want to groom your Dood fully. Maybe you’re just looking to do some touchups and trim some long hair or nails. This is the section for you!

Upkeep Grooming Course

An Online Course On How to Upkeep Your Doodle in Between Grooming Appointments!

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Nail Trimming

From dealing with a fidgety pup to worrying about hitting his quick, trimming your Doodle’s nails is definitely not the most pleasant of tasks. Our goal with this article is to give you the knowledge and confidence on how to trim dog nails effectively and efficiently. Follow this ultimate guide so that the anxiety surrounding this necessary grooming activity is lessened for the both of you.

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Ear Hair Removal

Some groomers and owners choose to pluck their Doodles’ ear hairs. However, over time it has become a controversial practice, and many have begun to wonder if it’s truly necessary. We’ll show you how to do it, but we’ll also show you how to trim the hairs as an alternative.

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Trimming Around the Eyes

We walk you through how to trim those pesky hairs around your Doodle’s eyes yourself. That way you can get him looking and seeing his best again, without waiting days to take a trip to the groomer. And don’t worry – it’s super easy and doesn’t take much effort, skill, or time!

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Full Body Grooming

DIY Grooming Blueprint Course

Turn your pup from ‘mess’…to ‘fresh’ with our DIY Dog Grooming Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Grooming Video Guide.

Learn How to Full-Body Groom From Head to Tail.

Lifetime Access Includes:

— Videos Shot Entirely in 1st Person
— Detailed Explanations
— Full transcription

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10 Home Grooming Tips

In this post we give you some tips so you can achieve a successful full-body groom in the comfort of your own home.

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Home Grooming Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

This step-by-step video tutorial guide takes you through the ENTIRE home grooming process. You’re welcome 😉

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